Alec Loves Pears

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82 thoughts on “Alec Loves Pears

  1. ‘Alec loves pears’. Seems he also loves ‘pairs’ of piercings, geddit?! That might have been the original intention of the title, it probably was but either way it made me chuckle.

  2. I’d be pretty damn choked if I was featured in modblog and all everyone did was bitch about my hair…
    Piercings suit him well though, and I’m a pretty big fan of the shot.

  3. boy??? i was thinking sex in question but thats just me. i dont disagree that this person is very good looking whether male or female

  4. The hairdresser in me wants to chop the left side of his hair and make it match.
    And the fringe, oh my god the fringe….

    He’s beautiful but dear god.

    Gorgeous lips though :D

  5. fithee – he does have pierings…

    why not?

    cute picture… i agree with the ‘helmet of felt’ tho.. sorry.

  6. aussie three minute miracle. Your hair will thank you.

    [-coughs- and stop using a crappy straightener everydaaay!]

    I’m lovin’ the piercings though, lips and ears. Makes me wish I had snakebites now.

  7. Evan – his name is Alec. That in itself makes his gender obvious. His sex doesn’t come into it at all.

  8. … to those who are bitching about everyone’s bitching about his hair…

    I don’t think any of those comments were meant in a mean way.. its just like thinking out loud. I wouldn’t be insulted if i got those comments about my hair.. infact i’d be happy that i could find ways to improve it. People even gave him suggestions on how to “fix” his hair.

    hehe.. now given that I know nothing about hair whatsoever.. it looks perfectly fine to me. ALL emo-side-swipe-haircuts are all the same. only difference is color!

    I wonder if the picture was taken with the “pear/pair” pun in mind? or did shannon just think of this and the photo just so happened to be a perfect fit?

  9. i think if he got rid of that ridiculous hair (please tell me you wouldn’t look back 5 years later and feel stupid?) you could see his mods more clearly with his facial features. i only see hair and snakebites, but i’d much rather see a person’s face and snakebites.

  10. You guys are a riot. If somebody wants to amputate their foot, the community goes “Yay for change!” but hair that doesn’t suit, “Oh my god!” Why should anybody feel stupid looking at their HAIR five years ago? You are who you are and were who you were. It’s just hair. I know none of it’s meant in a mean way, it just cracks me up where people feel it’s fine to nitpick and where the overwhleming consensus needs to show support. Alec, you’re a cutie. If YOU like the hair, then rock it and tell everyone else to get bent!

  11. I dunno how people can find someone beautifull if you can barely see them.. If you cut off the hair, and put him in a row of people with the same piercings, you’d never pick him out. Really, you’re just suckered in by a delicous looking pear..

  12. Wow, that’s awesome that you can bitch about his hairstyle but god forbid anyone say anything like “why would you stretch your ears out like that, it so stupid” or mention “what are you going to do when your sixty with those” Ya…nice way to help everyone fit in guys. :)

    I rather like his hair and it looks good on him so why bitch?
    Comment with something nice or don’t do it at all..

  13. #55, this particular category must be really important to you. Something to reflect on – ask yourself what other assumptions you attach to it.

  14. I think he’s cute, and I happen to like his hair! And I think the snakebites suit him as well; just because they’re common, so-called “scene” piercings doesn’t mean they don’t look good on him, and doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them. And that’s what’s important, right?

  15. I agree with Stephanie.
    I can’t believe how you guys can complain about his hair when all BME is is a place for people with different tastes and modifications to come together as one whole community.
    Why is it okay for people to find ways to accept stretched lobes or amputations, but as soon as someone has a haircut that you dont agree with it’s automatically alright for you to bitch and moan?

    You guys are no better then the people without body modifications giving dirty looks and talking trash about people with tattoos and piercings. For real.

  16. someone call the fashion police, modblog is making a citizen’s arrest!

    it’s just HAIR, come on!

  17. Pshh… I can say what I like about people’s hair :)

    I don’t care what people think about me, they could just beat in the face till I’m a bloody mess of eyes and teeth!

    I’m just saying that that haircut is generally associated with the more ‘holier than thou’ members of society…

  18. haha i looked at this post right when it came on and i thought
    man everyone is going to have a field day with that kids emo hair
    days later…i look at the comments and what do i see?
    field day.
    his hair is a bit silly looking
    but he looks like a nice kid

  19. i come on this site because im really into it and the life styles of people on here and nice family type thing going on where you can get away from pricks giving you shit on the street about having tattoo and big holes in your ears etc

    and i have got to say im fucking disapointed with the comments left on this pic

    sort it out yeah
    no need whats so ever if you dont like the pic then dont comment it give the kid a break

    and can the peeps that are calling him emo tell me what they diffine a emo as cuz its total shit

    thought there wasnt any stereotyping people on this site.

  20. i thought this site was for people to be different..but apparently he cant have hair thats considered different to some people..

    not everyone likes the ‘emo’ cut, well guess what; not everyone likes the dreads either right?

    i used to have snakebites…then i had surgery and one of them grew up… >:[

  21. Haha, any of you bitching about his hair were obviously not yet born or were bald in the 80′s/early 90′s. Does no one remember mall bangs/mullets/crimping? It’s just hair…you’ll hate the haircut you have now in 5 years, too.

    That aside, I like blonde boys and pears. His snakebites suit him well.

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