Piercing by John Blow in Brussels, Belgium, photo by Jefta.


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50 thoughts on ““Connection”

  1. This is the perfect example of why body modification is an art.

    And just to fit in, I’ll add that it is beautiful.

    Truly breathtaking!

  2. Dear Shannon and/or the people in the photograph – Could I have permission to get a high-res copy of this to make into a canvas print for my flat?

    It’s so beautiful.

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  4. guess this doesnt count as a no strings attached relationship haha all kidding aside though its very sweet !!

  5. i would frame this and hang it on my wall in a heartbeat. it’s a stunning photo, so emotional. it makes me glad to be part of the modification community, if only in a small way, because i’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of this and other rituals like it.

    the world needs more art like this, i think.

  6. This is so beautiful. I love the emotion in it. I would put this on my wall in a heartbeat.

  7. Thanks too all the good comments! I really like this picture too and special thanks too Roman & Anais in the picture and Jefta for comming out and taking the stunning pic. More soon!!!

  8. That is really beautiful. Unfortunately my partner’s reaction was ‘Argh!’, so no pretty corset piercings for us….

  9. This is just beautiful. I second Ratty, this would be amazing up on a wall in my house.

  10. I agree with the people wanting this on their wall. Shannon is there any chance we could get a high resolution version (with the models permission of course)

  11. I’m glad I participated in this corset project :D I just knew it would be great! I’m proud of (my) Indy, ha :P!

  12. This is one of the most beautiful photos you’ve ever posted. Seriously. Absolutely stunning. This 100% backs my belief that modifications are a thing of beauty.

  13. Man…Whoever has the rights to the publication of this photo is gonna basically need to give copies to everyone who sees it.

    It is, undoubtedly, beautiful. =]

    And I agree with #38.

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