“When Eras Collide”

Tessalina in Rhode Island made this awesome look herself — both her ears are DIY stretched (2ga), and the entire 1864 style outfit was sewed by her as well. I’m more impressed by the outfit I think! There’s another picture after the break.



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40 thoughts on ““When Eras Collide”

  1. I must say that I really appreciate this. I used to work on a living history farm where I had to dress like that every day while hiding my piercings under the skirt heh

  2. theres something really sexy about that dress, and the stretching :P
    very nice indeed

  3. Civil War reenactor? My boyfriend’s dad and one of his sisters do that kind of stuff…sis is a great seamstress and does costumes on commission as well as for herself.

  4. Gorgeous! It’s nice to see mods combined with historical clothing. It’s not something I see very often.

  5. while I am glad for comfort that ladies are no longer expected to dress in this fashion, it would be nice on occassion. I’m looking forward to being an old lady so I can square dance in a frilly skirt. It’s lovely. :)

  6. I wish (non winter) hats and gloves were still in everyday fashion for women. But it would probably get more stares than any body mods.

  7. 2ga? I do like that size (a friend of mine has similar and I have to admit I’m… tempted :))

  8. This is perfect for today:
    Happy “Purim” everyone! (”Purim”=the jewish halloween)

  9. there’s a picture of empress elizabeth of austria that this outfit really reminds me of. beautiful!

  10. man that female is scruptious…..and she can make a wonderful dress by hand?…shooooooo
    some dude/other person is going to be lucky to have her

  11. Yeah, being able to make a whole 19th century outfit is definitely more impressive than being able to stretch your ears to 8mm. The skirt is lovely!

  12. i got some old lady cameo earrings inset in my 1″ plugs. they would absolutely match that outfit. She looks so graceful in

  13. What a talented young woman! As a fellow seamstress, I must say I’m very impressed with her hard work. :)

  14. Beautiful! I do renaissance faires, so I’m used to seeing neat costumes, and granted this isn’t the say period I costume in..its still very well done!

  15. What a beautiful talinted young lady WOW! Thank you very much for showing the photos!

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