37 thoughts on “Hint: 17mm

  1. energizer bunny with his battery put in backwards hehehe instead of he keeps going and going and going…. you get well hehehe

  2. Damn, I was dead set on “clam”, I thought it was something similar to the post with the double sided dildo in it, I fail.

  3. Yipee!! I got this one right…and the last one too! I’m so proud of myself, lol.
    I was totally expecting to be wrong though, this is…wow. That takes dedication.

  4. Well, anywho…………………………………………..JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And I haven’t even commented this picture – it’s what I thought it would be. Thats pretty immense though, 17mm. Holy cow. =]

  6. yeah i was thinking that too…a scalpeled apydravya, still, the healing time musta been emense…well, id imagine it to be, id LOVE to see pics,, or hell if wishes are flying round a video of the operation/procedure..hahah, again, love this post.

  7. He has a really gorgeous penis. It looks photoshopped almost. Great job! Looks healthy and all that, must be heavy as all hell though…

  8. Das ist mein Deep-Shaft-Apadravya. Der Ring hat eine Stärke von 17mm und der Durchmesser der Batterie beträgt 33mm.
    Ich komme aus Deutschland und ich bin Mitglied bei BME/IAM.
    Seht Euch auch meine anderen Fotos bei IAM an.

    That is my Deep Shaft Apadravya. The ring has a strength of 17mm and the diameters of the battery amounts to 33mm. I comes from Germany and I am member BME/IAM.
    Look at my other pictutes at IAM.

  9. Damn! Ive been pondering on wether or not to get my guy peirced. Thats wild man, i dont think i would go to that extent but thats me, it looks good on you.

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