Winnipeg Urethral Reroute

There are a lot of reasons that people do urethral reroutes, but I think my favorite by far on a conceptual level is removing urination from the genitals — a friend of mine once explained, “it transforms the penis into an instrument exclusive to love”. Fyrezice (who has quite a few really great genital modifications) is wearing a titanium reroute ring in this picture — the ampallang bar keeps the loop from rotating.

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  1. I am totally confused .. not by why he did it , but what exactly did he do ? I guess im not looking at the pic right .. but I hope this gets lots of comments .. and someone explains to me whats going on !?

  2. It sure is an interesting concept, but I just don’t like the fact that his glans is white 🙁

    Cool idea, though – I like the thought of it being a purely sexual object.

  3. Personnally I really like the idea of making the penis a pleasure-only organ, it’s a quite powerful concept. On the other hand I don’t like at all the idea of not being able to pee while standing and having a small hole below my balls.

  4. Jessica > If you take a close look at the picture, the ring is opened, the plastic tube makes its 2 ends “connect” (one of them is inside his urethra) and as the ampallang passes through it, it prevents the whole thing from rotating.

  5. I still dont get it .. I understand the rerout .. he pees out his balls now right .. but is the bar hollow ? I just dont understand what the jewelry? is doing .. I mean Im just getting this vision that pee goes out the balls through the metal tube then back into his penis ? I guess Im way off .. maby i just need a pic from a different angle .. or something….

  6. and if the bar goes all the way through .. im mean through the entire penis shaft and through the ( under the ) balls and back in .. then what stops pee from comming out both places .. the head and the under ball pee hole ????

  7. Maybe it’s the angle, or the flash or the lighting, or something.. but the color of his glans is just not right. I would be seeing a doctor for that.

    Otherwise, I like the idea behind the concept; that the penis should only be for sexual gratification. More power to him for have the guts to do it.

  8. Ok, conceptually how does rerouting the secretions of sexual excitement render the phallus an instrument exclusive to love. Part of the functions of “love” include delivering this “precum” as lubrication, some would also argue that ejaculation is important to “love” as well. Maybe I’m not understanding but since the urethra is a shared pathway, rerouting is going to cause the important “love” secretions to be rerouted as well.

    As for the color of the glans, I’m willing to write that off as some combination of cold and lighting. Otherwise it might be cause for concern.

  9. Wow, the glans is really white.. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while but I can’t.. I don’t really understand what’s going on here.. maybe another picture from a different angle?

  10. I really hope his glans has been tattooed using white ink or something.

    I totally don’t get how that works. I mean I realise the theory behind it, but how does he pee the now, still the same way until it heals?

  11. I keep checking this post .. man when is someone really going to explain how this works .. looks like alot of us need some info ..????

    and whats the other wirey ? stuff at the top of his penis that just unusual jewelry?
    also is this pic taken fresh ?

  12. ok wait I got it now sorta.. the jewelr isnt a tube ? it just a thing to keep it open.. ok now hte question I have is .. does that alwasy have to be in ? will it close up if it wasnt there? and I guess there is just not enough pressure to make the pee come out bothe places ?

  13. I understand the idea behind this in concept, and the mechanics. And no questions about the procedure either. The idea has always intrigued me, though what moddoctor is saying is a concern of mine. Also, as someone who does sounding, I would have a lot of questions as to how one would cleanse the inside of the urethra afterwards, and more specifically in the case of scratches or STD related lesions being helped by the clearing powers of urination. You can’t simply run tap water through there because of bacterial issues, none of which are generally a concern with urine.

    I wish I had a greater understanding of the prostatic process and where the ureters connected to the urethra-as I understand it the semen would still exit from the nearest opening. But dramatically shortening the urethra-something meant to keep bacteria from entering the bladder always raised red flags for me. I’ve had a UTI twice and they can be very difficult to treat, especially if they travel to the kidneys.

    Still its interesting as a modification. Can we get a group interview with people that have done this or had it done?

  14. That poor mans penis looks dead on the end….like a bad circulation problem or something…. that makes me sad thinking that it might be dead :’(

  15. mmmm…I wouldn’t say it’s now an organ just for “love”.

    Love and sex are two completely different things. I have never associated sex with love. Not once.

    Maybe being asexual has warped my view of the world, lol.

  16. Nice! Finally something like this in here 🙂 Been thinking about urethal rerouting awhile now, but I haven’t picked up too much information about it though :/ Anyone know where to find any? Would be very intrested in any info, especially about the procedure and healing and living with it.

  17. Shannon: any chance there might be a “group” type interview of people that have done this procedure or had it done on them(similar to say, the anal piercing story from..last year I think? I’ve read the separate experiences but I am also interested in hearing some comparative information between individuals.

  18. So yeah, I get that he wants to make his Penis strictly for love makin, but for heavans sake his penis looks green and white and I’m not all that sure that would turn me on. And how in the heck does he ejaculate?

  19. Interesting thread. I had forgotten all about it. The white glans is mine and it is white in the photo because of the lighting when the photo was taken. The titanium ring goes through the urethra and exits through the new hole behind my scrotum. The plastic tubing connects the opening between the two ends of the titanium ring. All urine was coming out the normal place when the photo was taken because the new piercing shrinks tight around the titanium ring. That particular reroute attempt failed but I have recently made another attempt and it looks like it will be successful. Although some might do so, I did not do my reroute to segregate elimination functions from love functions.

    And Dana Retterer: I ejaculate just like normal except my erection has a downward curve to it and the fluids have to squish out past the ring just like urine does.

  20. Hi melvin. I did it by the method described in the BME Encyclopedia under Urethral Reroute. The picture above is from a previous attempt, but I have repeated the procedure. This time I used the 0 gauge titanium ring to tent out the skin of the peroneum as described in the BME article. Then I cut down to the ring and pushed it through. I left the titanium ring in place. My current reroute is now over three weeks old and seems to be healing well.

  21. this is john and i was wondering who did that for the person.
    i want the same thing. you can leave me the info on my e-mail
    i want to know where do i go to get the urethral reroute dune i cant fin the info that i want to know can you help me

  22. Seriously that’s fucked up. I think it’s just over compensation for having a small dick. From a females point of view it’s honestly not a turn on, it’s a massive turn off.

  23. Kat: It is always interesting to find someone like you who deliberately chooses to come to a body modification site and then expresses disapproval of what she/he finds. Believe me Kat, my intention was not to turn you on and I could care less if you were massively turned off.

    john: I did the reroute myself but it was not permanent, nor were several other attempts. From my own experience and research I have come to believe that it is nigh on impossible to establish a behind the scrotum urethral reroute without the involvement of a surgeon.

  24. Hello!
    You could not write as you did variation of a route of a urethra?
    At you the output in a urethra below balls was now kept?
    What consequences were caused with variation of a route?

  25. been wanting to do this for a long time finaly did it sat night it ended real bloody but it will heel

  26. I have a urethral stricture which I got from falling on a truck tailgate rusty corner a while back. My Doc wants to slice open my ureter, slice mucal membrane from inside my mouth and reform a new ureter from it with lots of pain after, mostly in the mouth.

    I’m thinking this reroute thing might be a better idea? Anybody ever have it done for that reason?
    Thanks ……

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