49 thoughts on “My Tattoo Hates Your Tattoo

  1. How do we get in?
    Is it like Black Toe etc. or is there a real exclusiveness going on?
    Love it. I can barely count on one hand the amount of friends i’ve had who after 6 months out of contact, have met up for a party and brought their faux-tribal with them.

  2. i am so psyched this got modblogged.

    it’s exclusive as fuck. legit badges only availble through Alie!

  3. yes, it’s an exclusive club, official “badges” available through me, but… i could email the “official” design to legit tattooists……

  4. for a moment I thought that was a tribal version of the red eye of the crimson king.

  5. I like it and I do think tribal tattoos can be over rated but it still won’t make me change my mind on the tribal tattoo I have been working on for the last three years. As usual it is your body and your choice what you do with it.

  6. props, shadow, no hard feelings i hope? this is more of a poke at the muscle-milk urban tribal and the tribal armband with indians and Taz demographics.

  7. All I can think of is the Simpson’s episode where Sideshow Bob kidnaps Bart and Lisa in the blimp, and plans on destroying the TV station, and after making his plans known via television, he comes back on to say “oh and by the way, I’m aware of the irony involved in this situation, so don’t think you’re clever for pointing it out”

  8. I personally like “tribal” and am sick of people making fun of me for it. I think the style is powerful, bold and fits bodies well. Some people just hate it because of its name, but that is lame, people who tattoo it and collect it did not choose to call it that, that is just a name.

  9. I disagree, anne. I don’t think it’s the ‘name’ that propegates the negative stigma, but moreso for some the overuse of the style.

    For example, I have no problem with people with tribal tattoos. They’re just not for me. The name has nothing to do with it. For me, it’s because every drunkard, macho, orange tanned tough guy with a popped collar in this area seems to have one, and that, to me, is a turnoff. On the opposite side of the coin, I’m positive there are plenty of nice people out there who have tribal tattoos that suit them well. To each their own.

  10. For a group of people who so self-righteously preach acceptance and talk about how they shouldn’t be judged, this sure is an elitist thing.

    Maybe I should start calling out everyone I see with sparrow tattoos, or star tattoos, or vegan tattoos, or anything else that can be considered “played”

    And just because a person’s lifestyle (read: musclemilk, macho etc…) doesn’t so closely mimc the majority of skinny pale veganesque modbloggers, doesn’t make them a detriment to the tattooed community.

  11. I never said anything about anyone being detrimental to anything. There’s a BIG difference between opinionated and judging someone.

    J-knuckles, it’s interesting that you berate people for supposedly judging someone else, and at the same time lump others into a stereotype.

  12. I don’t mean to be lumping people into a stereotype. It is just very apparent that the most widely accepted version of beauty here happens to fall into those categories. And I’m by no means saying it’s not beautiful either.
    And yeah, I’ll admit I got a little butt-hurt about this considering I’ve always appreciated tribal tattoos for what they symbolize and how they can flow with a person’s body, including my own.

    I can take a joke just fine (and I’ve never thrown up arms in any post before, including extreme mods) but after so many times frankly it gets a little tiresome and eventually one can take things personally.

    And MaidenD, I wasn’t directing my post entirely at you whatsoever. Although I did reference it I was really speaking to any contributor. Apologies if you felt lashed upon.

  13. if anyone works at a tattoo shop, they get tiresome of the “tribal” demographic. it’s cool when done well on people that do it for the right reasons or whatever. like i said earlier, it’s a poke, a little jab. nothing more. if you want to make fun of me, go ahead and get a circle slash cellery tattoo, or a circle slash sugar skull tattoo. i really could care less. i hate how whiney, uptight and argumentative people can be on here. why can’t you all just say “haha, good one” instead of “i dont like the implications of the underlying judgemental theme of this overly stereotypical and prejudice use of degrading imagery.” get real.

    and for the record, the originator of this tattoo idea was my friend Kevin. he is the Fearless Leader of the CSTC.

  14. actually, dustin, i had been wanting to do that particular tattoo for a while – like the liger and the tramp stamp… kevin was man enough to help me start spreading the word… ;P
    well, and then you were hip enough to become the vice president! give credit where credit is due! hahahaha

  15. “why can’t you all just say “haha, good one” instead of “i dont like the implications of the underlying judgemental theme of this overly stereotypical and prejudice use of degrading imagery.” get real.”

    haha ilu

  16. i want to see a lower back tattoo of a chick with a lower back tattoo with a circle slash around it 🙂 oh yeah and a tattoo on my butt of a butt with a tattoo of a butt…lolz!!!…live it up, people…being ridiculous is fun, life is short.

  17. I believe everyone’s entitled to there own opinion, he’s entitled to have an “anti” “tribal” tattoo and people are entitled to have “tribal” tattoo’s. I personally Don’t call it tribal unless it actually originated from some sort of tribe. But a modern day spin off of various types of tribal designs is what I tend to think those kind of tattoo’s are. If he enjoys having a large ghost busters symbol around a spin off tribal design then bu golly wear it proud lad.

  18. I just noticed this was up on modblog after my room mate had showed me. I believe there are about 5 people who have it. I am getting mine done as soon as I possibly can. Oh yes. It’s going to be a lower back two. Double whammy.

  19. DUSTIN. IT IS IAN. I googled “no tribal” and your tat was the first thing that showed up in the image search. I am so immensely pleased about this.

    Also, Fuck the naysayers!

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