High Nostril Piercings

They’re really not that different from standard nostril piercings, but I really like this high nostril placement a lot… it’s definitely odd visually.

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58 thoughts on “High Nostril Piercings

  1. I love high nostrils, i think they’re neat to look at.

    But I’ve yet to see just a single one, they always seem to come in pairs.

  2. Ack. I don’t know why but high nostrils bug the hell out of me haha. When I see them I get this intense want to remove them from their placement, and put them farther down. Shes very pretty though.

  3. I love high nostril piercing…I was thinking of getting a pair actually. What a great picture though.

  4. Cute.

    Piercings NEED to be symmetrical…I feel a bit uneasy when they’re not…Even when stretching, I have to do both sides at once…


  5. yeah, they’d be more visually striking if they were lined up properly.

    SO many nostril sets in the galleries show one side off. it’s more of a shame in the large nostril galleries. i took over an hour to line up joe’s 8ga nostril punches to make sure they’d be symmetrical, & it was worth every moment we spent. (pics at: http://lishd.livejournal.com/38224.html)

    & don’t tell me that symmetry isn’t always the goal, because i doubt this chick wants two piercings that are ALMOST symmetrical but NOT QUITE, & that she wants this distraction in the center of her face.

  6. She’s not “cute” – she’s drop dead gorgeous!

    And oh, how I wish I didn’t have the world’s smallest nostrils (so much so, in fact, that my *low* nostril piercing was nearly impossible to do for the poor, poor piercer..)

  7. I have a high nostril above one of my standard nostril piercings. (The only odd one out as far as symmetry in my piercings.) You definately don’t see high nostrils much around where I live.

  8. I like it .. they dont look “un symetrical ” at all to me .. but I could be wrong.. I think they are very pretty and seem like a good alternative to the ” nasalang” msp? .. which to me looks the same but I believe it goes all they way through ..?? correct me if Im wrong …I could be ..

  9. “Smilies = Best impractical piercing ever.”

    As opposed to practical piercings? ;)

    I like these, they look really cute on her.

  10. I dunno, my smiley is about as far from impractical as you can get…It’s a 1.2mm curved barbell, 8mm long and to be perfectly honest, I keep forgetting it’s there…It gets cleaned when I brush and use mouthwash but other than that, I was quite surprised when my new dentist asked me wtf was on the inside of my lip.


    PS: a have a few piercings which are most definitely practical.

  11. Violet – I sympathise. My oddly narrow nostrils seem to match my oddly narrow belly button (so narrow that the ball on the end of the barbell opens it up horizontally much more than it’s used to).

    But damn, she *is* cute…

  12. I work in a shop in akron…and there is 2 of us have high nostrils and a standard nostril….and people are baffled by it…and shannon it hurts way more to get a high nostril!! nothing like a standard,I got an immediate headache when i got mine done!

  13. Piercings dont always need to be symmetrical! Id look silly with both nostrils done, happy with just my left.
    I like these high nostrils though! The jewellery actually fits her face, for once. See too many pictures of people with huge jewellery thats completely disproportionate and just doesnt look right.

  14. I’m not sure they’re not symmetrical…
    I think it’s just the angle of the picture
    it makes it hard to tell
    either way, very cute

  15. it’s hard to tell if these piercings are really straight, because the photo is not a dead on shit. Either way, pretty piercings on a pretty girl……..and now i want a smiley. dang!

  16. Thanks for all the compliments!
    I know the picture is angled weird, it’s hard to see if the piercings are symetrical, although, from what I can tell by looking at them everyday Hayley did an amazing job they are about as straight as they get.
    Also, I love my smiley and I’m glad you all like it too!!

  17. This post makes me all the more sad that I just removed my left high nostril an hour ago. Now I have one and am hoping it doesn’t look unbearably awkward.

  18. Nice piercings! Do you use labret studs in the high nostrils? Is it irritating in the nose?

  19. Megan: I just got high nostrils, number one; It didnt hurt that much, of course there’s some pain when the needle goes trough, BUT that lasts for 2-3 seconds.
    And number two; I didn’t feel any pain later on.
    (And I can’t feel jewelry inside my nose:D )

  20. wow high nostrils look great. most piercing places locally told me i was stupid to want them done!
    i’m going to have to travel for about an hour to get mine.
    they look great :)

  21. Awe, they are so cute. I have my right nostril done, and I really want to put a single high nostril in the same side.

    & Yes, she is very cute. And I’ve never liked smilies before, but this picture makes me want to get one.

  22. I’ve had my nose pierced twice. I left them both go shut, but recently got one side re pierced and it sort of ended up a high nostril piercing on accident. The guy that did it definitely did it up higher than I expected, so when I looked in the mirror afterwards, I ended up more excited and happy with the difference than I could imagine most others would be after noticing the lift. I’ve always wanted a piercing higher on my nose, and you guys are right with not seeing them often, because I’m the only one I’ve seen around here with one. And I don’t have it done on both sides, that would just be too much with my bad allergies;)

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