Wearing nothing but shoes, ink, and hooks

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32 thoughts on “Wearing nothing but shoes, ink, and hooks

  1. I agree with #5. I’m loving the suspension photos.
    Her tattoos look really awesome too. Might have to check them out. =]

  2. While i like the idea of doing a suspension, my aversion to being upside-down would prevent me from doing any sort of knee-pointed flight. Though, perhaps it might be a good way to really challenge my self-imposed limitations.. hmm..

  3. i don’t comment much on suspension photos because it’s just not something i have much interest in, but there are those certain shots that i just can’t stop staring at. this is one of them, it’s breathtaking.

  4. i am just blown away from all the comments people have left on here. i JUST found out that this picture made it onto ModBlog from one of my friends on facebook. but to answer peoples questions about the shoes…i went up fully clothed. i joke was made, taken one step too far…and i ended up nude. so i already had my shoes on and i wasnt just about to let someone try and dink with my shoes when i was hanging there. :( but yes, i do know that it wouldve made the picture A LOT better if i didnt have shoes on.

  5. So you did share them w/ the world! This is the first time I’ve seen any of the shots. Very, very cool.


  6. Wait a minute. fully clothed? I can understand getting a shirt, hat, bra, vest, scarf, etc… off. But how did the lower body become disrobed with hooks in the knees?

    Perhaps she was wearing a skirt. But where is the underwear? Unless she wasnt wearing any. Would a skirt and no underwear qualify as “Fully Clothed”? And does anyone wear cross trainers with a skirt while going commando?

    These are the thought processes that prevent me from sleeping.

  7. no names involved on who did it, but yes…i was wearing underpants, and a strapless dress which was easy to slip off and my underpants were cut off with a knife.

  8. “I think she wear shoes because the surrounding would be rough on her feet. you wont want to walk on rocks and bugs.”

    Some people like rocks and bugs. ^.^ I personally prefer to be barefoot all the time. Even in rocky surroundings. If I have to wear shoes to go somewhere, I usually consider not going at all.

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