Dance and Body Modification

Anna’s passions include dance and body modifications — which I see as being very similar passions in a lot of ways — and her friend Anna Powalowska documented that in a recent photo shoot. The corset (done only for these pictures) was done by Pawel at Black Star Studio in Warsaw, Poland. Her tattoo was done by her boyfriend Karol who also tattoos at Black Star.



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29 thoughts on “Dance and Body Modification

  1. I love this post because my biggest passion is dance and I often find myself not getting certain piercings or tattoos because of dance (even though I do have my lip in addition to 12 other piercings that are hideable with dance). In ballet especially, ballerinas are supposed to emulate an air of purity, which is hard to portray with tattoos. Certain tattoo placements can also be considered very distracting during a performance. It’s sad and I wish that would change because I would love nothing more than to get a tattoo of Les Claypool on my upper arm, but that wouldn’t fly in the dance world.

  2. “Anna’s passions include dance and body modifications — which I see as being very similar passions in a lot of ways —”

    Explain, Shannon. Interesting concept. . .I too am a long time dancer/modded person and I’d like to hear your idea on it

  3. H.M. i think a big part of it is that dance and body modification both involve manipulation of the body, but i could be way off

    and to state the obvious, these photos are beautiful

  4. i wish i had more to say than ‘those are gorgeous images’ but i can’t think of any other way to word it- just beautiful.

  5. To perform ballet, especially when that means being “on point” is to determine that you will manipulate your body for what is a higher purpose for you. At least that’s my take on it. Absolutely lovely shots.

  6. i’m still doing my dance training, applying to university to do dance at the moment. But its really hard when dancers have to be seen as “pure” and cant modify themselves as they wish. i will get some tattoos, but i know i may get turned away from some opportunities because companies have certain images of how they like their dancers. And she looks bloody beautiful, especially with that corset piercing :) xx

  7. So beautiful. I’ve always loved seeing people on pointe…I wish I could dance. And I love corset piercings. Rawr!

  8. My dance teachers always freaked cuz I didn’t want to take out whatever I had in my ears to stretch them (paper clips, bits of cotton swabs, whatever) And all the little kids were always OMG I CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR EAR EWWW!

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