Lil Annie’s Surface Piercing

Click through for a second picture of xlilXAnniex (mySpace)…

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54 thoughts on “Lil Annie’s Surface Piercing

  1. I really liked her hair until I realized how long the back part is. Also, why does it have a link to her myspace page?
    I hope those piercings work out for her :)

  2. i as well have been wondering if there were pics of this girl with out them being photoshopped with things covering the nipples on her iam page. heh. she is gorgeous

  3. It looks more like a nipple piercing ripped/rejected out (‘cheese wire’ effect) to me.
    Very pretty though.

  4. im not impressed. bad tracks. navel piercing too shallow and rejecting surface piercings.
    was this suposed to be posted as a risk?

  5. jeez, kaitlin, who died and made you princess of modblog?

    your shit is just as nasty as hers, just because you fuck piercers doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of being here.

    anyways, she’s got better tits than you do.

  6. i hope her nipple is like that naturally, cos then i wont be the only person with weird halved nipples! both of mine are like that tho, not just the one

    while im agreeing the hair could be better and the navel’s not looking so hot, i still think shes cute as fuck and im hella jealous of perfect boobs!

  7. Perfect tummy.

    Actually, lot’s of perfect bits.

    And yay for not having those gross white fingernails that everyone wears.

  8. ? very long navel jewelry or too shallow piercing, the surface don’t look all that great either

  9. I love the piercings very cool, not mention you are incredibly hot I saw this picture and immediatly had to jerk off and i came hard baby haha

  10. mmm, even though its nice to see you topless idk i feel bad lmao. but anywho your really pretty. and your hair is such a turn on :]

  11. what the fuck is with her hair?
    why would suck a beautiful girl make her self look like she lost a bet to a vindictive hair stylist?

    everything else is amazing.. but damn that hair….
    if i saw her at a bar i’d prob laugh and point instead of saying hi

  12. This pic is so great! Everything about it turns me on! Great pic of a very gorgeous woman! Thanks for sharing!

  13. bad piercings, all of them. But like much of the internet, if you put a couple of boobs in the picture everybody goes wild

  14. so not a fan of the mullet but she HAS got a pretty face.
    it’s cool that hipbone surface piercings have become somewhat trendy now…

  15. Not digging the techno-mullet at all, but she’s hot anyways.

    And Dookie, it’s textbook definition of a mullet:

    Short in front + long in back = mullet, pure and simple. A frost job and some irregularly cut parts does not a mullet negate :-)

  16. I may be straight. and I may be taken.

    but that is just damn hotness. haha. She is finely built. that’s what every woman’s body should be like. HEALTHY weight, strong, built body. Obviously not most women… but its way better than stick figures!

  17. nd i dont think she has a mullet. Mullets are short in front AND sides and the back is much longer and straighter. She’s got quite a bit of length all around. She’s got a rockstar ‘do!

  18. “She is finely built. that’s what every woman’s body should be like. HEALTHY weight, strong, built body. Obviously not most women… but its way better than stick figures!”

    fortunately for us, no two women are shaped the same. fucking moron.

  19. drkevorkian, you say she has a nice strong/built body? all i see is bones popping out, no definition. hahahah

  20. She might be showing a little bones. But she’s hot.. Come to my house for the weekend. I’d love to spend time with her..

  21. This is an example of good photography the model has perfect contrast with the background as well as the lighting. The only thing she needs is more piercings.

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