Bitter Sweet Mammaries

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you about Lane‘s leg implant gone awry. I do? Ok.. 123.

Well, here’s some video of the initial procedure by Brian (camera – Tayla Johnston). Get those lighters out and hold them high!

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I’m also sure Lane won’t mind me saying that for the short while they were together their relationship was bumpy, the important thing is they parted company amicably and the time they did share was DDelightful.

Finally, although the couple met through Brian he had nothing to do with the break-up and was the perfect gentleman throughout.

32 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet Mammaries

  1. I Really have to Say that I am sad that he had to take them out…that not only was fitting for the Place but Funny. Well Lane Sorry man…it was good while it lasted!

  2. hah, ive been hoping for the longest time to get pics of the procedure, but a video? thats just amazing.

  3. ooooucchh… You have such a high pain tolerance!! The first couple of times with the trying to squeeze it in and then taking it out, and cutting more…:shiver:

  4. I’m not familiar with implants, but it seems to me an awful lot of pressure was needed to get those DD’s in. Wouldn’t the rejection and infection be more likely to happen due to the abuse the tissue got?

  5. The artist had certain difficulties introducing that implant,
    may be it had something to do with its subsequent rejection…

    anyway, i think it was great while it lasted.

  6. Has anyone ever seen recordings of actual breast implants being put in? Brutal. Not exactly gentle with any sort of plastic surgery. Ugh, my leg AND chest hurts.

  7. Well, skins stretchy and silicoon’s squashy, not really surprising that Brian had to manipulate the skin so much. I’m thinking they probably didn’t cut the entry ‘hole’ for the implants bigger to keep the injury size down.

  8. Wow, that sure took a long time just to make everything fit inside there. I’m glad I saw a video, pictures wouldnt do the whole internet phenomenon justice.

  9. Oh the puns.

    I think it speaks for my experience as a BME reader that I managed to stomach mac’n’cheese through that entire video. Brought back memories of some very painful nights with a very well-endowed boyfriend or two in the past.

  10. ahahah jesus roo you crack me up
    is it just me or do leg/calf implants
    all seem to go terribly awry?

  11. I still think it’s severely awesome and entirely appropriate that Simon Bisley’s artwork from Fistful of Blood is the tattoo that got the notorious breast implants. Alien Zombie Vampire Western Comix FTW.

  12. Wow. I’d already read the follow-up to Lane’s implant, but damn that implant process looked painful.

  13. wow! that was awesome to watch! i’ve seen alot of pics of implant work, but never a video…that was really interesting…shame it didn’t last…do calves have a higher rejection rate given all the movement and the tightness of the area? i don’t know much about implants.

  14. They did gain world wide attention, and I do wish I could find a way to keep them. Maybe one day in the near future Brian and I will find a way to make it work.

  15. i knew some force was used but i was really suprised at just how much shoving and pressure (im not saying ‘brute’ force tho)was needed, it makes sense but i just never thought about it i guess.

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