No cookies please, I prefer needles


Here is Josh, who was roped in to play Santa at the staff Christmas Party.

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78 thoughts on “No cookies please, I prefer needles

  1. Im so glad to see the old modblog back! well close to being back!! I love the modded Santa! so awesome! I wish More santas had piercings and stretched lobes.

  2. Thank you so much, Roo and Shannon, for the update!

    I must say, if any mall Santas mom and dad took me to see looked like that, they would have flipped.

  3. Yay! Modblog has been updated!
    And there was much rejoicing.
    Now I wonder: why is it all the pictures I took with Santa over the years didn’t include any of the spiffy body mods Santa has here?
    Care to take a new picture with me Santa?

  4. :) This is good to see… thank you :) *hugs all around*

    That is probably the coolest santa I’ve ever seen btw

  5. I really hope things do go back to the way they were. This whole thing seemed very unnecessary. Good luck getting things back and running, I’m sure it’ll all work out!

  6. Got to be the only time my first thought was “fucking eh.”
    And that is definitely the best Santa ever.

  7. About time!

    Life is good again once more. Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a great New Year when it comes..

  8. Now why do I get this feeling that Santa is looking at me as if to say I’m on the naughty boys list…? Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    Good to see y’all back again, though!!

  9. Ashbat, I really think that is a 9:30 club shirt, Va native been around there a few times. I would so take my three year old to sit on his lap :)

  10. Yay for an update….nice modded Santa, I wish there were more modded Santas.

    My ex-husband used to be one of the local mall Easter Bunnies(he doesn’t have any body mods though), but one of the other guys who was a mall Easter Bunny was heavily tattooed and had a few piercings. We always wondered if the parents would still bring their kids to see the Easter Bunny if they knew what the Easter Bunny guys looked like when they were not dressed like a bunny.

  11. wow. glad to see modblog back, and that i could be a part of it. thanks for all the kind words. looks like i should consider a new side job around the holidays.

    the shirt is indeed from 9:30. i work there. the picture came from a photo shoot we did for our christmas card.

    you can see more pictures from the photo shoot on my myspace blog here. i wrote a “night before christmas” poem about santa getting drunk at the club using the pictures to illustrate.

  12. I second Shiza – I’d love modded Christmas cards to freak out the rellies. :)

    Also: HOORAY ROO! You hero! And it’s so good to be back! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end, and things can get back to normal soon. :)

  13. I printed this out and put it on the fridge for some holiday cheer in the kitchen. My grandpa thinks it’s awesome.

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