32 thoughts on “Blue and Purple

  1. It’s a very nice picture of a very nice tattoo an a very nice girl. I like the gothic combination of the explicitely nude blue woman within a religious purple cathedral setting.

  2. VERONIKA!!! She’s actually a really nice girl too, she waxes my legs, true facts.

    As for Gil(My current employer), he’s just Amazing.

  3. Yey i’ve been modblogged! Thanks for the all the nice comments, Gil will be happy!
    It has been now exposed that I wax Kenevins legs hahaa.

  4. Yeh it is John Bolton, and the background is taken from an acctual cathedral which is in Spain i think, i’m not sure though.

  5. This girl is mythic! she has a mysterious look in her eyes that is just Electric – as a cover she is no.1

  6. very lovely.
    I’d like to see a full on shot of that tattoo.
    her piercings are really sweet and subtle, they suit her.

  7. Beautefull looking gal WOW! And I love her piercings but she must loose the hair color please, go with blond it will look much better OK.

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