Patrick from Denmark

One of my perennial favorite modified people is Patrick from Denmark (featured previously), and I’ve greatly enjoyed watching his visage evolve as it improves and becomes more distinguished and defined with every iteration. Most recently he’s had a gorgeous set of biomechanical sideburns added (his body already has a large number of tattoos in this theme) and cheek cuttings.


37 thoughts on “Patrick from Denmark

  1. hmmm, are the eyebrow microdermals/cheek/bridge rejecting? and why is his upper ear so red? and is it just me, or is all that weight on his ear pulling it away from his head at an…interesting…angle?

  2. i have no idea but my first reaction was:
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww, doesnt he look really cute?
    you just want to give him cuddles!
    i love the facial tattooes

  3. MarcoPolo – The redness may be my fault from the processing. These pictures are filed in the facial tattoo galleries, so when they get posted tomorrow you’ll be able to see the originals.

  4. hes gorgeous. but he looks all sore. i want to cuddle him and then cunningly dunk him in salt water. ive spent 3 months healing my conch and its still sore as hell, i dread to think how sore sleeping must be. but it looks amazing (i’m NOT having a go or anything, just sympathising with how sore piercings are when they are healing).

  5. so is everyone like forgetting transdermals ever even existed?

    anyway, I think this guy looks amazing! I’m quite looking forward to see whats next 😛

  6. lol at 9. thats exactly what i was thinking. couldn’t beleive no one had answered that question yet.

    someone asked me the other day if i had “dermals” haha wtf!

  7. ive seen the 3 cuttings on peoples cheeks on here before, like is there a significance to that (more cultural based) or anything on that, or maybe i m just tired and making things up, just think i have seen that a few times on here.

  8. Has he reshaped the end of his nose or something? it looks like bits have been sliced off…

    Apart from that painful looking ear, its pretty tastefully done for the amount of mods he has.

  9. Overall, this look is really nice on him, and I’m pretty sure most people couldn’t pull it off.

    Legacy- it looks like he used to have one of those tip-of-the-nose piercings (“rhino” piercings).

  10. he looks to me like one of those people that if he got rid of all his mods one day he would seem as if something was missing.
    he wouldn’t be quite as stunning.

  11. is there something wrong with the tip of his nose? it looks like it is indented in 2 places and very red!

    but he is defiantly one of the most gorgeous people i have seen in a very long time!

  12. number eighteen I couldn’t have said it better without quoting you “he looks like a [fucking beautiful] work of art”


  13. I’m with #26. If I was him I would’ve spent a wad of cash on electrolysis before doing anything else. Has any info been gathered on electrolysis of hair growing out of already-inked skin?

    Or LHR, for that matter, is anything known about how laser energy is absorbed by various inks vs. various hair-color follicles vs. various skin tones?

    Writing that one sentence felt weird because I have difficulty thinking of “electrolysis” in any sense except
    H2O –> H2 + 0.5O
    and the like.

  14. i’m usually not a huge fan of the zillion facial piercings look, but he’s done it in a really nice way. aesthetic. also, you know…he’s pretty gorgeous.

  15. 31- yeah, same here, he’s done it very tastefully and in fact, he looks adorable and I just want to squeeze him 😀 Awesome mods.

  16. ok there is wayy too much metal in his face lol. how could u be close with someone like that? i mean physically btw… u could hardly kiss!

  17. hello patrick… you remember me… i am sushi, the student for Lukas Zpira… i look you in Copenhague for you’re transdermal and scarification… kiss and beautifull day!!!

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