NoMan Pan’s New Implants

I’ve posted the amazing NoMan Pan before — you’ve probably seen him in other places as well. Anyway, he just got a new set of silicone implants done by Steve Truitt over his forhead. They’re eleven days old in this photo.

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24 thoughts on “NoMan Pan’s New Implants

  1. WTF happened to Shannon? His “Betrayal” post from earlier today is now gone. How long will it take his Betrayers to remove this post or the 71+ posts about his “Betrayal” on one of the other images?

    Clearly something is going wrong. Shannon, we’re behind you no matter what’s going on!

  2. I think I’m in love

    Everything suits him so well, and his eyes are sooo pretty. I think this look is much better then the other one, but thats just me.

  3. When I see these implants around BME, I notice that many people shave off their eyebrows.
    It looks so good that he didn’t shave them.

  4. his eyes are amazing.

    and is BME experiencing a hostile take over? early this morning there was a message from Shannon about him being locked out of the servers and what not, and now that message is gone. its concerning to say the least.

  5. Hey NoMan,
    I love the look you have now! Ive seen you many places including Modify the movie. You look better now than with the multiple facial piercings, please accept my constructive critisism as I say it meaning no offense, and with much respect.

    Namaste, -John

  6. I don’t give a fuck WHAT y’all say, but there is no BME without Shannon Larratt. He’s ALWAYS had kind words for Rachel and Jon, at least publically, and the fact that they are pulling this lowlife bullshit is incredibly appaling.

    I hope they realise a great majority are with Shannon all the way.

  7. I didn’t even notice those. These kind of things just look so normal to me now that I don’t even notice lol. Yay bme.

    What exactly is going on though? Did the server problem get fixed or is Shannon locked out and the feds have taken over modblog *screams*? lol :P

  8. Surely if he was “back in” as it were, he would have put out a message?

    I feel so out of the loop. =/

  9. Oeh, frowny! I love his symmetry in his piercings :)
    And the lenses are love! I have the same ones :D

  10. Greetings to all BME and all who have commented on my photo here on the BME Blogspot. First I want to say thank you to Shannon for posting my photo and also to say thank you for all the wonderful and supportive comments that have been posted here. It is not only my pleasure to be a member, albeit a bit quiet, here on BME and beyond that is is my privilege to be a part of such an esteemed modded community.

    I will be submitting more photos soon, but with this greeting I am making an official announcement of yet another major change to my life in my continued evolution and transformation. Effictive with my upcoming relotation to Austin, Texas which will be my permanent home after 29 years of calliing Houston my home. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I announce to you my BME family that I will be changing my name from NoMan Pan to Hatshepsut Amphista Pan effective with my upcoming 48th birthday on January 4th 2009. The lagel change will take place sometime during the year after filing my request in court but I have already begun to use my new name and I tell you…It is taking some getting used to.

    Why the name change? Well many reasons….as my metamorphosis contiues and as long as my transformation has not reached a final stage I am sure there will be many more changes that I will consider and make in my life. In honor of the Great First Woman Phaoroah of Ancient Egypt Hatshepsut, I honor her will to defy what had been a male role that a Pharoah always be a male and to her trimphant life I humbly adopt her name as my own…Amphista is one of the names of the legendary two-headed serpent, son of Medussa, and Pan of cpirse while I can part the my presummed name NoMan which I adopted and changed in the year 2000, one of the things that I will be glad about is that people will stop calling me Norman….I keep telling everyone…NoMan…it’s Noman…not Norman…leave out the “R”…nor ‘R”…or “no I didn’t say no man.,..I said NoMan”…LOL

    Well is was fun while it lasted but as transformations go and you my fellow modded community members understand, a transformation is just that…a continuous change through time…an evolution in stages and of the many faces and lives one lives while destined to walk this earth as we do today. I am forever grateful to The Reverend Steve Haworth and Steve Truitt for their beautiful mastership and devotion to helping make my peoples dreamsa reality today in this world where we can co-exist with people who we see as abnornal or stange because they do not look like us, just as they see us becasue we do not look like they do..

    Hatshepsut Amphista Pan aka NoMan Pan

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