Worm: Property of Mistress Leah

If you continue reading after the break there are two more photos, and they’re absolutely heart-warming and charming. And no, that’s not typical “oh my god I can’t believe you made me click that” trickery on my part — I really mean it.




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74 thoughts on “Worm: Property of Mistress Leah

  1. Can you imagine innocently logging onto modblog and seeing your parents or grandparents in these photos? Oh man :P
    They’re cute though…

  2. Those are totally cute!

    I have to say I don’t get the worm thing at all though. I’d much rather someone submitting to me be something like, if we’re going with animal stereotypes, a dog — loyal, smart, regal, knowing hir place in the hierarchy.

    Not to in any way say what they should do, see themselves, or get off on. I just never got that. I want a noble creature, not a demeaned one. :)

  3. That is absolutely lovely. I like the “glamour shot” thing that’s going on here. I hope they got these done at a photog studio, or at Wal-Mart or some shit :)

  4. Oh my god! That’s cruel to worms!!! (etc, etc…)

    She looks an awful lot like one of my famous (in the sense of Academia, at least) tutors. I new there was something about you Dr P!

  5. I love these, and uh guys? I don’t think she was going for “cute”. Srsly nothing cute about getting your ass beat like that!

    I bet they have some hot play.

  6. Awe, it’s so beautiful. I’m glad they can have a s/M relationship even with such a wide age difference.
    Or maybe that is the point.
    LOOK AT THOSE FLOG MARKS! Ow, even my seasoned ass is twitching a little.

  7. These pictures make me feel uncomfortable.. in that catching my grandparents nekkid kind of way… You know your laughing but at the same time your going OMG in your head.

  8. Love this. age play, role play, BDSM and a healthy dose of attitude. what more can you ask for, except “Please mistress may I have another!”

  9. dude i go to fetish clubs with my parents all the time. they are a lovely couple and at that point they cease to be my parents and are just my friends that happen to be there. people often comment how much therapy i’m gonna need when i’m older but i just don’t understand. they have a beautiful relationship [going strong for 27 years, they met when my mum was 16] and neither me being there, or them being there bothers either of us.
    and kudos on the flog marks, they’re very impressive.

  10. @ no.5 – laura:

    which one of the both?

    just to make sure… ’cause on modblog, you just never know! hehe

    i also really like the pics btw… very cute couple indeed!

  11. Nice pictures.. but i would have chosen the ‘library of books” backdrop rather than the grey one they did.. i wonder if they did go to sears to get these done

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  13. Age is not a problem when you’re a female dominant. Male subs outnumber dommes a thousand to one – no exaggeration. If you’re a domme, no matter how old/otherwise traditionally unattractive you may be, you’ll have your pick of the subs.

  14. This is just simply adorable. it’s just so wonderful watching BDSM-couples, and especially of this sort. it’s gorgeous, and i’m just smiling manically and almost tearing up.

  15. Grandma??? IS THAT YOU!!??

    I have to agree that they’re very cute. ^^
    It’s always adorable if someone shows off his dedication via a mod.

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  17. that is actually heart-warming, she looks like the nice lady next-door who tells you “good morning” when you step out to get the Sunday paper.

  18. Where to start… i am the worm in the pictures. Mistress Leah is 10 years older than i. We are mid to late fifties.
    Grandma? Oh i guess. People can be grandparents at a very young age. We never had children, so that is moot as no family to be horrified. A worm is a slithering creature that lives in dirt and mud and shit. Thus the name. i like the name. Finally, we have been together a long time and this is what we both enjoy. Yes, i do like to be humiliated. Thus being called a worm is appropriate for our D/s

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