Art Attack

The ever so talented Missy sent me a few of her favourite pieces.

Click through for larger images..

missy-shawn-tn.jpg missy-roo-tn.jpg

Pictured are Pauly, Shawn and myself!

Edit – Should you want to contact Missy to commission a portrait her email address is [email protected].

47 thoughts on “Art Attack

  1. neat! i love seeing drawings of beautiful people!
    she could work on the shading in the pencil crayon work, its a bit grainy looking, and proportionally some of its a teensie bit off, but seriously, way better realism than i can do!
    i would love to see more :D

  2. The facial detials especially look like they are done in photoshop, however this means if they are done by hand as you say then they are amazingly good drawings.

  3. Ha ha ha I’m flattered some people think it’s a Photoshop, at least it tells me how accurate I’ve gotten…but these are all done by hand in Prismacolor Pencils.

  4. Oh, and yes: Missy is AWESOME! I’ve seen these drawings in person and in production (as in not finished). I still have to double take any time I see one. They’re absolutely outstanding!

  5. Heh, I didn’t see that Roo was the poster, and kept looking for a picture of Shannon, because it said “and myself!”. I was confused when I couldn’t find him…

  6. I am in aww.
    Give me some clay we’re fine, hell hand me a keyboard and tablet, Im having a ball. Put a pencil in my hand and Im practically worthless. People who have this level of 2D skill amaze me.
    Truly stunning.

  7. Heh, I didn’t see that Roo was the poster, and kept looking for a picture of Shannon, because it said “and myself!”. I was confused when I couldn’t find him…

    Hahahahaha, me too. I feel special. I’m like, uhhhh where is Shannon?

  8. Holy crap! The freckly girl looks a lot like Clea Duvall (from Carnivale- great show with a tattooed snake charmer ;) and I believe the movie The Grudge)

    Lovely pieces! Colored pencil is a bitch.

  9. Ha! It’s so strange to me that people are so quick to doubt natural skill and talent and scream PHOTO SHOP! Hell, you have to have a bit of skill and talent to produce good work in photo shop too…

    I suppose I just wish to express a bit of sadness over people doubting real talent and the use of real media…

    In any case…Missy, You are a Goddess of paper and pencil and best of all SnailLuv. Keep on rockin.

  10. As an artist and an art students I must say these are magnificantly gorgeous. I’m deeply impressed. I wish I could be this good.
    Keep up da good work Missy!
    Reout from Israel

  11. These are so awesome, I can’t believe how realistic they are!

    and Roo, I can’t help but confess my love for you… you are just so. damn. sexy.

    and with more hair, is it possible to donate my body? ;)

  12. Funny to see she didn’t bother to post her best one, the one of her everlasting love. And, although not photoshopped, we all watched her trace them from the originals she printed out.

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