Name the appendages games…

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56 thoughts on “Name the appendages games…

  1. Everytime I look at picture like thses I feel concern.
    Though I doubt it’s causing him a great deal of discomfort since he’s accustomed himself to it. But still that’s the first reaction I get.

  2. how would that kind of stretching affect urination? seems like it would make things…er…messy, no?

  3. i’m with #4 i was thinking a fist through a ballsack.. modblog has me so desensitized to this stuff that i OVERguess.. i love it!

  4. I looked at this before i left for work this morning and thought ‘ok, not sure what’s the big deal about a guy with his finger down his foreskin’ and went to work.

    I’ve just looked again and thought ‘the foreskin looks a bit tight’ then i looked closer.

    I now see where the finger is going.

    Would love to see the look on the guys face, and the steps needed to get to do it.

    I hope his fingernails are cut and filed.

  5. I too feel concern when I look at these images…because I can generally guess what’s going on. I possibly spend too much time on bme.

  6. surfa: “how would that kind of stretching affect urination? seems like it would make things…er…messy, no?”

    I bet the guy can piss about a litre a second. Saves time ;)

  7. I guessed the finger right but thought it was in a trans-scrotal. Hmmmm, wouldn’t have guessed peen, but then I’ve seen pics of a guy with a toothbrush in his…so you never know.

  8. Me and my woman both got half right. I said a finger in the chest for a implant. She thought it was a penis through the sack.

  9. I have to not click on these when I’m in the uni library… one of these days I’m going to get kicked out for looking at ‘pornographic material’.

    And yeah, I didn’t guess it, although I obviously guessed penis. I was actually talking to my flatmates about this last night – they couldn’t quite believe the things people get up to! Oh how little they know…

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