Samantha’s Lucky Cat

Roo tells me that people were complaining that from time to time I’d post entries that were gratuitous (and that he’d done the same). I was thinking, half the time I read comments, and it’s pretty clear that no one bothered reading the surrounding text anyway, so I figure a solid chunk of viewers are here mostly for the nipples anyway… For them, Samantha shares this alluring photo of her Maneki Neko tattoo, which brings her permanent good luck.


25 thoughts on “Samantha’s Lucky Cat

  1. I’m not against a nice nipple any day, but I have to say I LOVE the lucky cat. I’m inspired. Now I just need to be rich, and at this time of year. 😛

  2. that is sooo gorgeous … she’s beautiful =)
    good to see modblog’s been updated !!! ive missed it so!

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