10 thoughts on “Traditional “Play” Piercing

  1. Medicine Men Go Wild had an hour special on Thaipusam last week. The docs did an experiment, one did the week long preparation for the piercings in order to stop the pain the other did nothing. Both said they were in similar agony during the forced tongue and cheek piercings showing that preparation achieved nothing. Damn funny to watch. However Xand claimed not to feel much pain when a suspension hook was pushed through his back and tugged on.

    Great viewing though not particularly academic.

  2. First impression: Man that guy is wearing a funny coat and hat and then came the “oh it’s a play piercing ritual”

  3. My mom actually went to Thaipusam last year and I’m jealous, most of the pictures are on my memory card. It’s definitely spiritual ritual, the most amazing part is the incredible lack of sterilization.

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