HELL 666


Brian in the Netherlands got his toes cut up by the girls from Dare2wear in Amsterdam, with Julia cutting the 666, and Sharon cutting the HELL… Both of them were cut simultaneously, which he describes as a “different” feeling! (Cut him some slack, it’s not as if English is his first language). Julia also did the goat-head cutting on his shin, and Ilya did the spider skin-peelings at Lab360 in Amsterdam.



Brian is also a performer, and recently did this suspension show in Maastricht, The Netherlands, assisted by Raoul and Beto… The facial hooks — my favorite part — were inspired by the movie Hellraiser (and remind me of Casshan‘s shows).



8 thoughts on “HELL 666

  1. Hey, I was just walking by Dare2Wear the other day! Those folks do some awesome work. That goat’s head and spiders look great too. I’m really happy to see scarification and skin removal (along with implants) as one of the more popular forms of new modification, and excited to see where it goes in the next handful of yeras (and beyond!)

  2. I’d just like to point out that the Spider peelings are the logo of a now broken up band named Cold.

    Very good band they were.

  3. I know you didn’t mention it, but I noticed the scarification piece on his ankle (the web). I’m interested in scarification on my limbs but have read in the past that anything not on the face/torso tends to heal/fade so remarkably they almost can’t be seen. Is it a cut piece (as opposed to branding) and is it possible to find out it’s age? Has he treated it in any way that’d be considered /very/ unusual to keep it as dark as it is?

  4. haha i love that suspension/pull
    his face looks awesome
    but damn is he skinny
    looks like my boyfriends stomach haha

  5. The web on my ankle is a branding and it was done on the first of March 2007. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary with it, I just kept it open and clean as long as possible.
    All of my scars turn dark after a while, the spiders are also turning into the same color as the web.


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