What are you having for dinner?

Let me remind you, if you can’t handle it, please, don’t click and don’t comment.

For a quick “why”, some people like to push the sensations of their sexual experiences farther than what vanilla sex can provide, and to do so, one has to figure out how to integrate pain and all other sensations and emotions into the mix to get the most intense experience. I always wonder why people have trouble understanding that or get upset when they’re exposed to it — it’s not as if the concept is alien in other arenas, most obviously things like extreme sports (freeclimbing for example), and of course most body ritual (suspension and so on) also gives a hint of the same phenomena as well.

84 thoughts on “What are you having for dinner?

  1. hahaha I knew it! I almost feel bad for not saying “ewww gross” but honestly, if you stick around in this community, you end up getting used to stuff like that.

  2. its fascinating and fantastic how people can overcome certain inhibitions and push their bodies further than others can.

  3. Oh wow, this is the first one I’ve guessed near correctly! That really reminds me of that canned cherry-pie filing you can buy in the market. ;-]

  4. Hi, I was just wondering as stupid as I may seem how it will heal and if the “nut” will still be “fertile” after the procedure, I doubt the answer will be yes but however, I think it’s a fun picture after all and until it makes him happy..why not?

  5. i have to agree with #13. there´s a lot of stuff on modblog which i don´t like or which i can´t understand. but this one was really the first where i almost threw up. i shouldn´t be eating lunch while looking at the modblog pics. 😉

  6. Shannon, I actually think your warnings are working! I’m surprised there hasn’t been a “omfroflg y wud sum1 do dat 2 themself?!!?!11″ comment yet. *touch wood*

    Anyway, power to him! But what first came into my mind was ‘Is his penis taped up so it doesn’t get in the way?’

  7. I really don’t understand what I’m looking at there. I don’t want to sound stupid but if someone could explain whats going on in that picture I’d be enlightened. All I see at the moment is pain.

  8. the hottest view would it given, if you put the egg in a hot pan! Thats the way – a egg has to go!

  9. Wow, he’s my cherry pie…now that song won’t stop playing in my head. Now that is RED blood

  10. I don’t think that it’s “fake” blood; rather, it looks like the levels in the photo are off a bit.

    However, I could be entirely wrong. I’m more used to seeing canine testicles exposed, and that’s not a very bloody procedure. Then again, it’s also not done over a plate, at home. 😀

  11. So… is it still attached? Seems like it considering the position of the plate, but…

    And, is this a one time only deal? Will they eat it, stitch up the result and then that’s one down, one left? Or is it just for the photo and looking, and then they’ll put it back in?

  12. Uh… the preview before the click through is pretty obvious. I’m pretty much inured to this stuff by now, but this one still managed to make me nauseous

  13. Um. Wow. Personally I always think these things look more like surgery than sex… but hey, whatever swings your string. And more power to them for being able to handle that intense level of pain.

  14. I THINK IT’S FAKE…mabye…I don’t know anymore. This sort of think scares me.

    What a world we live in today.
    I’m not going to pass judgement but dosen’t it seem like some people have watched Hellraiser one too many times?

    “ohhhhhh the sweet suffering”

  15. It’s amazing just how desensitized you become to stuff like this when you see it regularly – or maybe it’s because it’s presented in a more matter of fact way than the usual ‘Man cuts of [insert thing here]! eawww! gross!!!’

    Anyway, thats got to hurt a *hell* of a lot. Definatly not a way I’d get my jollies, but each to their own 😀

  16. #35, im totally with you, and i never would have thought “i am getting used to seeing exposed testicles” is something i would ever have to say!!!

  17. Wow, that’s mad… Maybe someday I’d be brave enough.

    And responding to comment 6… “it looks so good it brings a tear to your eye, sweet testi-pie…”

  18. This is genuinely the first time a cringe was elicited out of me, after months of looking at this site. Hahaha.

  19. kind of fitting that i just finished reading an article in the toronto sun about a self done castration

  20. I used to play goalie in a soccer team and got hit on the nuts a lot of times. I guess they got oversensitive cause I can’t play with them as much as I’d like to. I wonder if this guy here never got a foul in his early years…

  21. I have to wonder what it’d feel like to stab a fork into your testicle.
    Can’t imagine it’d be too pleasant…

    One thing is for sure though, i’m bloody sure I wouldn’t think the same way about that saucer!

    On the subject of fertility, why would he not be fertile afterwards? Presuming he just “pops it back in” afterwards, he’s not actually severing any connective tubes so there’s no reason for him not to be infertile. Am I wrong?

  22. You know, I’ve never had a tattoo/piercing/modification in my life, and I don’t have plans for one soon, but I still read Modblog every fucking day. It’s because I get to see shit like this. I’ve only been reading it for a few weeks and already my first reaction to seeing a man’s bollock laid out on a plate before him is “hey, awesome!”.

    You people are great.

  23. I just looked at that for 5 mins before i realise what is was… i’m usually good at guessing what it is! gosh darn it i wish i had it to feel what it was like!!

  24. Wow! Like double cherry pie
    Yeah there she was
    Like disco superfly
    I smell sex and candy here

    Dumb but its what comes to mind!

  25. yeah! I was right! I agree about the cherry pie reference…it looks like he splashed some of that really sweet goopy cherry pie filling over his testicle. Is it still attached to his body? The way the picture has been taken makes it seem that way.

  26. okay so definately not my cup of shit but i think ive become desensitized to this kinda thing now….

    i dont no if its sad or not…..

  27. Wow, I actually have been having dreams of my balls falling out, or being destroyed….that’s pretty much what it looks like in my dream….

  28. I’ll put it this way.. I can handle it, but I still don’t really get it. I also don’t know what to say about totally knowing what it was from the thumbnail.. and not being bothered by it. 🙂

    I’ve never had the urge to expose my ovaries to air or anything.. but I bet people have had. Anyone know anything about that?

  29. haha, I WISH I was used to pictures like this by now, they just make me cradle my junk and think happy thoughts until the image goes away. but still mad cool, nonetheless!

  30. I’m trying to think of anything I’ve encountered recently that’s made me more delighted than Hostile’s comment (currently #53). I’m trying, but I’m failing.

  31. I dunno why but these ball exposure always makes me feel sorry for the genitals, as if they are innocent victims of torture.
    But hey, nice confronting photography right there 😛

  32. I love the composition of the photos… they’re really amazing.
    I guess if I had a set myself I might grow curious…..

  33. did anyone else notice that his penis is also split down the middle as well as each side is pierced? that’s some hardcore shit. and @65, the vikings used to do the butterfly torture on prisoners captured after a battle. they’d strap the person with their chest to the wall, cut their back until they pulled the lungs out threw the back, but still attached. the person would bleed to death, but they would still be breathing, hence butterfly.

  34. I seriously thought I’d be one of the “first ‘Guess What’ that squicked me” crowd, but after I clicked all I did was laugh. It’s cute, the little fork and knife and everything. I’m guessing it’s for prop-purposes, but even if he did detach it and chow down, it’s a rather light-hearted setup, imo.
    I noticed his wang was pieced, but didn’t catch the subincision until it was pointed out. That’s nice; kind of ironic because most photos I’ve seen on this site are taken when it’s fresh and bloody, but this one’s healed up, but still bloody.

  35. Seeing stuff like this always makes me wish I could experience pleasure from more extreme ways. I wonder if maybe some people’s pleasure is more intense than any form of pleasure I can experience, and I get jealous. Pain to me, is just pain. Alas!

  36. I think it’s funny how so many other people thought it looked like cherry pie filling.

    I also think that it’s funny that people eat while looking at modblog.

  37. After seeing about 45 other pics like this im strangely unfazed. Reminds me of bull runs or watever they’re called. Or hannibalector. Wonder if he ate testicals?

  38. is there just a point in life where a say.. you know.. i no longer need these, i’ll leave them in a jar at home.

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