John Deere and Heineken Product Placement

Well that was an easy way to make $1000.

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33 thoughts on “John Deere and Heineken Product Placement

  1. sellin yer soul shannon ? hahhahaha…for an ugly baseball hat and a poop sticker.hope you got paid in advance haahahha

  2. @ 1. I second that.

    And if my eyesight is still good, I think he’s got them blue eyes.
    *continues on daydreaming*

  3. surfa:
    it’s a john deerehat, only farmer wears john deerehats, and only true farmers has dirt under their fingernails.
    that’s why it’s still there.

  4. I hate to be one of those people who complains about all the pretty girls on ModBlog, and she might have mods that I can’t see, but… seriously, a nose ring and a tattoo? If that’s all it takes to make ModBlog, half the girls at my high school should be on here.

    That said, her freckles are adorable.

  5. #17 – Modblog isn’t just about showing the most extreme mods… as far as I can tell, it’s about interesting photos –that include a mod, no matter how insignificant it is to you– as well.

  6. not ONLY true farmers wear john deere hats. it’s annoying, really. the number of numbskulls walking around with “trucker” hats that have such things on them.

    besides. john deere isn’t really that great anyway.

    I-H BABY!! (international harvester…)

  7. I think all you kids are reading too much into this, IMO Shannon’s having a bit of a joke :)

    She looks nice, and that’s what matters. Y’all want to tell Shannon how to run the site? :)

  8. yeah hi, im the girl in the picture. Listen, i gave 0 authorisation to put this on bmezine.

    This was a PRIVATE shoot.


  9. wow….i did that nose piercing a loooooooooooong time ago….funny story, we have a hair salon upstairs and while i was piercing her nose( this was i believe the second or third i had ever done) this crazy guy comes downstairs and is demanding to know where one of the hairdressers from upstairs is, and thus attacks my teacher while im trying not to lose the connection.that went on for ten minutes before the cops came and asked if he wanted to be brought to a hospital be cause after all, he was crazy. good times… come see us in montreal!

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