29 thoughts on “Branded Facial Tears

  1. Hmm… I don´t really get this. I wonder what the answer to the question “how did that happened” (which I assume is something the person will hear for the rest of his life) be?

  2. I’m not so much a fan, because to me it looks too much like a real injury…and I just don’t understand why someone would go for that look on purpose… I know clearly that other don’t agree with me, and that’s ok too. (And I know that several posts down their was an article about why someone amputated their hand, I’m still not a fan though)

  3. I feel ya, Greta. Too much like a real injury for my likes. If you’re really all about it, you should’ve had someone slash you in the face.

  4. I feel ya, Greta. Too much like a real injury for my likes. If you’re really all about it, you should’ve had someone slash you in the face.

  5. I think the reason I’m drawn to it is how WELL it imitates an injury. Very interesting to see the “just done” picture because it shows me how they got such a realistic result.
    I think one of the best parts of it (or at least most humorous) would be getting to create a hundred and one answers to “how’d you get that?…”

  6. i really love this because it looks like a real injury, more so than any other facial scar i have seen. it came out very nice

  7. I LOVE this. It really reminds me of the duelling scars / rennommierschmiss. Fantastic.

    I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting something similar myself, and I also wonder how I would answer questions about it.

    I would love it if this gentleman would let us know how he responds to such questions.

  8. healed great, i guess people would get a scar or mod that looks like an ‘accident’ just so its more accepted, so you don’t get the omg whys or whatever, but hey, less facial stubble area to deal with, totally dig 😀

  9. Dave,who has the branding ,has been doing martial arts since he was nine,he was a cage fighter and was a dutch champion.He came to me because ,he had never been scarred in the ring,if you met him you’d now why!!
    most of his friends had battle scars ,he was too good to get them,so he wanted visible facial scars,he loves the look of them,and the fact that they look fairly natural
    all i can say is luckly he was happy with the results!!!for me

  10. I love the story kalima! I think this is why every should quit saying “I don’t understand why he would want it to look like a real injury”, everyone has their reasons. I loved the look before, whether or not I understood “why”, but with the story- it just makes it that much more awesome looking.

  11. When people ask him how it happened, I wonder if he tells the truth, or maybe he got it for another reason, and will make up a story.

  12. Looks like he’s from a movie,and jst aced a bunched of thugs/aliens/robots…but they got him,with them dual claws that thugs have…
    sept his glasses are somewhat lacking in the “cool” dept.

  13. This just seems crazy to me.

    I have a surgical scar on my cheek, and I want it minimized!

    Maybe I should just get a matching one on my other cheek.

  14. I very much understand the reasons for getting a mod like this- perhaps not his reasons exactly- but I’d get one too and I know why I’D want one. 🙂

    1. Scars are sexy.
    2. They’re also badass.
    3. Scars can be powerfully symbolic- maybe his means something to him?

    Just my two cents. I love this piece- the realism achieved is amazing. I hope we get to see pictures of it when it’s a few years old!

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