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  1. awww i wish my dwarf hamster was skinnier so he could do that with me, stupid fat hamster (hes always getting stuck in the little hamster tubes) ><

  2. It’s so cute… yet now whenever I see a hamster I remember my friend’s who lived so long it became balding and blind with eyes that glowed slightly green in dim lighting. Terrifying little monster that was.

  3. I was about to say that I really want a hamster of my own just like the one in the pic, but then I read ‘Z’s comment, and remembered that I actually dislike rodents, even though they can be cute sometimes…

  4. *squee’s oh so girlishly* that is adorable, I inherited my brothers dwarf grey hammy and he was always trying to fit through my lobes but he was fat.too many peanuts and rasins. he used to try and pull my piercings out out, a discerning chap.

    here, did anyone see the baby chick in some guys lobes last year?

  5. Ok… I love animals a lot, and this is very far from cute. How is it cute to have a hamster in obvious distress and uncomfort stuck through someone’s ear?! Really!?! I say think again.

  6. Admittedly I don’t know much about hamsters, but do you really feel confident in saying that this one is in “obvious distress and uncomfort” from this little photo?

  7. The hamster doesn’t look like it’s in distress, really… I’m sure it would like to have some ground to put its feet on, but other than that it looks fine.

    I’d be afraid of the hamster nibbling on my lobes… they’ll gnaw on anything hard, including jewelry. Owwwww.

    Cute, though. Is that a Roborovski?

  8. Shannon,

    I doubt the poor hamster’s in agonizing pain, but he does seem in distress, look at his facial expression. Ht looks really uncomfortable, and I’m sure ht is, especially since he doesn’t know what the hell is going on… you can’t just say, “Come on hammie, I’ll stick you through ym ear and take a picture, don’t be scared ok?!” This is just irresponisble, not funny or cute even though I’m sure the hamster is OK after this incident.

  9. Like I said, I’ve never owned a hamster and I don’t really think that picture is clear enough to read a facial expression… I had a pet rat when I was a kid, and I know it loved climbing all over me though and I can certainly imagine it doing these acrobatics with glee.

  10. MoonChild–get a life. come on. ive had hamsters for years and that is NOT “obvious distress”. its a damn picture. like you have never just picked up your cat when it didnt want you to, or picked up your hamster when it maybe didnt want you to. whatever. cute picture!

  11. It’s Daniel! Hah, awesome times buddy! And Moonchild, I have been told the hamster actually signed a consent form before venturing through Dan’s plug. Don’t worry, he is a stunt hamster, with years of training under his belt, both in narrow squeeze acrobatics AND balancing on a very thin wire. It’s those chickens, cows and pigs we should worry about – no consent or training years involved there..

  12. Serenity, I worry about them too, trust me. I know it could be a lot worse, I just don’t see why this is being labeled cute and glorified, that’s all.

    I don’t think anyone would say it’s so cute if it were a kitten or a puppy hanging from a larger tunnel.

  13. Ah so cute, I love it! It doesn’t like like it’s distressed, a bit uncomfortable maybe but I’m constantly making my dogs uncomfortable by harassing them with hugs and kisses. They hate it but I love them =]

  14. Honestly, the hamster doesn’t look too distressed to me. I’ve had hamsters for almost 20 years now, and I have seen those lil buggers do some crazy shit, and survive things and escape from cages in ways I never thought possible! A standard golden hamster can squeeze through a space the size of a quarter – a dwarf hamster is much smaller, and it doesn’t look squished at all in the pic, more like it’s just trying to find a foothold. Ever see hamsters climb a cage? Mine have, ever since I got my first one, and it seems to be a bizarre form of entertainment, to climb up until they’re hanging from the very top bars of the cage ‘ceiling’, and then letting go, paw by paw, until they’re dangling by one limb, before they go *kerplunk*. Then they do it all over again. A hamster will also walk straight off the edge of a table if you aren’t careful; I can’t recall the term but they have no real fear or perception of heights.

    I also had a couple of ‘shoulder’ rats when I was younger; I wore hoop earrings on purpose, because they loved to use them for resting and playing when they were riding around on my shoulders. Do not underestimate the durability of the mighty mite, the amazing rodent :p

  15. Moonchild- did you ever think that he is a BDSM hamster? maybe he likes being like that!!!!!!!!! god!!!!!! we do suspensions all the time but when a hamster does it its wrooooong! what ever happened to equal rights!!!

    i think this is so cute! they both look like they are having a good time and i think he really loves his Hammy!

  16. Quietly Seething, See now that’s a reasonable answer and I can relate to that, thanks for shring! I’m just sick of posts (anyweher) of any animal being abused in any form, and having peopel go “Ohhh wow, that’s so cute!” forgetting that it may have been a bad experience for thr animal envolved, and not even bothering to question it before commenting.

  17. my bf has a roborovski hamster, they’re pretty hardy little things despite not looking it, and that one doesn’t look particularly bothered by the situation

    i mean in the hamsters mind, its not thinking “OMFG EW I’m in an earlobe” its thinking “ooo, something to climb through”.

    and someone has there hand there for it to climb onto after the pics been taken, and to catch it if it should fall

    its fur is shiny, its a good size/weight, its a healthy hamster that has been well looked after. If the hamster was in distress, he wouldn’t have been able to get it to go in his ear in the first place.

    i think its a very cute pic ^_^

  18. MoonChild- That appears to be a dwarf hamster. My friend had dwarf hamsters that had to be kept in a tank because they kept sneaking between the bars of a metal cage. They can fit anywhere. Hamsters so this weird spine flattening thing to help them fit into tiny places and this kind of hamster is even smaller than other hamsters. I feel pretty confident saying this hamster is not distressed. They always have bug-eyes like that.

  19. lessthampi, you’re probably right… thanks! I don’t mind posts like yours, it makes sense, it’s only the senseless “OMG it’s cute!” posts I don’t like when I feel that the person never for a second stopped to think that maybe what is shown isn’t as exciting or cute for the animal photographed. Comments like “WTF it’s just a picture…” are ridiculos to me, because although it is just a picture it was a moment in time and it did really happen…

  20. MoodChild- I meen this in the nicest way possible….. you’ve proven your point so now you can just SHUT UP
    its over, its done, you cant undo the picture from happening, you’ve bitched about it enough, its OVER

  21. What’s all the fuss about? Mook looks like he’s used to doing this, and there’s a hand ready for him to get onto.

  22. That has just made my day. XD
    I’m sure the hamster is not in any trouble, I had one as a kid and he would freely climb through and/or fall off anything he could get his little paws on.

    The manic grin on the guy’s face is making me laugh more than should be normal for a human being. ^_^

  23. p.s. theres no need to harrass moonchild for being worried about an animal – yeah it turns out there is probably no harm being done to the lil’ guy, but still, if more people worried about animals the world would be a better place i’m sure.

  24. hello. this is the owner of said hamster in photo. just to clear a few things up the hamster in question is my pet and i treat it the best i can because it only has a small amount of time on this earth and if its a shit time then im the person to blame. i would never put mook into a situation that he or myself couldnt handle. dan the guy in the photo is a good friend and i trust him with my pet so i personally felt no problem with the photoshoot being set up. of course i had initial worries about what people might think of me doing that to my pet but now i realise the entire population of people that dont like what i did was someone called moonchild. moonchild if i could i would have given up my other hamster GOOK to go in the other ear so the picture was alot cooler.

  25. I like rodent pets too, but can’t have them around cuz I have snakes. ‘Nuff said.

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