28 thoughts on “Russian Stretched Septum

  1. Yea… if I remember correctly, his septum was punched, then scalpled right after.

    from nothing… to THAT size. (or somewhere near it.)

    …wasen’t that video on modblog? or am I going crazy?

  2. It looks a little pissed off. but ofcourse wearing flared jewelry in the septum can easily do that. mybe I should develop 1/2 flared jewelry for septums so such an irritation will not occur.

  3. I’d imagine you couldn’t stretch too far before you’d but up against cartilage/bone.
    His nose is so pink, I wonder what that’s from. The jewelry, the procedure, or maybe he just has a case of the sniffles.

  4. Would that affect breathing at all? (Excuse my lack of knowledge, I don’t have any nose piercings and actually recently had a deviated septum fixed so I could breathe better.)

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