26 thoughts on “The King Has A Dark Side

  1. Someone really needs to send this to the people at Burger King. I think it would take off as a new contest “WHATS REALLY UNDER THE ROYAL ROBE??”

  2. I was going to say– the facial hair is the first thing I noticed about that picture! DO WANT.

  3. Brian: she’s not wearing gloves… cause she’s filthy.
    And what’s up with my pants?

    p.s. I love you Tracie, and so does mom.

  4. pretty girl in a corset…hooks…hot mustache…all the componets for a great fucking picture

  5. Ahhh I love that girl, she’s so kickass, loving her growly face :3
    and if i was a guy i would SO have that tache!!!!!

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