You Make My Nipples Swell

Fakir (yes, the real Fakir) sends in these striking photos of nipple enlargement using binding. This works in an analogous fashion to vacuum pumping, causing the tissue to temporarily expand, leading to permanent gains after enough sessions.

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68 thoughts on “You Make My Nipples Swell

  1. That’s insane! I can’t believe that actually works like that. The body is just ridiculously amazing. So this can become permanent? I’m just in awe.
    Not something I’d want to do myself, I’m a big fan of my nipples as-is, but something I’d definitely be interested in learning more about.
    Also, thanks Fakir for blazing the trail all of us here on BME follow.

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  3. The tissue looks a little blood deprived…just the nurse in me speaking…but I’m sure it’s great.

  4. And this is the same person who said I was a disgrace and cause danger to the community concerning suspensions. Fuck him and his bailing wire.

  5. People are allowed to ask why…granted, they shouldn’t judge and say negative things, but asking why, especially if you’re not involved in the community or are new to it, is a perfectly legit thing to ask…
    Movin on now, hope I didn’t start controversy…I agree with #10, it’d be cool to see this as a before/after type thing…it’d just be interesting to see what the long-term effects are and after how long of a time period, things like that.

  6. Good grief those nipples are big.
    I don’t think I could do that myself, but I’m interested in how this kind of stuff works.
    The body is fucking amazing….:s

  7. haha its awesome i can say how shit this looks and shannon cant do anything hahahahaha D:D:D:D

  8. I misread it yesterday and thought it was done by vacuum pumping and *then* binding… I’m amazed this works simply by binding with string.

  9. I’m curious as to how the nipples look relaxed, but also how they look under normal clothing…are the effects noticeable? Or do they not last long enough to draw attention (in terms of, erm, how far they stick out)? Personally, this isn’t my style of modification, but anyone can admire the dedication shown here…

  10. Imagine those things pressing against a t-shirt!

    Didn’t know this was possible…very interesting, though I must confess it’s not something I find visually pleasing or erotic…

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  12. I like it actually. I would probably like to learn how to do that. I have much respect for this man.

  13. I guess everyone has the right to do whatever they want to their bodies, but looking at that picture makes my titties whimper.

  14. Wow, not something I would *ever* consider doing, but it’s pretty neat to see the extremes to which the body can be pushed!

    I can’t imagine those staying like that…or being healthy tho…

  15. If you think that’s impressive, and don’t know of Fakir Musafar, you need to check out his book, and obviously bodyplay and the REsearch Modern Primitives books.

    Impressive, but not too nice looking!

  16. To #6: nipple binding was a tribal thing in Africa (see pix), to #8: looks real cool under a tee shirt (see pix), to #11: feels electric, more sensitive and warm, to #15: yes, wearing a corset; corset everyday even at 77, to #20: not blood deprived because of long-term adjustment, to #24: Yes, still have deep chest piercings

  17. Looks great – for me a little bit too big, but could be interesting to suck ;-)
    Must be a wonderful feeling (for both persons^^)

  18. I think I am going to try this. Don’t want to take it that far, but, DAMN!

  19. Are you sure this is Fakir? Or someone he did this to or photographed? I ask because he’s kinda famous for being the first person (from what I know) to have permanent deep chest piercings and I don’t see them here or any sign that they were once there. ?

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