Transscrotal to Vertical Shaft Piercing

Peter did this intense piercing himself using jewelry and tools that he made himself (you can see the full set of photos and procedure in the members galleries of BME). It’s a 3/16″ rod, about 3 1/2″ long total.

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20 thoughts on “Transscrotal to Vertical Shaft Piercing

  1. Why do the guys always have gross fingernails???? You figure touching the nether regions you’d have clean hands.

  2. aww…

    his junk is all broken and mishapen and stuff. the head looks entirely gone, the middle looks bloated.. the edge nearest to his body looks broken and his ball sac looks like folds and folds and folds of skin.

    aw, too bad. But… whatever floats yer boat, i guess!

  3. all i can think of is terrifying dune sandworms swallowing chunks of steel.
    i’m going to be walking without rythem all day now.

  4. “Why do the guys always have gross fingernails???? You figure touching the nether regions you’d have clean hands.”–winster

    I actually laughed out loud!!

    yeowza! that looks, well….. pretty extreme

  5. By the looks of things its the rod that’s holding all his junk together, remove it and watch his jollies hit the floor!!

  6. I think its only a matter of time before fourniers gangrene is bound to set in, this mod looks very dangerous to me being a medic myself

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