A couple of modern Aztecs

The Worst and Tadd… I love modern lip plates.


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30 thoughts on “A couple of modern Aztecs

  1. I have a hard time supporting modifications that negate function, unless it’s for a purpose (like chastity piercings)

  2. How does a lip plate change the way you live? Can you talk normally? Eat normally? Do you have to take it out? I’ve never seen one in person, and my curiosity overwhelms me.

  3. I agree with #3, but I love the way big labrets can be flipped up and down. Same thing with septums, but big labrets make such a difference in appearence.

  4. I have a large labret (24mm now) and it does cause trouble with a variety of functions including whistling, drinking from certain cups, kissing and anything else that requires a soft, flexible bottom lip.

  5. iam: snackninja did an interview with a few people with biggish lip plates and I remember it was quite interesting. It’s worth taking a look.

  6. When I was tinylittle I had a stack of discarded National Geographics that I would just repeatedly flip through and look at all the pictures. My absolute favorite (and I wish it could be easy to track down the exact issue but I don’t even know the year) was one with a series of images of an African tribe with all of the usual pierced and stretched things, but the most fascinating to me was the lip-plating. I honestly thought that the ones with huge hanging plates ate their food by putting it on the plate and tipping it into their mouths. (Isn’t that cute?) I couldn’t understand most of the words in the articles, and so likewise couldn’t understand how the plates (or any of the other large things) came to be there. It didn’t occur to me that they were stretched over time, and I was really jealous they could do that to themselves. It seemed like a superpower or something.

    Oops. Ramble. :\

  7. where can i get those ear-weights??!!!!!
    i just realised how much i love them!!!
    honestly, i need to know

  8. Wow, are those two guys descends of the Colhua-Mexica? Or are you just calling them modern Aztecs because of their ear weights?

    Kinda like calling any one with stretched lobes a modern Maasai. Or anyone ripping off a moko kanohi a modern Maori.

    Tell me you love my staunch views of cultural appropriation! YOU LOVE IT!

  9. Boy, that nose on the painting looks like Mayan, rather than Aztec, to me. But how would I know? I only lived in the Mayan area of Mexico for about a year.

  10. I watched a Discovery channel special on a Tribe with lip plates and they said it caused lots of problems .. and some of the women of that group were opting not to get them .. because it caused major damage and eventually loss of there front lower teeth..Im curious if the guy has had any dental issues … that being said its a lovely photo

  11. I think labrets look awesome stretched.
    Not for me though, I have my lobes at 34mm.
    And I plan to go to 40mm :)
    Cool pic though

  12. Modfan, i was also thinking that it looked more Mayan than Aztec, but that’s only 3 years(off and on) of Mayan studies, so what would i know? :P

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