"Only the best"

A while back I got this funny email from Jared —

well, it starts off pretty normal… my judgment was a slight bit impaired one night so i asked my two buddies to give me a heart brand on my arm. it just basically went downhill from there. they got the great idea to just simply use a lighter and try to shape the skin. bad choice. what ended up happening is they held the flame on the lighter for about five or so minutes, then pressed it to my skin (which i didnt really notice at the time) and they held it for about a minute or two. when that was done the lighter was removed… with about half of my skin, leaving me with my third degree “heart”.

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54 thoughts on “"Only the best"

  1. Yeah, I did the same sort of thing with a cigarette for what I thought was a tick, which turned out to be a splinter…. Yeah, we’re both real winners.

  2. i actually got lucky doing something similar…i used a paperclip, and formed it into a 5 pointed star, and pressed it for 2 seconds, and it actually worked nice, but its not as prominent as i would like

  3. In the words of Brad Pitt in the film Fight Club:
    ‘I don’t want to die without any scars’…

  4. just looks like a standard cig burn!!

    but the lighter idea reminds me of the old smiley trick! a clipper lighter heater up then pressed on your skin leaves a forest gump style smiley!

    not important but anyone that smokes knows that if you have a lighter burning for 5 minutes then the spark wheel will melt off

  5. Ive got two smileys on my forearms from this exact thing.

    Me drunk. Buddy says hey dude… know what’d be cool to do?

    yeah… brilliant

  6. This reminds me of earlier this summer – I was the only girl, partying with four of my guy friends. Apparently, as soon as I left, so did any voice of reason, because not long after I get a voicemail saying that Ryan had convinced two of the other guys to “brand” themselves with cigarettes. Although they didn’t feel it at the time, all I heard about for the next week was them bitching about how much it hurt. And they have some nasty looking scars as well.

    If nothing else, I guess the heart scar will make for a funny story once it heals?

  7. Damn I can’t believe how many of us here had that same idea… it’d be fun one day to make a collage of all cig/lighter burns of people here heh.

  8. an old gut i know burnt his tattoo off apparentl with a cig!
    is this possible? i know the pain of a cig burn but removing a whole tattoo fuck that!

  9. Yeah, did the same with a paper clip when I was about 16. Instead of a spiral I got an oozy green mess for two weeks. Now it’s kinda neat because it’s just a circle with no nerves.

  10. oh damn if i knew it was such a large club i wouldnt have worked so hard to fade the scar i got from leaving a cig burning on my thigh. funny hole in my pjs from it to, mom had a nice laugh at that bit of drunken stupidity.

  11. friend of mine has a smilie on his hip from a lighter incident while doing some sort of drugs….and he briefly had a totally accidental burn on his penis. kids, don’t scratch your balls while holding a lighter you’ve been using to smoke the ganja, particularly if your boxers lack a button. it faded after a few weeks, though.

  12. hmm

    Fred i disagree with the generality of your comment, however, i can see where you got the idea..

    You know, as much as i think its okay to experiment and have fun and yeah maybe get a not so great scar out of it, the problem is that people who see that that are non-modders will lump us ALL into the “dumbshit”‘s gallery.. like Fred did up there.
    Lord knows ive done some shit to my body while mildly intoxicated (or alot) and its really just for fun and so what if you have a scar… its a fun reminder of a fun night..right?

    Its just that i feel so helpless against sall the naysayers out there because of stuff like this..

    sanyways.. i think its a funny story. so long as it didnt end in amputation (err UNvoluntary)its all good!

  13. totally went through the same thing but with a ciggy in highschool. Was walking back and decided that having a cool round scar would be nice. so i lit 3 and just burned away. neat scar now.

  14. hey, branding is i believe probably the second body mod ever next to just cutting. so back off fred. branding has helped our society in many forms, from showing ownership, to personal body mods, to stress relievers. i support branding %100. i did a few on myself. i have three stripes on my left upper arm for two reasons, one, i relax when being branded. two, i like the way that brandings look as they heal, and after they heal.

  15. Alcohol and fire is probably the best combination ever, countless times now I have either burnt myself, cut and impailed parts of me or intentionally set something alight, the most memorable being my entire hand. Anwyay, as someone said above, its just a bit of fun, who cares if it leaves a scar, at least it gives you something to remember the night by…

  16. News to the folks on here whining about being lumped together as dipshits…have any of your counted how many other people so far alone have said something to the effect of “Yeah! I did that too when I was high/drunk/out of it! hahahah…”

    I don’t know what to think…are they waiting for some kind of cornflake seal of approval for acting stupid or something? some badge of dishonor? show me a picture of a well conceived brand by someone who wanted it, worked to make it look good and heal nicely and you’ll get more positive comments. Make lots and lots of comments about acting like irresponsible goons and you are bound to get people naturally commenting to that effect. grow up or grow a thicker skin or both(preferably not through alcohol and fire mixtures please.).

    and can we hear from anybody who has been badly burned by “friends” who thought it was more important to have a good time than the well being of their buddy? Yeah, you’re SO COOL Brewster!

  17. Yeah, a bunch of guys I knew in high school (around the year 2000) used to do that. They thought it made them really badass. One of them eventually managed to brand a damn good looking scorpion on his upper arm by heating up a safety pin with a lighter. Took him hours to do.

  18. i did the ole cigarette lighter trick…thank god, it healed without a scar because it was the most random placement.

  19. For the record, here is a different slant…
    Recently my ladyfriend accidentally burnt her inner forearm with a hot lighter. For a week or so she had a small raised red swirl, a little like a bass clef. A couple of nights ago she confessed that she liked it and would be interested in getting something like that done properly on both arms. Bearing in mind that she is personally not at all down with most of the practices showcased on BME/ModBlog, not only was I pretty damn shocked, but I consider it a victory for understanding through direct experience.

  20. one of my co-workers accidentally branded herself using the iron. she branded the insde of her wrist in a up and down line. the brand itself is around 3.5 inches long and is still pretty swollen. recently a customer asked if she had tried committing suicide. she burst into tears and ran away from the checkstand. a manager had to have her go home because she was crying so hard. so, not all branding have a positive effect. but for the ones that are wanted by the person will be wanted, good accidents happen, and sometimes they bring up issues that will be brought up until the person dies.

  21. Haha, reminds me of a
    similar scar on my forearm,
    due to being intoxicated, and
    having my best friend put
    her cigarette out on my arm

  22. Well, I did the same thing as well, but this time with 2 bottle caps and a lighter. While we were intoxicated, we heated up some bottle caps with a lighter and branded them into my arm. It actually looks very impressive now, I have 2 circles on my arm that I get asked quite a few questions about.

  23. heeeeeey i had the exact same thing happened to me
    only we intended it to be a smiley face =)
    fun indeed =P

  24. Am I going to have somebody call me intolerant if I say that it looks bad? There’s a fine line between adorning one’s body and hurting one’s self for kicks. I think this one toes the line.

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  26. haha yeah i did something like that on my thigh once when i was trying to “quit” needless to say it didnt workk did get a nice lil circle tho …hmm its starting to fade >.>

  27. I used to do this to hurt myself, like cutting. I have a bunch of blobs all over me. I understand why people do it for cosmetic reasons, but bragging about how dumb it was? I dislike that. I got put in a mental hospital for 9 days for doing this.

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