47 thoughts on “Guess the anatomy

  1. wow, I guessed wrong.
    The click through captivated me for a while though.. pretty arrangement there.

  2. stretched inner labias? Whatever it is (haven’t clicked through yet) it could have done with being pixillated… my Dad was walking past and just said, “ooh… i didn’t need to see that…!” (Not that he will have known what he was looking at either haha)

  3. I think I was half right. My first thought wasn’t too far off. That must limit sex a lot though.

  4. I did think it was a dude, but didn’t expect the pericings to be attached there, I was thinking sack.
    If he had shaved, or at least less hairy thighs, I probably would have went chick.

  5. well i was kinda of right.still since i’m rather new in bodymod can anyne explain me the reason for guys doing this? i’m definetely not judging just wondering. is it just a tyoe of modification or there is a extra pleasure factor?

  6. I was half right.
    I got around the “make you think it’s labia trick” though, wasn’t expecting it to be foreskin though.

  7. As everyone else has commented, the leg-hair negated any notion that it could be labia. I was still kinda off though, I thought it was the head of a split dick.

  8. I actually was hoping for something non-genital. That would’ve really surprised me… But I thought Labia too (didn’t look real good at the hair etc…)

  9. I thought scrotum for sure- dont know too many women that fuzzy haha I wonder if he has sex with the rings left on?

  10. Is it a subincision, a bifurcation, or both?

    It looks like the head is completely split in two and is held together by the ring in the tip(s) – then there’s the subincision down the rest of the shaft.

    Either way, I had assumed it was an extreme scrotal modification. Whoops. These guessing games are fun, though.

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