Awesome Typing Tattoo

Nathan‘s funny tattoo is by Matt at Evolved Body Art in Columbus, Ohio… Guess we know he doesn’t use DVORAK!

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35 thoughts on “Awesome Typing Tattoo

  1. MMD, on the basic QWERTY keyboard fingering style, the thumbs would normally just hit the space bar. This is very clever. I like it.

  2. aren’t they letters backwards? i mean anyone looking with see them the right way, but to nathan they will be upside down.

  3. Well, the thing is that Nathan knows what he got tattooed on his hands….other people don’t lol. :) I like this, it’s original.

  4. Yeha I read it backwards at first too, but its meant to be where your fingers sit on the keyboard. Left index on the J, little finger on the ; etc. I like it, made me think.

  5. I didn’t understand at first, I only use max. 4 fingers when writing :P.
    I hate it when I have to write with an odd/differently arrenged keyboard.

  6. @ MMD – in correct qwerty posture your thumbs always stay placed on the space bar technically….

  7. also, I don’t think the intent of this is to be particularly “useful”. It’s not as if it’s difficult to remember…

  8. LOL I was JUST THINKING “i guess he doesn’t use DVORAK”,I guess thats kuz i do, lol awesome though; fantastic idea in the opinion of a computer science major.


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