All Seeing Eye

This stunning red and black dotwork tattoo was done by Dan DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo in Liege, Belgium — the red really puts it over the top.


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47 thoughts on “All Seeing Eye

  1. Oh wow this is stunning! The dot work really works beautifully.. It has such great detail, and the red flower!! My god. I love this.

  2. It’s so, so well done, the dotwork, the detail, it’s just amazing. Shame about the crap design.

  3. god, that’s unreal.

    call me a n00b if you will, but is dotwork done exclusively by hand-poking, or is it sometimes done (or even doable) by tattoo machine?

  4. Very close to the Hells Angels “Death Head” skull design. Looks amazing, I just hope it doesn’t get him in trouble with the police misreading it. Dan’s work is some of my favorite to look at. He has always consistently put out great work no matter what he does.

  5. I would love to get something done by Dan DiMattia, but I almost don’t feel worthy enough. Simply stunning. I can’t wait to see his work in person at the NYC Tattoo Convention in May.

  6. Wow, that’s gorgeous. The design dotwork really makes it pop. I love the red, it’s a nice contrast.

  7. Anyone know if there are any good Dotwork artists in Canada? I see all the fucking gorgeous dotwork pieces all being done in Europe and it makes me jealous. Please if anyone can point me to some Canadians that’d be nice.

  8. bobby blue why dont u just come to europe! lol, and i agree, a bloody good piece, bet hes proud :)

  9. Thanks, Shannon, for posting Dan’s work and to all of you for the comments. They are greatly appreciated as always.

    The tattoo is all done by machine.

    And Becky is right — the tattoo is on fellow tattooist DC Wallin who works at Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn, where Dan is a regular guest artist. We’ll be back there in May after the NYC Convention.

    Then the next convention is the Tattoo Jam in North Wales in August. We’re slowing down the travel this year.

    the wife ;)

  10. I love red and black work.
    it always looks so simple and elegant, but still really tough and bright.
    I wish my red/black work arm was big enough for somethn freakin’ sweet like this. . . Or that I had any space left!

  11. This tat is simply incredible…but all seriousness aside, I’m seeing one hell of an awesome goatse going on here. hehe ;)

  12. does dot work take longer to do because of how meticulous it looks or is it quicker than a standard tattoo bbecause its just dots and no long strait lines?? very stunning piece.

  13. i reckon it’d take longer,shading would a lot longer,so many dots,looks great,ive never seen one in real life :(
    great piece…

  14. Wow. That’s really stunning dotwork. The red really does make it stand out wonderfully.

  15. holy crap – that is one of the best tattoos I’ve seen here for a long long time.

    I could stare at that chestpiece for hours … and I think I just may do that right now

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