29 thoughts on “Arm-Overlapping Heart Tattoo

  1. #7 – Aaah! I’ve been working on an “All is full of love” tattoo for the last month or so!
    **This is just beautiful… Id love to see what the hearts look like on the individual arms where they ‘stop’…. do they cutoff, fade, or continue on? Its in an interesting place as when they stand normally it will appear to be upside down.

  2. cool idea, really well executed too.

    I’d love to see the inside of the arms too, to see if the other heart is fully there or what.

    Happy healing, it’s gonna look great even in 5 years with those hot solid outlines.

  3. I live temporarley in Latvia and need to know where that shop is in Riga. I am desperate for some new ink, Who tells me will get a nice hug from me 😛

  4. Im not sure it says bjork..
    i agree with #4, its like a venn diagram. Its probably one of those where you fill in your name, but are waiting for the other half.

  5. Is this the guy that mailed Bjork a bomb before shooting himself? Yea, type in ‘Bjork stalker’ into google.

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