199 thoughts on “Kuntz or Beaver, which will it be?

  1. Sorry- bad taste to be standing on someone’s gravestone. However funny the name may be, it’s a no-no.

  2. haha. You people are insane. Those people are dead, I’m sure they don’t give a shit, and they’re families weren’t around to protest.

    The shots were for a website that sells t shirts with pictures of funny graves on them. http://www.deadissues.com

  3. Bad taste and not really all that clever. Oo, a grave with the word “beaver” on it! Jeeeeeesh.

    We’re maybe over-empathetic and sympathetic towards the family/ies, Cupcake, but we’re not insane.

  4. If she had pants on, I’d probably be laughing. I’ve done some pretty disrespectful things in graveyards, myself (climbing on tombstones, using tombstones as ashtrays, stealing flowers, etc.) but this kind of bothers me.

    Then again, they ARE dead, so it’s not really hurting them. But what if someone who knew them saw these pictures and recognized the tombstones?

    I don’t know. I guess I’d say it’s in bad taste, but it’s not too horrible.

  5. You have no idea who that person is, how they lived or died and you definately don’t know how they would feel about you useing their grave stone as advertisement for a god damn clothing line. Just because that person is no longer alive does not mean you have the right to disrepect them. If that was my mother’s grave you were squating on I’d make sure you never see the light of day again.

  6. Am I the only one that grew up giggling and being scared in graveyards?

    They aren’t causing any property damage, so I think its harmless.

  7. comon if anyone walked by those gravestones..theyd smile or giggle a little…dont give her a hard time…if she was half naked sitting on a different gravestone without the silly names im sure everyone would be saying ‘sooo hot’

  8. My fiance died four months ago, and if I ever manage to gather the courage to go visit his grave again and saw this happening it would make me feel like shit. I can’t speak for everyone, and maybe the families of these particular people wouldn’t mind so much. It would hurt me pretty badly though.

    I, for one, much prefer the cock torture photos.

  9. I don’t mind posing *with* gravestones- whatever… It takes a lot to offend me, as (obviously) I’m reading modblog. But STANDING on someone’s gravestone is disrespectful and unnecessary. No, nix that, I think it’s fucking disgusting.

    Like #11 said- If you were standing on my mother’s stone, I’d kick your fucking ass. Maybe not- I’d probably want to, but maybe I’d just call the police and sue you.

    And to whoever says that they can’t care because they are dead, that is EXACTLY why we should care. Care for those (alive or dead) who cannot care for themselves. There are many cultures around the world, with varying customs, but I cannot think of one offhand that would sanction standing on a memorial.

  10. I prefer the Kuntz photo. She looks more relaxed, as opposed to the strange neck angle on the other.
    Good photos!

    And you can’t sue someone just cause she’s standing on a headstone…

  11. I read a slight bit of cupcakes blog and I can certainly say I am not afraid of death in any sort YET I AM COMPLETELY disgusted with the fact you are squatting half naked on someones mother/father/sister/brother/etc…Just because they aren’t here to tell you themselves you damn well should respect the fact they probably wouldn’t want you on there final resting place!

  12. Thank you JustJen “you can’t sue someone just cause she’s standing on a headstone…” And Phalaeo “There are many cultures around the world, with varying customs, but I cannot think of one offhand that would sanction standing on a memorial.” Some cultures eat the dead, do you think they would give a fuck if someone stood on a grave marker?? Probably not. Cultures come and cultures go, they are dead get over it.

  13. I have to agree with 1,2, & 11.

    Standing on someone’s gravestone is disrespectful. They may be dead, but obviously those people meant something enough to someone to be buried.

    My grandmother and close friend ofmine died within 2 months of each other, and if I ever saw someone standing on their gravestone I’d break their legs.

    Leaning on and posing with like in the second pic doesn’t really bother me, though.

    And saying that just because they’re dead they don’t care and it shouldn’t matter because their families were not around to protest is amazingly disrespectful…

  14. Some cultures eat their dead because they believe that the soul and memory of the dead are also consumed with the flesh. By this act, the deceased goes through a holy death, their memory lives on in the individuals that have eaten the body. I’m sure if you interrupted one of these ceremonies by trying to sell people shirts they’d get mighty angry.

    Yes cultures will come and go but are you going to go and destroy the pyramids? Are you going to go take a leak on the ruins of Tikal or the dead bodies in Pompeii? Getting over and letting go of these civilisations and their culture would be a great lost to humanity, that’s why the schools teach History.

  15. I just don’t understand the point of getting offended and worked up over it. But, whatever, everyone’s different. Doesn’t bother me; I think it’s funny.

  16. “Some cultures eat the dead, do you think they would give a fuck if someone stood on a grave marker?? Probably not. Cultures come and cultures go, they are dead get over it.”

    What do you mean, “get over it”. Um, no. Will I go to sleep soundly in my bed tonight- yes. Will I go to work tomorrow- yes. This isn’t going to change my life, I’m just telling you how I feel, which is that it’s disrespectful.

    And as far as some cultures eating their dead— that’s not what I said and that really has nothing to do with the conversation. I said something about *most* cultures not allowing the desecration of burial sites. Every culture has their own mores which we should respect. Our culture (don’t get me started on a whole sociological discourse I’ll add the qualifier “in general”) finds it very disrespectful to stand on a grave. You also are not qualifying your statement about cannibalism to separate cultural cannibalism from survivalist cannibalism and you have not told me what tribe/culture you have in mind and what part cannibalism plays *in their burial rituals*, which is what we are really talking about here. Don’t turn an apple into an orange.

    If you want to try to impress me with your worldly knowledge of cultures eating their dead- great, but also show that you respect western rules an mores in regards to our dead. Respect of all cultures starts at home.

  17. “And you can’t sue someone just cause she’s standing on a headstone…”

    Yes you can- it is private property- the grave site is a piece of land that you own. I could start by suing for trespassing. Depending on what they were doing there, I could continue through a whole line of offenses.

    Likely, I’d just go up and give the person a piece of my mind and tell them if they don’t move, I’ll call the cops. I’d still want to break their legs, but there’s enough violence in the world and I’m just a short chick.

  18. Thanks for your opinions. I guess I could be sued, but Im sure I would come to terms with whomevers relatives I offended. I generally dont do things on the graves, but hey…that Beaver one I just couldnt help myself. Personally, I would want people to just show up at my grave. Make yourself comfortable, sit down on my rock if you want. But all in all, death is part of life…and sometimes its silly and weird. Bah…

  19. To #15.. I don’t know about you, but If I ever have cause to be in a graveyard, I would not be in the giggling or laughing mood. If you go to a cemetery and the tombstone “Beaver” makes you giggle. You’re fucking shallow, idiotic and dense.

    And yes, very disrespectful to be standing on a gravestone. It’s not about the deceased, it’s about how OBVIOUSLY someone has taken the time, money and care to make sure that person is known and remembered. You come along and squat on it cuz you think it’s a cute picture and fun to wear your ignorance on your sleeve.

    And no, being offended by these photos does not mean anyone’s afraid of death. That is the most irrational line of reasoning I’ve come across yet. Way to go.

  20. You guys do know that a headstone is basically just a rock, right?

    People put way too much stock into objects.

  21. i’m with #17 on this. before my dad died, i would’ve been all for it. now, it would make me a hypocrit saying that i didn’t care about photos like these, because even now, six years later, i would throw some fuckin’ ‘bows if i saw someone disrespecting my father’s grave.

  22. I gotta agree with those who find this in bad taste – cause I do as well. She’s a cutie,but just because she doesn’t respect the dead,doesn’t mean that we have to go along with her,and say that it’s cool,because it isn’t. If I ever caught anyone
    fucking around with any of my familes graves,I’d make them regret it. Sorry,but NOT COOL.

  23. I would like to point out that I’m also offended by the poor composition and iron-on quality of the shirts being sold.

  24. You can actually sue someone for standing on a headstone. In Australia anyway. When a grave is made for someone, it is classified as a small block of land owned by the payer.

    I recently had a discussion with a family friend who’s son had died. He treats that grave with the most amazing respect and love. This IS seriously the first, and only picture, to ever offend my on Modblog.

    You can say all you want about freedom, all you want about this doesn’t matter, but it does. These two graves are someone’s family. Someone’s friends. And to turn them into an object of humour, is in such bad taste it makes me feel ill.

    My father died in March. We scattered his ashes. But even still, if anyone were to desecrate the area we scattered them, I would make it my duty to find them and absolutely kill them.

  25. wow thats just wrong
    if i saw someone doing that to someone i knews grave they’d be told off, threatened with the cops, and id put in a complaint with the grave yard

    if someone cares enough to spend that much money on burying their loved ones body (grave stones arent cheap, especially the above ground level type)
    of course cost of burial doesnt equal love
    but still i doubt someone would spend that kind of money on someone they didnt love

    and the shirts are just stupid (i looked on the site)

  26. Pah. Dead people are dead – they don’t care. What’s with this weird respect for gravestones and stuff?

    (NB. I grew up with doctors. To me, once someone dies their corpse is just a hunk of interesting meat. I don’t normally have much respect for the dead).

  27. “I’m sure they don’t give a shit, and they’re families weren’t around to protest.” Wow, that’s the kind of statement that’s too immature to reason with. And I agree with 43, the idea isn’t really very clever or funny.

  28. i really don’t agree with this or like it at all.
    but if it makes anyone feel better, perhaps these headstones are not yet in use? it doesn’t look like they have any other writing on them, and sometimes, at least in Aus, people sort of “reserve” a spot for when they go. They have a headstone in place with their last name on it, and when they do pass on, at that time the extra details get added. . .
    this may make it a little less unacceptable (sorry for the double negative, but i didn’t want to write that it may make it a little more ACCEPTABLE, because it really isn’t acceptable at all)
    i think it is def still very wrong, and not cool at all.

    the whole idea is not even funny – quite immature.

  29. OK although the Micheal is right about grave plots being in some cases classified as private property, it is impossible to take any form of tortious action against individuals who trespass in the manner exhibited above. In order for an individual to be charged with trespass they must be warned of the illegality of their actions by the owner of the property or a police officer. If they should return within 24 hours of this warning they have committed a crime under the Trespass Act section 7. If they are issued an official warning by the court they will not be allowed to return to the area in contention for a year. The penalty for a breach of this law is 20 penalty units. I see three issues from a legal perspective in prosecuting in regards to this matter. Firstly the owners of the land will not have had the opportunity to indicate whether or not they find the above action intrusive. Secondly the individual above will only have to refrain from entering the site for 25 hours. Thirdly as graves for the most part are private facilities which are open to the public various other common law and statutory principles will convolute any initial proceedings.

    The best way to prevent this individual from committing similar acts in the future would be to send this photo to the managers of the various gave sites she has been defiling. Their immediate reaction would be to issue her with an official warning. Pending this they would be able to forcibly remove her from their premises.

  30. Clearly I’m going to hell, because I thought it was hilarious.
    Oh well, at least two of my close friends will be there with me, as they were amused by it as well.

  31. Maybe I’m weird, but I was more upset by the way they were making fun of the poor dead people’s last names. They’re dead, they couldn’t have given consent to have their family names used to promote t-shirts. To me, a name means a lot more than a rock, especially since there are probably still living descendants who are trying their best to be proud of their name.

  32. is it just me, or dont the gravestones look like they were new for the shot? i just assumed they had made up fake gravestnes, in the sense they had pain a gravestone carver to make up new ones and used them in the graveyard for puroposes of the shot?

  33. we’re actually waisting valuble modblog viewing time by saying how this picture is disrespectful?…..holy shit…get the fuck over it….at least she isnt taking a shit on the fucking thing…..their dead…..they dont know whats happening….Jeezus H. Christ people C’MON!!!!! it happend…its over….Deal with it! GAHHHH some people are so freaking….*sigh*……mind numbingly frustrating, to me….grr…

  34. to all those who find the pictures upsetting/disrespectful – there’s about 1,000,000 goth porn sites that show people doing way more unspeakable things on grave stones

  35. Kayla,…..no…not forget it ever happend…but recognize it….and say…oh fucking well….it sucked for them, but its OVVVVVVVVVVVVER and then go and figure out what the fuck your gonna havefor dinner and put skinny emaciated persecued jews ou of your mind because it dosent concern you….duh

    PS: no offense to the jews…it sucked yeah but its over….

  36. im with insincere about those stones being made for the photos. Dont real gravestones have more information… like the whole name and birth-death date. ?.. atleast in sweden they do..

  37. Yeah Kayla. Because standing half naked on top of a fake tombstone is exactly like killing 11 million people.

  38. The only thing that managed to offend me on BME were the neonazi tats.
    This, I almost didn’t notice it _could_ be offensive.

  39. Shannon – When are we going to move past intentionally offensive (albeit dumb) pictures and soft porn shots and concentrate on the vast world of body modification ?

  40. Pretty miserable effort in my opinion. As many have said, if that were someone from my family, I’d be pretty upset. Not funny, not clever…just a whole lot of nothing. Cute girl though!

  41. Ive got a surname thats very easy to take the piss out of. If anyone climbs on my headstone and points and laughs, I’ll fucking haunt you.

  42. i personally like the pictures, and though i can understand how it can be disrespectful to the family/ies it could be alot worse, it’s not like she’s defacing the tombstones or damaging them.

    lighten up ^_^

  43. They look a little photo shopped to me. Maybe it’s different in America but I have never seen a grave without a full name and date of death. I assumed it was a blank gravestone or the back of one and the text was put on later.

    If not I feel sorry for the poor bastard that has to walk around looking for graves with “funny” names on. If they are real I’m with the people saying it’s disrespectful.

    Oh and the site and its t-shirts are a bit shit. But people will buy any old wank if it’s modelled by someone hot.

  44. These pictures irritate me on so many levels. Even if they weren’t gravestones – if they’d somehow found roadsigns, or something, with the words “Kuntz” and “Beaver” on – still, what an irritating, puerile, obscene idea for a photoshoot.

    It’s not even cleverly done. “Here is a girl near a rude word.” How unimaginative and unartistic. Who are these adverts aimed at? 14 yr old boys?

  45. Respektlos und unter aller Sau, wie man so schön sagt…
    Das Grab bietet den Angehörigen die Möglichkeit, Respekt an die Verstorbenen zu zollen. Das ganze auf diese respektlose Art und Weise zu schänden/ entwürdigen…
    Abgesehn davon, die Werbung für die Seite ist peinlich und billig – genau wie die Klamotten für die geworben wird.

  46. Please note that these gravestones are photoshopped.. Note that the text-style is the exact same.. note that its nothing to get all buzzed-up for.

  47. Elena, I hope someone with the name Beaver has a sense of humor. And for the record, I dont use Iron Ons anymore, all my shirts are silk screen images on nice Anvils or Bellas. I dont photo shop any of the images either Mr Will. Jeez people lighten up too, its just some silly names on graves and pretty angels. I guess in Beavers case its a lil disrespectful, so Im sorry Beaver. Its the only one we actually climbed on. But Kuntz is a great Butthole Surfers song. Should they apologize now for makin fun of that name in their song? and 58, whats yer last name? Would die to find the name Twat somewhere…

  48. Whoa…people have really have gotten more morally conservative as the years have stretched on. For those who think that society is going to hell because of these shots, take a look at some midnight movies from the 70s. Thank you John Waters for shit eaters, chicken fucking and infantalism.

  49. @ 62: anyhow, those gravestones belong to real (dead) people. it´s still disrespectful to stand on them, or / and use to promote those t shirts.

    what would have happend if someone came by? “oh, don´t worry, we´ll use photoshop to change the name into some ambiguous words / names?!”

  50. “Yes you can- it is private property- the grave site is a piece of land that you own. I could start by suing for trespassing. Depending on what they were doing there, I could continue through a whole line of offenses.” -Phalaeo

    No. You can’t. Unless a cemetery is maintained, AND funded privately you’re out of luck. It is NOT a private cemetery. It’s a public cemetery that has been gracious enough to let you put your dead there.
    Let me just say again, unless you manage to maintain AND fund this cemetery on your own without any assistance from the county/state/other families then it’s NOT private property.
    Besides the fact that she’s not doing anything destructive. She’s just standing there. So, you’re “whole line of offenses” is pretty irrelevant. She’s. Just. Standing. There.

    Is it in bad taste? Maybe.
    Is it illegal? No.
    Has she committed a crime? No.
    Be offended if you must, but she isn’t breaking any laws…

  51. Indebted -I enjoy Pink Flamingos as much as the next person, and am in no way at all religious or conservative.
    I think Jessica got it right with her comment: “Hey guys, did you know a word is just a bunch of shapes?”
    It is a rock, yes, but a rock that represents somebody who is loved and missed. It’s a symbol.
    It deserves respect.

  52. I agree, this is disrespectful. Just because someone is dead doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to care about them. I worked at a graveyard fo years and I’ve seen people do terrible things to grave markers and the effects it had on the families. I’m not saying it’s the same thing, but if someone stood half-naked on my mothers grave, no matter how funny the name, I wouldn’t be happy.

  53. Maybe it is that I am an atheist but I am offended by the concept of cemetary itself.
    Having to pay to get bury, having to pay for a coffin and a tombstone.and for what? Waste of space.
    Here in Canada, even if you get cremated, you still gonna pay around 2 000$ of fee.
    A dead body is only dead rotting cells,
    I wish I could be buried deep into the forest, left to rot and return to the earth.

    Those are funny picture, thank you!

  54. “Maybe it’s different in America but I have never seen a grave without a full name and date of death. I assumed it was a blank gravestone or the back of one and the text was put on later.”–Mr.will
    Just to clarify, in America, many families reserve plots of land, and even have headstones prepared before death, thus making their death a bit easier on their loved ones.

    These pictures are unoriginal, immature, and mildly offensive–I think someone above put it right: they may just be stones, but they represent someone loved and missed, and that deserves respect. At least on some pornographic site with gravestones, the stones are just props and are at least creative, in terms of completing a “fantasy” of sorts. This was just asinine.

    I don’t think legal action is in order, but seriously–people have lost all sense of manners these days!

  55. Well, I can’t say I’m offended the least. I just see a pretty girl with a nice haircut sitting on a grave stone. The pictures made me smile, to be honest 🙂 I love pun.

    Before people decide to flame my silly ass for having a different opinion, I CAN understand why it would offend people. I’m just not.

  56. Click through and SHAZAM (all those words to read… nobody else bothered?)

    “It became obvious to me that I have a knack for finding what I considered to be amusingly ironic names on headstones and crypts, and making them the focal point of my imagery. […] As a rule, I never digitally alter the image, only the perspective. You see them exactly as I did through my lenses.”

    So that answers those questions of authenticity.

    The questions of taste and morals remain un-answered I guess, although it seems pretty obvious to me. You either have them or you don’t!

  57. I think she is a beautiful girl and personally could give less of a shit where she sits or what she sits on. As an armature photographer I love to go to the older parts of local graveyards and take pictures. Hell the background on my IAM page is a picture of a memorial. Headstones, grave markers, memorials and anything else placed on the earth are not there for the one that passes. They are their so their family can come visit where their decomposing body instead of celebrating what kind of life that person lived. My father died two years ago. I have yet to visit his grave. I have no need to visit the shell that was buried in the ground according to law. When my father passed he took his spirit with him. It did not stay in the little hole that was dug to be buried in a pit in the ground and be eaten by worms and beetles. Getting upset over a picture is, to me, more immature then the pictures will ever be. Get over it and move on. I’m sure there are more pressing matters in this world to be upset over and protest about then some woman sitting on a gravestone, real or not, for a photo shoot. Why not save that energy to fix the world and make sure everyone is feed, or clothed?

    Don’t bitch about things that have no importance to the world in the long run ok. If you don’t like what you see go to the next picture or stay the hell off of modblog so that those of us who do enjoy looking can do so with out reading your rude or hateful comments.

  58. When I die, I want a stripper to dance on my tombstone.

    Although the only thing that I think someone should truly get pissed off from this is if they are 2 tombstones over recollecting times of their loved ones. But that’s just me.

    And I’m serious about the stripper.

  59. Actually, I have seen several stones with just a last name. People buy family plots, with one big stone with the last name, and when the family is buried, they have a smaller marker for individual coffins. As for the typeset being the same, chances are if it’s a smaller sort of town, and they used the same graveyard, they also used the same carver. It’s in bad taste, and was a bad idea, both because it’s disrespectful, and because it’s childish. I’m offended, and if it was my loved one’s grave, whoever did this would be in much more danger than any cops or lawsuits could bring.

    Lately this site has been posting more pictures that are either gratuitous and useless or ones that, though they may have mods in them, are not focused at all on the mods, but on something stupid or childish such as this. I’m having more and more problems finding entries I’m even interested in seeing, because so many of them are like this one.

  60. Marisa, sorry to give the impression that I was attributing people’s offense to religion. The “society going to hell” statement should have been “society going to shit” because I think people can be plenty moral without a religious belief. I still think that it is morally conservative to get wound up about these pictures. There’s a sexy girl squatting on a tombstone that reads Beaver. And I don’t have to respect either symbol by the way – the picture or the actual tombstone. Symbols don’t deserve respect.
    I simply don’t agree that we should go around policing images or any other form of expression that we find distasteful because everyone has a very different idea about what constitutes taste.

  61. I assume she isn’t wearing pants since the names on the graves have to do with Vag. As for whether this is disrespectful or not, I don’t really think it is, its not like she’s having sex on the grave, or killing animals on it or vandalizing it in some way. If she was going one of those things then maybe I would be more sympathetic. But I don’t believe in cemetaries anyway.

    Oh and I don’t think the first picture is very flattering shot of her face.

  62. I’m offended by the bad photography and the cheap attempt at being edgy. Meh.

    It’s pretty common for a gravestone to have the family name on the back and the detailed information on the front, especially if it’s a large marker used for more than one person.

  63. yeah, #79, you’re dead right. I sympathise entirely with the complaints about it being in bad taste, but I’m far more irritated by the crap photography. It looks like something produced by an A-level photography student in their first ever project.

    The whole idea behind the photos is crap and cheesy and irritating, but not only that, it’s a crap idea done badly. It could have been done better. As portraits, they are rubbish.

  64. I like these………….it’s like the people in the graves are part of the picture……they’re like getting some publicity even after death………..that’s be awesome

  65. Well since the opinions have gotten a lil more personal about my work Ill say this in my defense. Ill be the 1st to admit they are not my best photos and they dont compliment my model all that much. But they were 2 second judgement jokes on what we found doing the rest of the shoot. Which I feel turned out rather well. The pun to me is more the focus than the girl herself. So take that for what its worth. I will also admit that doing my own shoots for my t-shirts with my models is very new to me and Im learning as I go. I didnt shoot the majority of the stuff on my site other than the images on the shirts..which again are not photoshopped and are silk screened not Heat transfer “iron ons” anymore. So I do take some of the criticism in a constructive way. Im used to doing other types of work, some of you have already paid for my work by chance in your CD collections. Thats a lil more my territory. This is stuff I do for fun. But judging by the reactions here, I do tend to agree that it was a bit in bad taste, but bad taste hasnt stopped art before so I dont see me giving up anytime soon as well. But I guess that should go for all cemetery photography if thats what ya think, no? And what of climbing on the great monuments of the Pharaohs? Would that not be disrespectful too? After all they are symbols to some…
    and funny, fore over a year Ive had pics of Zui climbing all over gravestones clinging to a cross…didnt seem to bother anyone, I guess pussy jokes are off limits in graveyards. But most would have had the thought tho I bet

  66. shitty clothing company. They have like three shirt designs and its basically an iron-on print out of a photograph. no design, creativity, nothing. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to pay money to wear a black t with a print out of a photograph of someone elses grave on it.

  67. damn, all of ya’ll are way too fucking high strong. i want to legal say right now, when i die, feel free to use my gravestone for all sorts of fun and silliness as long as you dont actually harm it cause i hear those things are expensive as fuck

    and shannon, my friends and i spent a good 15 minutes laughing over this shit last night, fuck the haters!

  68. I couldn’t care if they go climbing over my grave or a family members grave and take photos. Just so long as they don’t kick it down or anything like that. I would however care if they went and decided to put my family name on their shirt because as someone else said, their are still going to be living members of your family with that name. So I don’t really think it would be offensive to me (if I were the dead person) however I would be offended if I were the family member just because they are disrespecting my name, but not because they were standing on the grave or using it as a photo shoot for perhaps any other company.

  69. I am offended by the whole thing.
    And I would, like so many others have said, be so pissed off if I saw someone do that to my loved ones grave.

    BUT, I am more offended by the whole idea.
    I mean come on.
    Print “funny” names that are on tombstones on tshirts?
    Yeah, that’s real classy.
    The whole idea of it is just so lame and pathetic.
    If you want funny and insulting tshirts, just go to tshirthell insted.
    Andleast the quality there is so much better.

  70. Tattoo’ed and pierced people have sought acceptance and common respect for the way they choose to look for years. For a group of people who know what its like to be blatantly disrespected, you’d think we would be a bit more giving of ourselves, and bit more respectful to others, like us not not.

  71. To everyone who has asserted that they have no problem with desecration/mocking of their own gravestones: that’s hardly the point, is it? This isn’t your gravestone.

    Those who point out that this picture cannot be offensive to the people physically interred under those graves are right. They are very likely, though, to have living relatives with access to the internet. Grieving relatives for whom those lumps of rock are a symbol of people they cared about, and who quite probably share the name that’s being mocked.

    And now that these crappy, puerile images have been posted on modblog, they’re more likely to be seen by people who won’t just be offended, but hurt and saddened. And why? Because the fact that the model happens incidentally to have tattoos and stretched lobes (as does a large percentage of women of that age), albeit ones that can’t be seen clearly, is apparently reason enough for Mr Larratt to share his wank fodder with the world.

    Come on: more bodymods, less douchebaggery please.

  72. ok honestly……people need to get a fucking sense of HUMOR….a person with the last name Kuntz IS amusing…….just like a lady in my phone book named Ineda…..her last name?…KIDNEY! AHHHAHAA INEDA KIDNEY! XD……shes alive….can we make fun of her name and it be ok?

  73. Maybe it is that I am an atheist but I am offended by the concept of cemetary itself.
    Having to pay to get bury, having to pay for a coffin and a tombstone.and for what? Waste of space.

    Isabelle, I’m definitely not an atheist, and I agree with you. It’s just stupid.

  74. As people have said, this is the only photo ever on modblog that’s really offensive.

    For those sticking up for her. Do you have dead relatives? If so, can we take the same pictures on their graves?

  75. meh i’m totally not bothered about this. i’m a photographer and a digital artist, and one of my pieces of art includes a semi naked girl climbing out of a grave. zero complaints. at the end of the day it’s a picture. i can think of thousands that are much more offensive and tasteless than these.

  76. I find interesting the amount of comments to this post saying ‘if the dead person were my [insert relative], I would [insert form of revenge]‘. Surely, if it were a question of respecting the dead, it wouldn’t matter whose the grave was?

    But I have to chime in on that too. If I saw some chick doing this to the grave of one of my friends or relatives, I would kick her ass (or at least try to – I’m little but I have a temper). But for me it’s not about respect, it’s about my own feelings of anger about the fact of my loved one’s complete irrelevance to the model and photographer. It’s not rational, and it’s not moral. I think most of us hate the thought of, after death, being completely un-thought-of, because, once we’re dead and gone, memories are all that’s left of us. What Cupcake’s doing is stripping the memories from a memorial.

    Just my thoughts.

  77. Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with taking a photograph of gravestones…when I saw my great-great-grandmother’s gravestone for the first time in another country, my father and I stood next to it and took a photo. Even for an art project, I visited the local graveyard and took some photos for inspiration. But the entire time, I was very careful not to step on anyone’s grave, and I tried to take the photos as respectfully and non-intrusively as possible. What’s been done here is that someone who is unoriginal and vapid is trying to make money off of crap clothing and not taking the time to consider the feelings of others.

  78. The idea of funny surnames is just that. And I suppose if you were just walking in a cemetary and saw one you thought was funny (like when I saw one that said Butt) you may even have a chuckle. Or tell someone afterwards in a joking way.
    I don’t believe I’d take a picture of it unless it was damn funny-looking. Then I might.

    Sure wouldn’t crouch on it with my beaver next to the name “Beaver”.
    THAT seems a little wrong. To me. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it desecration or premeditated disrespect. Maybe just a little thoughtless.

  79. cool picture.

    i like how shannon posted this.. and knew it was going to cause drama and didnt make any responses

  80. I love it. Vicky, you rock!

    Everyone else, get over it… 🙂 If I were dead and had a funny last name, I would want a hot half-naked chick taking photos on my grave.

  81. #’s 50 and 51: Hold on… hold on… did someone actually compare this to the holocaust???!!?! And wait… did the person after that really completely denigrate the holocaust??!!!?!
    What the fucking hell is wrong with both of you?

  82. Gotta say, I’m not a fan of the idea. Personally I wouldn’t give a fuck if it was MY gravestone, but somebody else’s who likely had no say in the matter? It’s one thing to flaunt body modifications and freedom and even nude societies, but it just doesn’t sit right with me to impose nudity on somebody’s grave without express permission from family.

  83. #51, To say that the Holocaust “sucked” is just a bit of an understatement, don’t you think? You go outside and find your car has a flat tire…that sucks. Genocide is a a lot more horrific than the word “suck” can encompass.
    Your statement wasn’t offensive as much as it proves that you suck.

  84. haha.


    I went to work and came back to… what the hell is this?

    I hate the anonymity of the internet, otherwise I could wait it out and then squat naked on everyone’s grave who’s getting all flustered like old ladies.

    Shocker!!: woman shows ankles in graveyard.


  85. Wow I must say.. I reallllly really REALLY dont’ agree with this at all.. I think it’s fuckin horrible.. It’s somebody’s place fo rest… I agree with “taal” on this one.. I mean.. If their family was to come up to pay respect to the site while this was going on… I can’t see it going over very well >.

  86. oh and to add to that.. The second one is alright.. but teh first one just makes em want to vomit..and honestly, as with a few of the people on here.. I’de much rather look at ball torture photos then this.. But that’s just me:P

  87. Everyone completely shitting themselves over this is providing some excellent entertainment. Thanks.

    PS: There’s much worse things in this world to get upset about. This is a stupid thing to get upset over, and complaining about how horrible it is accomplishes nothing. Go get passionately pissed off about the state of the world today and get involved in a charity where your passion can actually contribute to something other than general bitchery.

  88. I think graveyards are a waste of time and resources. I think it’s completely stupid when you look at the monstrous amount of money that’s spent on people AFTER THEY DIE when there are a lot of living people who desperately need assistance. I think graveyards are tacky and in bad taste. So personally, I think it’s a total non-issue to take joke photos in a graveyard, and personally I think the whole industry is corrupt on every level.

    I hope that when I die I just get dumped in a forest or something. I would not be happy at all if I got put in a box that costs as much as a car, etc…

  89. I skimmed and read something about the holocaust and I actually give up.

    Why do massive arguments like this ultimately come back to the Holocaust? Read any post on here with over a hundred comments and you’re almost guaranteed to read something about the Holocaust. You guys need to find something new to bitch about.

    I personally think (not that it matters at all, just thought i’d throw in my 2 pence since everyone else has) that she looks ridiculous. This post isn’t mod related at all and a lot of people (myself included) find it disrespectful.
    If people want to spend that much on graves and tombstones that’s totally fine by me, that’s not my money. Personally I want to be burned and put in a nice pot on someone mantlepiece.
    You can be fucking sure I don’t like the idea of someone posing half naked with my pot of ashes.
    How rude.

    I’m not ENTIRELY sure where I was going with this, but basically she looks silly and really uncomfortable.

  90. Please people. This is totally rediculous. Vicky looks AMAZING, the pics are totally HOT and everyone who wants to bitch and complain needs to get a life. Actually to all of those who find this SOOOOOO offensive, you are the reason this is great ART! Without someone to be offended what would there be to talk about. The fact alone that these pics have over a hundred comments makes them a complete success! And to #50-51 and whoever else who wants to compare these two little pics to the holocaust, really, your intelligence level scares me.
    Furthermore, I don’t see any desecration or damage to the stone so no disrespect there and for those of you who think its immature or stupid, don’t buy a shirt, don’t share the pic with your friends… just move on. Commenting on how completely insulted you are is just creating more attention.
    Finally, when I die I hope someone can get a laugh from me even years down the line. Otherwise what is left? Some bones rotting in a wooden box under a rock?
    Please, I beg ya Fake111 when I die take a pic of a girl as hot as Vicky on my stone. Guess I’ll have to change my last name to something clever though…
    Love the pics and the shirts. In fact I’m wearing one now! Ooh, guess I’ll see everyone else in hell! 🙂 Vicky-your beautiful!

  91. >>>I think graveyards are a waste of time and resources.

    Well quite possibly but if you want others to respect you and your choices would it not also be fair for you to respect them and theirs ?

  92. Giles – I don’t personally think corpses have rights, and I don’t think we should coddle people in the notion that they do because it’s one of the most wasteful things we do as a species.

  93. Shannon, you can arrange to be donated to the body farm. I’m donating my body to science. (or having my relatives do that.. rather)

    To be clear, it’s because of the waste of resources, money and that grave yards are tacky and in bad taste that it’s ok to disrespect someone’s deceased loved one? Wow, this will teach those greedy bastards to spend money on a funeral and what-not, won’t it? Your reasoning is beyond moot.

  94. Not corpses but the family who have chosen to bury their family there.

    Personally I agree with your view on this but there are better ways of expressing it than this. Offending those who choose to do it won’t bring them round to your way of thinking.

  95. How’s about you go do that bottomless offensive stuff on your family member’s headstone? I don’t appreciate the edgy “I think I’m clever” arty attitude of Fake111…Look I’m totally an artist and stuff, I don’t use iron-ons or anything, buy my shit.

  96. Yo Casey, what do you think, Im totally from “the Valley”? I imagine if our family name was more interesting I would. But it’s not so I havent. Cant see havin a problem with pictures taken, topless, bottomless, or whatever by our graves. I would only be upset if they damaged them I figure. But a 8th grade level pussy joke I doubt would raise my temper much like I have seen here. I find it more funny that people read alot into this and seem to have a quite a decisive view of who I am and how I think. Its one fuckin picture that was a joke. While it may be true its a bit tacky or tasteless Ill admit, and even a tad disrespectful Ill even cop to after Ive read all these responses, I certainly wont loose any sleep over it. Neither will Beaver Im sure HA But I would also figure that if my name was Beaver, I would expect to deal with alot of chiding for it, much like I did for having the name Ugly contained within my last name. Maybe some of you take life, and death a bit too seriously. I whole hearted apologize to all those who are wrecked with contempt and ire for the horrible transgression I have bestowed upon mankind. Ill make sure I never do it again…

    until I run across Cock, Ass, Douche, Pussy, or Twat…then all bets are off

  97. Whats with everyone saying this isnt mod related? I see very nice lobes and lots of tattoos? Am I missing something to this mod thing?

  98. #142 It isn’t speficially mod related because the whole entry is aimed at some clothing line.
    I don’t see details of the size of her lobes, what her tattoos actually are etc therefore this isn’t a mod based entry.

  99. Scarlete – I’m not saying it will teach anyone a lesson. I’m saying I don’t feel the need to respect the dead, nor do I feel the need to respect people doing wasteful things that hurt us all.

    Stacey – A majority of the entries here are about the activities of modified people and don’t give nitty-gritty details about things like the exact size of their lobes. This entries shows her mods and links to her page for people who want to see more detail.

  100. Shouldn’t Shannon be allowed to post whatever the hell he wants? Last I checked this was a free blog available to all, the content regulated soley by the author. If you don’t like it, move on. I personally noticed more mods on this girl than on many of the others posted in the past, and yes I’ve been reading Modblog since it’s inception and have seen some.. interesting things, and many pictures of people in various states of undress with far fewer mods, in much more offensive settings, with nowhere near the knee jerk reactions as to this picture. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if yours is to lash out blindly across the internet to “cyber slap” someone that you disapprove of, you need to go outside and get some real person-to-person contact and remember that you are not in control of the rest of the world, and attempting to do so is futile and an exercise in ego masturbation, nothing more.

  101. Giles – No, I don’t think so. ModBlog is about the people as much as about the specific mods. If people want modification-exclusive stuff, that’s what BME is for.

  102. Shannon – “ModBlog is a body modification blog featuring some of the best images and stories from the BME archives.” Fair enough it is your blog etc etc and if you wish you can post images of Monstertrucks if you so wish but there is much content that doesn’t seem to reflect the blurb “….best images and stories…. “.

    Is this entry truly one of the *best* ? Or is it more of a provocative piece of imagery that /just so/ happens to include mods within it ?

    Be honest here Shannon.

  103. I feel that…I dunno. I don’t like the idea of graves, so I agree with Shannon on that view, and I can see it as a joke, but I also feel that if someone was sitting on my grandparents/brothers grave…I’d have to rip their fucking faces off.
    To be honest. 🙂

  104. Well, gee Giles… it seems that with 150 comments these images have stirred a debate among enough people to be considered of interest. Best or not, there are a # of people who feel the need to discuss them, apparently. If it’s that big of a deal to you just skip over the pics and move on to something more your style. As it is, the images obviously got you talking….

  105. Giles – What’s wrong with a provocative piece of imagery that includes mods on a well known IAM member and industry professional? I see it as completely relevant, especially given the large comment list that’s followed it!

  106. Being that Cupcake is a consistant contributer to this site, and a professional body piercer, isnt any artwork she does however “tasteless and rude” applicable to open discussion here? Looked to me like she got a lil plug or a mention of something she’s been upto, while actually displaying her mods. it wasnt her that posted roughly 150 comments on the matter…

  107. Shannon – The problem is that the comments have absolutely nothing to do with her modifications at all. The vast majority of comments here (and on certain other posts) have absolutely nothing to do with Body Modification and are (with a few exceptions) to do with either the attractiveness of the person involved or the context of the picture. If the idea is to generate discussion about the person’s modification then it hasn’t worked particularly well.

  108. Giles – As I said, it’s not just about the modifications and nothing else — it’s about the modified people that build the IAM/BME site/community and the things they’re doing as well. It definitely generated comments about that!!!

  109. Giles, I don’t see why having a post that doesn’t directly focus on body modifications is a big deal. Especially if someone modded is sharing them!
    We all bear body mods, but our life isn’t solely about them, is it?
    Mine isn’t.
    I love my tattoos, but I can have a rational conversation involving other things. I can look at other photos, talk to people who aren’t wearing tattoos/piercings, and function like a rational adult.
    Is body mods ALL we’re about? Can’t we see and discuss other things that are in our lives, and pertain to what we enjoy?
    If not, then why bother being part of a community?
    Why reach out to other people to teach them what you know, discuss with them what you love, and share your experiences? Why bother sending in photos at all if the community that’s SUPPOSE to welcome you with open arms can do nothing but find fault?
    I for one, am glad that it’s Shannon’s blog, as opposed to yours. If you maintained this site we’d miss a lot of things that our brothers and sisters are trying to share with us…

  110. Yeah, I was going to ask- who Godwinned it?

    Here are a few more points-

    1. Yes it’s Shannon’s blog, he can do what he wants, of course.
    2. That should not be an issue- nobody has asked him to take it down.
    3. I still maintain that all of you people out there who think that the “haters” are getting their panties in a bunch- It’s about RESPECT. Sure, you might not mind having it done to your gravestone, fine. It’s your body, it’s your life, fine.

    DO NOT fuck with someone else’s shit. It’s a basic tenet of life. No matter what religion you are- Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist- whatever. Respect others.

    If you can’t manage to respect others, it doesn’t make you hardcore, it makes you a dumbass.

  111. I really don’t believe in the concept of grave yards. Why would you want to be embalmed so that people you don’t know can walk on your petrified corpse some day? Dumb. Its unnatural, its illogical, its very unfriendly to the environment, and its just silly.

    That said, I’m not really cool with the squatting picture. That’s just a bit much.

  112. CupCake

    i think the shots are awesome, you look beautiful in them

    and also happy birthday for today 🙂

    hope you enjoyed it


  113. Fake111 – You’ve already used my name on one of your shity shirts. I’ll say again, I don’t appreciate it.

  114. As many people commented, I’m rarely disgusted by anything. And while I don’t take personal offense, I do think that this is disrespectful to the families rather then the deceased.
    I believe burials/funerals/gravesites and act as a sense of closure for the families. Additionally I can appreciate base/toilet humor as much as the person but this I find to be plain tasteless.

  115. Casey, sorry your name is either Fake Bitter or Doll…but so what. At least the Beaver shot people have a valid argumnent, and believe me I have no plans to repeat that type of shot in light of this recent discussion. But I have to say a Bitter shirt seems right up your alley. If the name fits wear it…

  116. Do you honestly think that the people with those last names haven’t had the clever humor of their names pointed out since they were in grade school? I just think its disgusting that you’re attempting to (and probably are) profiting off of people’s last names, on gravestones no less.

  117. In the context I use them in, they are just words. I dont put first names and stuff on the shirts for that reason. Do you get upset when you see signs with your name on it too?

  118. >>>I for one, am glad that it’s Shannon’s blog, as opposed to yours. If you maintained this site we’d miss a lot of things that our brothers and sisters are trying to share with us…

    Yes you’d miss a lady squatting over two gravestones or multiple pictures of naked women with minor mods. Your life would indeed be poorer because of it. (sic)

  119. The thought of people being at a funeral or paying respects to a loved one and seeing that behaviour taking place is a reasonable reason for people to take offence . Not saying anyone saw but it easily could have happened and I think it showed a lack of respect to those who are grieving. I don’t think it means the people involved should be seen as evil heartless people though. There was no malicious intent involved. Some people will find the pics funny, others won’t. You can’t win em all.

  120. Cupcake is gorgeous, but I find this picture in poor taste and disrespectful of the dead. There’s nothing wrong with Cupcake’s appearance in the photo, it’s the place in which they had the photo shoot. Yeah, the company is called Dead Issues – so what? Make a set up at the studio with some polystyrene graves or something. Don’t go and play around on graves at the cemetery. If these were graves of my relatives I would be furious. Luckily they aren’t, so I’m only mildly offended.

  121. I actually like the Bitter print, it’s very eerie and sad, though I wouldn’t wear it on a t’shirt. (screen-printed photos rarely come out that well, especially black and white, they tend to get muddy, add to that that a block of print isn’t very pleasing to the eye on a shirt either..) It’s a shame your images of DI girls seems to make your artwork trite. I understand the concept, but the execution needs work. Someone who appreciates the Bitter print may invariably be turned off by the flash and crass.

  122. I think there is a huge difference between seeing your last name in the context of a word and seeing what could be a family members grave with your last name on it.

    And Giles, in case your comment was for me, this is the first and only time I’ve ever actually felt offended by anything I’ve seen on modblog. Maybe it’s because it hits close to home. None of the other posts that seemed to offend so many even made me bat an eye.

  123. Scarlet, I sell them as prints too. But I think the shirt images have come along nicely after a few trial runs. And as for not being pleasing to the eye on a shirt, there are those who agree and disagree safe to say. As far as the DI girls go, that started out merely to show the shirts on a person, and some people like to send me pics of them for the site as they like to be exposed a bit. Being that most of them are SG’s, we’re used to tough critisism for the most part. Hell, Im used to it from everything Ive done in my life in the music and art world, as Im sure plenty here can attest to as well. And Casey, its quite true my shirts are not for everyone…some people are more morbid than others. You could have just ignored all this and not helped it get the legs in this blog it did. But you have the right to voice your opinions just as everyone does. While I find it obnoxious that people wear that asshole Charles Manson shirts, I dont spout off about it everytime I see one. I just dont buy anything like that. To each his/her own.

  124. “Hell, Im used to it from everything Ive done in my life in the music and art world, as Im sure plenty here can attest to as well.” Hah, you’re such a tortured artist.

  125. Well, Fake111, I’d love to see a close up, especially if those shirts are ribbed. I honestly though heat transfer would be the better way to go with that sort of thing just because (though they have a bad rep, a proper heat transfer can be quite nice). The shirt she’s wearing does seem to come out crisp, but it’s hard to tell if the detail was ok. They’ve also got digital printers if you’re welling to sell a kidney or two, but the pre-treat on black leaves an awful film that doesn’t seem to want to wash out. I imagine doing process rather than spot color on black wouldn’t be all that easy.

    Do you use plastisol or water-based ink?

  126. I’m not religious or anything, but i think this is pretty disrespectful.
    But, at the same time, when im dead and buried, i hope there’s a hot naked broad posing on my gravestone. Sexy, but disrespectful.

  127. funny to see such rampant condescencion here… Jessica,I never said I was tortured, but Im sure Im not the only one who had different interests and heard plenty of narrow-minded critques most of their life. I guess you always fit into everything acceptable by the masses so you should definetly have due cause to judge me with all your expansive knowledge of what I have done and do. Congrats, must be nice to be a supreme being. But really, how much can you really know about me and my works? You only know what I tell you or show you. This venture is such a small part of what I have done. But does it really matter to anyone where Ive been and what Ive done and seen? I doubt it, unless you like it and want to see more. And those who dont I figure will scoff and move on like they should.

  128. This happens to be my fathers burial plot, g.m. Beever, and seeing as how the selfish scumbag insisted on leaving his family with a $10,000 burial debt, as opposed to being cremated like any other selfless individual, I believe the charges of “disrespectful” seem a bit unfounded and down right pretentious. I personally find it disrespectful for my family to have to inherit a debt we will never be able to afford, based solely on the fact that we (the popular majority) are all so hellbent on these meaningless atavistic rituals, that we have no problem mortgaging our families future for the sake of an ancient and unreasonably flawed symbolism.

    “1. The number one benefit is COST – According to AARP, the average (U.S.) cost of a traditional funeral is $4,300. If you want to be buried in the ground, this can add an additional $2,400. Even direct cremation with a land burial can be as much as $3,000.00 or more. You can visit AARP’s website and request a free booklet regarding funeral costs.

    A simple, Direct Cremation and burial at sea can cost as little as $325.00, depending on the firm you choose do perform the cremation. Remember to ask for all details. Direct Cremation can mean different things at each mortuary or funeral home.”

  129. waitwaitwait, what? gm beaver or beever? (I mean, really..)

    The selfless thing to do would be to arrange with a company or school to donate your body to science, preferably one that also cremates you once they’re done with you for free. (or leaves you to rot for science.. that’s good too.)

    Fake111, I’ll be in contact shortly. (:

  130. “yes you’d miss a lady squatting over two grave stones or multiple pictures of naked women with minor mods.”

    Giles….get OVER The amount of mods in the pictures!!! he could post pictures of plain ol’ lobe piercings and t would still be mods!!!….intense or not….cupcake DOES have mods….that really should be all that fucking matters!!! oh, and shes only squatting on ONE o.o

  131. Question about the sueing thing: But don’t you Americans (I assume, since no other place that I know has laws were you can sue someone for standing on a gravestone?) get tired of threatening to sue people for retarded things?

  132. It’s obvious fucking sarcasm grow a sense of humor or something better to do than start a fucking flame war. It always amazed me how easy it is to sit behind a computer and pass judgement on people you’ve never met. You must be a lawyer, nice to meet you. I work for the IRS. Cheers

  133. “Giles – I don’t personally think corpses have rights, and I don’t think we should coddle people in the notion that they do because it’s one of the most wasteful things we do as a species.”

    Intelligently put and I’m quite honestly surprised most open-minded cohesive individuals who value their opinions unopressed in any matter to get all up in arms about inanimate tissue. Have any of you been grieving about the countless lifeforms that are snuffed out of exinction on a daily basis to cater the countless luxuries you require to maintain your pampered existence? I’m waiting for some kind of counter argument on this, but most of you seem lacking in a coherant response that would somehow hide your hipocritcal overtones.

    All is one, death is a journey, not an end, and hangups are a crux on my existance.

  134. Nobody said anything that the model wasn’t beautiful. Where are all these posts coming from that say ignore the haters?

    She’s stunningly beautiful, but I disagree with her standing on a gravestone. Where does that get translated into ANYONE commenting on her looks?

    The point remains- Whether you believe in graveyards, gravestones, pumping your dick, carving designs in your flesh or worshipping a pink elephant—that is your business.

    Start disrespecting what I believe in and you’re crossing the line. How hard is it? You can do whatever you want with your body, but do not tell me how I should treat mine.

    Shannon, this goes out to you- I was especially surprised by how intolerant your comments seem about burial. You may choose to have your body lay in a forest, but I want my body buried according to Jewish law. To each his own. You don’t want people to tell you what you should do to your body when you’re alive, do you think that just because you *personally* believe that graveyards are a waste of resources you should deny other’s the respect that they deserve surrounding one of life’s most sacred moments?

    Respect other’s wishes.
    Do whatever you wish to yourself as long as it does not hurt others.
    live and let live, or in this case,
    live and let die.

  135. “Have any of you been grieving about the countless lifeforms that are snuffed out of exinction on a daily basis to cater the countless luxuries you require to maintain your pampered existence?”

    Actually, I do. And funnily enough, I don’t have countless luxuries. I’m pretty dirt poor.

    To me, it’s not about corpses having rights or not. Do I think they should have the right to freedom of speech? To vote? Obviously not, because they’re dead.

    But I believe in respect for the dead. My post said nothing about flaming other people for their beliefs. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I know that some people don’t respect the dead like I do. It doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to state my opinion. I happen to be alive, and thus have the right to freedom of speech 😉

  136. My parents were killed when i was three, i come there to remember them, to just visit (i know they are gone, and they cant hear,) but its the place i can feel closest to them, if i ever saw anyoen doing soemthing SO FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL to their grave omg that is so fucking wrong

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