38 thoughts on “Scrotal Bridge

  1. That is pretty awesome looking. I still am a little skittish about the whole transcrotal deal, but this looks really nice.

  2. Holy crap, in the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about doing exactly this. Nice to know it’s possible.

  3. Is that bridge basically just skin or are there other ‘parts’ within it? I’m assuming the former, but am curious.

    Nice, in any case.

  4. 1=its kinnda like taking your underware off with out taking off your pants hahaha

    but about the mod itself i would have to say thats rather impressive !! kudos!!

  5. Most of the “heavier” genital mods are only interesting – to me – from a technical or novelty perspective. This is the only on, so far, that i’d actually consider for myself. It really looks quite good.

  6. #16, how the hell do you get your undies off w/o taking off your pants? LMAO

    I think the cock ring must not be continuous? Like maybe it needs ring opening/closing pliers? Still pretty fooking neat though!

  7. It’d be easy to get the ring on.

    slip it on when floppy, putting the cock through it, thread the ring through the stretched lorum, put in ball, done.

    I have a scrotal thats the perfect candidate to try this on! hurrah!


  8. Yowza…hot, hot, hot!!! Super nice, that’s a totally sexy turn-on. I have no idea what a transcrotal or a lorum is though…time to look it up on the BME dictionary! Fun stuff.

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