Dr. Bitch’s Wattle Piercings

Dr. Bitch is showing off his pink-ribbon bound “triple bilateral watticular rings” at the 2007 Folsom Street Fair. The wattle piercings were done by TJ Burleigh at Arts of Flesh, and his nipple piercings (with delrin flare end tubes) were done in ceremony at the BLW retreat by the late Sharon Nickle (who you may have seen touring as The Impervious Aziza). A closeup photo follows after the break.



5 thoughts on “Dr. Bitch’s Wattle Piercings

  1. FYI, it’s the FolsoM Street Fair. And its for sure a must see for anyone who’s in San Francisco around that time of year. Wayyyyy too much fun.

  2. I have a set of those fabulous talons-the man that makes them also makes custom fitted fingertip knives of a similar design. Folsom is definitely my favorite weekend of the year.

  3. Wow. Never seen anything like that before.

    It’s gotta feel weird when he lowers his head to his chest.. maybe the piercings are there just to give him good postured. XD

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