Edgeplay, For Sure

Warning: this is heavier than what I usually post; don’t click it if you’re not already OK with the general meme of the guess what series…

Highlight this white text if you want an explanation after you play “Guess What”:
This is a combination of saline injection and ball exposure, which, if you’re looking for extreme sexual sensation — and for those that don’t understand that’s what this is about; to push the boundaries of pleasure to their extremes you have to pair it with pain — is definitely an ideal way to go, but it’s also absolutely playing with fire if you don’t understand extremely well how to minimize the risks involved.

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63 thoughts on “Edgeplay, For Sure

  1. WOW!

    I mean i’ve done my share of testes torture in the past (incidentally, decided it’s not for me but that’s not to say others shouldn’t enjoy it) but to ave a testicle hanging out the side of your sac? that’s intense

    Kudos to the guy though, pushing the boudaries and all that :)

  2. Man, I finally got one RIGHT. Guess all those years of being a vet tech paid off….I know what exposed testicles look like!

  3. huh. I looked at the picture, and the Gonk started playing in my head. Not sure what that means, but it looks neat!

  4. I’m curious about what the recovery time is following play of this nature. For instance, would this person be able to go to work the day after or might they be calling in sick? :)

  5. I like the white ink area with the answer Shannon. However, it was kind of cool that sometimes we had to just give up and never know what we were looking at.

  6. Wow, I’ve known the last two “guess what”s! Heh. Although I have to say that if I had balls, I sure wouldn’t expose them like that. So many ways to get infections anymore…. Intense!

  7. I knew right away it was a ball. Didn’t realize there was saline going on too.

    And I agree with #5, so long as it wasn’t meant sarcastically (which I can’t tell.)

  8. How did he get the ball back into the sack? With all that saline infused wouldn’t the tissue take the room of the ball when it is out? Did he have to wait for the swelling going down before putting it back where it belongs?

    Right now I’m glad that I don’t have the repoductive organs to fully imagine how that procedere must feel. I’m so totally not into pain. But – whatever floats his boat…

  9. I do believe i’ll have to wait again for my testicles to drop. Thanks modblog! This will be the second time around!

  10. can someone explain what the purpose of ball exposure is to me? i really don’t understand it…is it a sensation or more of a curiosity thing. every time i see pictures of one i’m reminded of a hernia for some reason, and i know those hurt.

  11. what in the name of fucken jesus is that all about ????
    that is the most intense shit i have seen in guess what , fucken hell !

  12. #32 well it sort of involves ‘brain’ so you’re not that far off?! ;)

    As for this whole thing – wow. I don’t pretend to understand it but it fascinates me.

  13. I don’t know if it’s too much modblog, but even without clicking (and I didn’t click, I want to be able to sleep tonight!) I was able to see that it was exposed balls…. I don’t understand how one can get pleasure from that but hey, to each their things.

  14. That ball has been teased and abused so much, it’s a wonder it didn’t turn on him and attack him!

  15. 十人十色, I guess :)

    I wonder though how much planning usually goes into these type of scenes – with the intensity, and being (I’d imagine) rather incapacitated during, plus recovery time even if it DOES heal “fast,” all the precautions needed…

    I bet this guy looks forward to it though, marked on the calendar or what…

  16. the minute I saw it I knew it was his jewels hangin out the sack
    props to ball guy — balls to the wall dude!!

  17. Damn, now I got the sense of meamning what you call “intense” here at BME
    P.S. I fell like I should get a safety box on my balls, as I don’t feel comfortable right now

  18. “~Ok, My balls hurted only by seeing it… That’s something you don’t see everyday.”

    I’m a vet – i do it every day! haha.

    Presumably this guy’s done this before? note line of sutures…

    Be interesting to know what the recovery is like with that.

  19. yeah, i guessed correctly to.

    as much as i nearly tear up at the pure sight of that, i gotta say, i’m incredibly fascinated by it.

  20. i think it’s that the sutures sorta pale in comparison to say, the testicle hanging out of his sac. i guess that may just be me.

  21. 51 – I should have been more specific. The sutures, to me, looked really recent and gave the impression that he’d been doing some other play in the not so distant past. Looks like he’s been having a lot more fun than the set of pictures here show.

  22. I am reading modblog too much, ’cause I knew what that was before clicking through… saves ya some money at the urologist when you need the old snip snip…

  23. It scares me a little bit that I usually know what the guess whats are… I spend far too much time on here.

  24. So, is this a DIY with some friends helping out? Or is this something some piercing salons do for ya? Just curious who offers this kind of service.

  25. Wow, that’s pretty extreme. I’ve never seen what an actual testicle looks look before (thanks for the education BME!), its neat. I just want to squish it with my hands. It looks like it would be really fun to play with. (Why are my sexual orgrans so damned boring?!)
    I hope all proper precautions are taken because any kind of infection in that area can be pretty serious.

  26. Wow that looks like awsome fun, ive done some pretty weird things myself, but not that though hmm, now it’s on my list to try 1 day, ohh and for you’s that don’t understand this sort of thing its all about doing the most erotic weird intense ahhhhh there is no word for it, so sorry cant explain, jst know this sort of thing brings EXTREME PLEASURE in a weird kinda way, NO LIMITS! oh and amphetamines will enhance this pleasure 30 fold, WARNING be VERY carfull if you choose to do anything that invoves creating a wound its dangerous! and kinda embarassing when you end up in hospital with QUOTE ” lacerations to the penis and testicles ” then you have to explain to the shrinks wot you were doin,. YEP been there HAHA

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