20 thoughts on “A family effort

  1. I dunno, man… it’s cute, but definitely not for me. I certainly wouldn’t condemn somebody for having their child’s artwork tattooed on them, but I wouldn’t do it myself either.

  2. Those sweet years are gone so fast, this is a perfect way to always have a piece of your little girl. I always love these.

  3. So cute! I think it looks pretty nice as well. In my opinion a tattoo of your child’s drawing is something really personal, only the person getting it can really feel its value.

  4. That is just so cute! I’ve seen it done before and have already decided that my left upper arm is reserved for a tattoo of my son’s first ‘proper’ drawing (he’s two and a half so still in the scribbling stage). 😀 Bob’s daughter is quite the artist herself!

  5. That’ll shut up a naysayer right quick.
    “Who drew that, your eight-year-old kid?”
    “She’s six.”

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