Twenty Five Beads So Far

…plus some great piercings!

30 thoughts on “Twenty Five Beads So Far

  1. *vomits in mouth*

    after that many piercings and implants … would it still operate as normal?

  2. @#2: I know people who had to remove beads again as their partner was uncomfortable with the added size. So, “it would operate better” certainly is NOT universally applicable ;)

  3. Looks like the implants relocated, the base of the penis-shaft seems “crowded”. I wonder what effect an erection has on the implants, will the placement appear more balanced?

    And – looks like a split head, is that from the piercing or has the head been pierced after the splitting?

  4. It’s cool that he’s so dedicated to the modification of his penis, it seems to me that (my personal) aesthetic would be to put the beads in in a more uniform manner, but from what I understand that’s actually quite hard to achieve, especially when you get to such a high ratio of beads to available space.
    I’m also assuming that he’s split the head completely and the big ring in a PA position is infact held there by the piercing beneath?

  5. It’s functional… i don’t know if there’s migration or if that was the intended placement but there are enough there that it was probably unavoidable.

    There is some splitting yes (not from the piercing AFAIK).

    Bastian – For certain, but I think when you have someone that’s continued to add more implants (and mods in general), that they definitely enjoy the results!

  6. i don’t know about it operating better. :)

    the first thing i thought was “ouch.” hubby’s planning on getting two frenum piercings and we’ve been debating back and forth on whether or not it would be a good idea as i’m really sensitive. something like that would just cause me to keel over in pain.but hey, more power to him if he can make that work for him. i’m sure there’s someone out there who’s gonna see that and go “yeah, gimme some”

  7. I love genital beading, but this is a little over the top for my taste. I like it better when there’s some sort of order to it all, this, at first glance, could be mistaken for a very sick boy. But whatever, it’s not my penis, nor will I ever see it in person, so who cares what I think.
    I’m actually curious as to what it would look like without the jewelry in.

  8. I like the piercings and the split glans, but I think that many beads are a bit overkill. But truly to each their own, as long as it makes him happy.

  9. It kinda reminds me of the vibrating rabbit dildoes with the beads in the shaft…
    I agree with 12, I wanna see it erect. Then and only then shall I judge it :P

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