Brain Piercing

That is a single bar that goes from one side to the other, right? Hmm… On second thought, perhaps it’s a pair of dermal anchors. These were done by Pervert Bastard Scum (aka Greg Benuska) at Suburban 171 in Lockport, IL.

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33 thoughts on “Brain Piercing

  1. wow id love to see how these turn out…the eye area is so sensitive, im worried there could be some kind of complication…ugh imagine rubbing your eye in your sleep…

  2. I wanna see a pic in 6 months. Our studios done almost 2000 surface anchors, with documetation to prove it. I feel that in some areas anchors are definetly temporary.

  3. I wish the internet had some kind of sarcasm-translator.
    Oh, and I really like these. I’d be interested to know how old these are, though, and how difficult they’d be to heal.

    …I sense a trend.

  4. Very pretty, though I, too, am a bit hesitant regarding healing. I doubt Id ever get this done as its way too close to the eyes for my comfort. I’m a bit weird about eyes. God help me if I ever have to undergo eye surgery!

  5. As far as the eye-rubbing thing goes… as any contact lens-wearer knows, it’s entirely possible to kill the “rub” reflex altogether. I don’t do it even when I’m out of them for an extended period of time..

    These really are pretty. I’d love to see an eyes-open shot.

  6. Talk about concidence, just this past Saturday I went to a concert and one of the girls I was hanging with had gems just there and Orgasmic Fantasy and I were saying that it would be great to have dermal anchors placed here and w00t someone somewhere has done it. Very cool indeed

  7. I have a dermal anchor on each temple and it baffles me how often I’ve had the “Does that go all of the way through?!” question.

  8. Regardless of the healing times etc, for the time it is there, it’s really nice. A big thing about the opposite sex for me is eyes, and this would just be the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak. :-)

  9. #18, I have 2 on my sternum, and I have discs on mine, as they’re about a month old, and the most annoying question I get is “OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU HAMMER NAILS INTO YOUR CHEST?” (I get that at least once a day when they are visible.)

  10. Pervert did do the piercings at my shop a couple years back and if I recall correctly they were actually nostril screws, either straight or with a slight bend to them. Last I new they healed well.

  11. Looks like those advertisements from Metal Mafia. Visually appealing, yet not advisable in the least…
    I have a hard time believing those would heal well at all.

  12. #20: I have microdermals just forward of my temples, and they have eye-crusties on them pretty much every morning when I wake up even being half an inch or so from my eye.

  13. I’m such an idiot; it took me like 5 minutes to realise that she doesn’t actually have the studio’s logo tattooed on the bridge of her nose!

    The anchors look sweet, but I’d be too scared to have someone poking around that near my eyes.

  14. #19, #15 &, #18
    I had until recently (today when it got caught on my stockings and pulled out) had an anchor on my finger, The questions were “Does it go through the bone, Does that go all the way through, or Is that stuck on?”

    They are really beautiful for some reason I get the vivid image of in a drawing of a girl with tears in her eyes which sparkle.. hmm.. very pretty though ^^

  15. Anyone know how well a dermal anchor in the thumb webbing would heal?
    These are gorgeous. I’d be grossed out with having to clean jewelry so close to my eye. So brave!

  16. I did these in 05 at tattoo city. they started as unbent 5/8 in. 18g. nostril screws, that i bent to sit around the cheek bones.
    about a month in we switched them to unbent nostril screws with nothing done to them. Which sat and healed better.
    They did heal after about 4-5 months, we did a heavy emu oil after care with saline rinses and abit of satin. She had them for just over a year, they were lost at sea, really they were lost drunk canoeing, tipped over, when she came up they were gone. By the time she got back I couldn’t get them back in
    She wore contacts and it didn’t interfere, and there were not side effects with tear glands or with vision.
    Don’t do them, I’ve seen some another piercer in the area tried doing after that and had not so good results. Like any surface work in that area migrating scars look real badand are common.
    I’m a big fan of the is surface anchors, move them away from the eye a little bit and you could have a kool tear drop that will stay.

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