Minimall Pull

Nickk Leading (,; Lakewood CO) sends in this shot of Queeta and Manda of the Perforations Energy Team doing a pull.

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15 thoughts on “Minimall Pull

  1. this is my ultimate goal :D, but until then, i have a question quick and wasnt sure of a forum area: gettin septum pierced, how is pain comparable to a tattoo per say. anything would be awesome.

    btw i dibs on the left :X

  2. Erm… I think tattoos are far worse. :-/

    What an odd place to choose, though the photo itself is great!

  3. Ahh…Mini-mall…I read it as Minimal the first dozen or so times and had no idea what they hell Shannon was talking about.

  4. balles, i thought the same thing. well more like, “why’s that dude wearing a dress?”

    thanks to chris’ post i can kind of see it now…

  5. I see…I see a small monkey in bellhop’s livery…cavorting back and forth on the lines between them…frightening the customers.


  6. you guys are all fucking retarded… its not a girl in the picture.. its me(a girl) and my boyfriend (definatley not a girl) doing a pull… jesus

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