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  1. what a shitty quote on the first one. def. not funny!

    what a nice second picture….i wouldn’t mind to do some roughing 😉

  2. These pictures almost turned me straight again. O_O

    Nice peircings, ladies.

  3. I have no problem with that quote. I also have no problem having sex with a 14year old too (depending on the laws at the time and location)

  4. Wake up, turn on computer, check email, check bank account, check modblog, turn off computer, leave happy.

  5. i’d bet the reason for that quote was due to something along the lines of: a lot of the time that someone is posted on here who is small they get comments like:


    way to nip it in the but.

    but the trend seems to not be to read the comments already posted before posting

    so.. good luck.

    great piercings girls.

  6. >>Yeah, quote number one, way to be outrageous *rolls eyes*

    Exactly. Incredibly dull, as too are the ‘oh so outrageous’ responses by the usual suspects.


  7. Wake up, turn on computer, check email, check bank account, check modblog, get headache, read comments, start to cry, hate everything, leave angry.

  8. Argh, absolutely fucking gorgeous. Makes me sad that I’m single and that I’m yet to meet any amazing modded single women.

  9. I almost agree with cere, but said 14-year-old would need to be quite mature for her age (mentally AND physically). That also falls on top of my other requirements for having sex with anybody in the first place. IE: dating them, trusting them, loving them, etc.

  10. number 7 has it, the fact that she could be 14 is what makes it extra hot,
    cere for mayor!

  11. I personally like the title of “supreme ruler” myself. I’m a HUGE fan of abolishing age discrimination. I personally wouldnt bang the top girl as her body is a bit underdeveloped for me but age wouldnt play a factor in my decision (except where they pertain to the law).

  12. Until recently, 14 was the age of consent in Canada. Now it’s 16. Calm down, eh? 🙂

  13. i prefer “fuck the law, not kids!”
    i dont care what the law is, even the most mature, intelligent kid is still a kid. They will NEVER be on the same wavelength even if the kid is a genius and the adult is mentally challenged.

    An adult playing as a kid is hot. an actual child is plain wrong man. im assuming Shannon would never put kiddie porn on BME!
    Screw that alt-ethics bullshit. A pedophile is still a pedophile.
    damn Cere, i used to think you were an OK guy. guess i was wrong.
    Of course you would like to abolish “age discrimmination”, then you can rationalize your child-rape activities you sick scumbag!

  14. And that is the exact type of bias I am referring to.

    Forgive me for believing that people should be free to do as they will as long as they are not hurting anyone. Instead of beliving that only people whom pete3d deems worthy of free will should have it.

    Might I also add that age discrimination is a very NEW developement in the history of mankind and is also a very western ideal.

  15. take your stupid modern ideas ( like age of consent) and go to hell!!! peteD3 will not pass the gates into heaven where Cere and other TRUE BELIEVERS
    will enjoy the splendor of young sluts!

  16. I dig what cere is saying here.

    I wouldn’t fuck a 14 year old girl but I do think there’s a lot of bullshit and hypocrisy when it comes to younger women. And please, the term “paedophile” isn’t appropriate when the girl in question is post-pubescent. Paedophilia refers specifically to pre-pubescent girls.

  17. Giles..why do you even post on entries like this? just leave them alone and let the rest of us enjoy them. you even said it your self “NEXT”…just move on and don’t piss the rest of us off.

  18. Sorry, Cere, but laws against screwing kids is NOT “age discrimination.” The fact that you said that, though, does crack my shit up. Thanks, Modblog—for your beautiful women and your dumbass peanut gallery.

  19. How is it not kate? Your taking away someones most basic freedom based on an arbitrary number? Your giving a certain group less priveleges then another based on your own ideals, not theirs.

    That’s the very definition of discrimination.

  20. I’m sure I’ve seen/ heard the “You can pretend I’m fourteen if it makes you feel better.” some where else. I’d fuck both of them, only because I like to fuck not because the top one can look young (not that that’s really a problem for me).
    Age discrimination: looks good on the outside but is usually pretty seedy, There really is no reason why a guy couldn’t wait a few more years for someone he loves to come of age.

  21. And what does love have to do with intercourse? Just because a sect of society interelates the two doesnt make that absolute truth.

  22. I think people need to separate more between “child” and “kid.” Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they are a pre-pubescent child. And the 60 year old women in charge of my college cafeteria calls all the college students, whether they’re 18 or 23, “kids,” and no one seems to be against them having sex.

    Have you seen high school girls now a days? I know that I’ve always looked 2 year older than I am, and have always been on a better mental footing with people older than myself.

    Western countries, trying to prevent child rape and molestation, have put consensual sex with anyone under 18 (or whatever your state/country’s AOC happens to be) into the “rape” category, consensual or not.

    I don’t see why rape can’t just be rape, and consensual sex can’t just be consensual sex. Like in california, an 18 year old can consent to sex with a 40 year old man, but a 17 year old can’t? What the hell difference does that 1 day – 12 months make?

    But then again, I would’ve had a lot less fun as a 14-16 year old if there hadn’t been statutory rape laws.

    Because it just makes it so much better knowing you’re breaking the fucking law, right? Or, at the very least, making someone think about breaking the law all the damn time. It’s like walking down the street smoking a spliff, or driving down that one-way street the wrong way. Only you’re even less likely to get caught with statutory rape.

    But maybe that’s just me.

    And I like those pictures too. And pretending to be younger than you are is hot.

    Two thumbs up.

  23. I don’t see why rape can’t just be rape, and consensual sex can’t just be consensual sex. Like in california, an 18 year old can consent to sex with a 40 year old man, but a 17 year old can’t? What the hell difference does that 1 day – 12 months make?

    I’m with you on thsi one. It’s just ridiculous and come on, not all of us were completely stupid at the age of 14. I’m sick of the older automatially = wiser bullshit.

    I also think that it’s about consent, older or younger any person taking advantag of or raping another is wrong.

    Yes, we shoud draw the line somewhere, but nowadays as sad as it may be, 14 isn’t what 14 was lets say 10 or 20 years ago…

  24. Is everyone aware that there are people they can go out and meet and talk to instead of endlessly debating on the internet?

    Slap some sunscreen on your tattoos and head outside your house, it’ll be fun.

  25. Thank you Shannon :] this made my day.

    Then I read the endless torrent of comments bitching about my caption and the happy sort of faded.
    So, a note to the bitchers:
    JESUS. calm the fuck down. I made that caption as a joke because my age is CONSTANTLY being questioned. If I had known this would have been mod-blogged, I never would have said that, it was probably 2:00 AM or something when I posted this and it was the first thing my sleep-deprived mind came up with.

    Seriously, if you don’t have something nice to say…you know the rest.

  26. This is brilliant, it’s just a post of some nice looking women and it’s all gone round to child rape?
    Appreciate the pictures, jesus.

  27. Sexy! Tiny.Vertebrae, don’t listen to all the haters! They’re just jealous of your hot body. I have girlfriends that are 19 and 20 and look to be about 12 and the constant questions are really annoying and even though I can’t see your face, you certainly look legal enough to me : )

    And kids these days *want* to have sex! I certainly didn’t wait until i was 18 and i felt perfectly capable of making that decision for myself at about age 14 or 15. Fuck laws that dictate my life for no reason. It doesn’t make sense if two 15 year olds have sex for it to be considered illegal. And I believe in some areas there is like, a 4 year rule? So if the girl is 16 and the age of consent is 16, she could legally have sex with a 20 year old but not a 21 year old? Something like that. And I certainly don’t consider my boyfriend a pedo even though we had sex before I was of age of consent.
    Sorry for the rambling, i am woozy.

  28. Cere – Ever fucked a 2yr old. Only numbers after all.
    Hands up who wants Cere to screw their toddler daughter ?

    Maybe somebody wants to explain to Cere the process of human development especially within young females and how maturity and age helps allow humans to make informed decisions in regards to consent.
    Western societies have decided over a period of many years to allow people to grow to a certain age, it is at that age (different depending on how that society has reached its decision) where we believe they can make an informed choice as to whether they participate in sex or not.
    Having an age of consent stops adults choosing youngsters who cannot fully form the emotional steps necessary to decide yes or no yet.

  29. Wow Giles, great argument. Istead of just ignoring it as idiotic rambling though, ill actually answer you.

    No, I havent ever fucked a 2 year old. THen again ive never met a 2 year old that was developed enough to even pique my interest. If you ACTUALLY READ what was posted before you would realize that I clearly stated the girl in pic #1 was underdeveloped for me and I wouldnt hook up with her. So tell me where you are even getting these super developed 2 year olds from? ANd you know what? If theres a 2 year old out there that is 5’5″, 110lbs and a 34DD then I would seriously consider it (depending on local laws).

    And where are you getting this “period of many years” bullshit from? Oh yeh, the last 50-100 years out of MILLIONS of years of mankinds existence.

    Seriosuly reread what you wrote. You clearly state that SOCIETY is deciding whether an individual is allowed personal freedom. Its people like you that make this world such a shithole.

    Katie: The personal freedom to do what you want with your body.

  30. 5’5″, 110 pounds, 34DD…? Guys, we don’t have to worry about Cere, he only fucks underage women who don’t exist :oD

  31. Bahhaahaha wankfest.

    I hope that she wanders on here and gets a great laugh out of the idiotic wanking that’s happening because of her caption.

  32. Katie: I dont fuck underage woman as it is illegal. As far as women who fit the above measurements, they are pretty common actualy.

  33. I certainly hope that I’m not considered “underdeveloped” with my 36C chest.

    And 110 lbs? They’re lying, or anorexic. Which would make the chances of a 34DD chest highly unlikely.

  34. Sorry, that may have sounded offensive…

    Maybe not anorexic, but as Katie stated, women like that certainly aren’t a common thing.

  35. Id have to disagree. I find woman around that range all the time? Is that the general population? No, of course not, but that’s my type. Everyone has their own preference of what they like.

    And not to worry rhiannon. I’d slum it with a 32c depending on how the rest of you looked.

  36. I’m a fan of smaller boobs so I’ll happily take all the legal “underdeveloped” women cere would throw away. :/

  37. i was post-pubescent at 11, so was i fuckable?

    anyway,i think certain laws involving teens and sex are stupid, but i understand why some are there. i just know from my experience, sex and older guys can be very destructive just because there is no equality there; both people are in totally different places, and probably don’t have the same ideas in their heads.

  38. Does anybody realize that pretending a woman is under the age of “consent”, may turn some people on?….fuck its just a quote anyways

  39. God, 5’5 and 110lbs? Great type asshole….that is a bmi of 18.3 Sooo you want someone who is unerweight but you say you wouldn’t fuck someone who looks underdeveloped? You’re retarded.

  40. hooray for small-breasted girls who get mistaken for much younger… and hooray for 34b cups! at least my breasts aren’t all stretch mark ridden – and they won’t sag when i’m old- and i can go without a bra and no one is the wiser – and i can run without experiencing great discomfort 🙂

  41. the only people that statutory rape laws discriminate against is pedophiles. you cannot have it on a case to case basis because there is no other means than age to arbitrarily determine maturity, and the laws exist to protect kids in the case of actual rape. rarely do people complain about people of different ages doing what they want to do in private.

    the funny thing is, i was raped by someone who was 16 when i was 18. well, obviously it’s not funny at all, i just wonder how that looks legally.

    that said, i’m 5’5, 110 lbs and a 30-DD, i’m 19 and i look 15, and i’m not going to have sex with any of you! except maybe the women in the pictures because they’re beauuutiful.

  42. Brittany, you sound like a fat chick.
    Cere on March 22nd, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    aahahahaha there are so many fat girls on here! hence why they are on the computer talking trash, and h8tin on thin (normal) girls i dont care if your 6 feet tall if your over 115pounds then your fat!
    guess that is another modern idea these days its okay to eat all day in front of the computer and never work out, and just be a fat bitch

  43. “And what does love have to do with intercourse? Just because a sect of society interelates the two doesnt make that absolute truth.”
    While I agree with what your saying (most of it), I’ll point out that there are no laws (to my knowledge) against “loving” someone that’s under age, just exploiting them in some way.

  44. #69, does the bmi really matter? I personally am 6’5 and ~130= bmi of 17ish and im perfectly healthy some people are just born skinny and have high matabolism does that mean im not alot to have sex b/c im so skiny? and fyi “underweight” people generally have smaller breasts which some people may or may not like, and may or may not fantasize about in some way. anyway its important to realize its just a quote and that its of age so I dont see the big deal.
    every one just needs to calm down and breath deep and start suffering some positive waves..

  45. “because there is no other means than age to arbitrarily determine maturity”

    When your maturity becomes a basis for LAW and the ability to have freedom then it shouldnt be arbitrary at all.

    Thats the point.

  46. so cere you would have sex with a 4 year old if she had big tits? correct me if im wrong, but thats what it seems like you are saying. it doesnt matter how old the girl is if she has big breasts? also i wonder how old you are?
    and smash, you are getting on someone for commenting on cere’s “ideal girl” s bmi, but you dont have anything to say about the fact that cere would fuck a 14 year old as long as she had big tits? fuck you are a retarded cunt.

  47. I know people who have worked with people who, as teens, were absolutely certain they were ready for sex — and were wrong. Wrong enough to suffer extreme emotional damage. Regardless of the age of their partner. Yet they were mature enough (or so they thought at the time) to decide that they were ready.

    Those same people have also worked with people who realized, after the fact, and sometimes only many years after the fact, that they’d been skillfully maneuvered into “consent.” A disproportionate number of those teens had been involved with someone five or more years their elder.

    Quite often, any particular patient/victim fell into both categories at once.

  48. has anyone actually thought about the psychological implications that having sex at the young age of 14/15 can have, being it with consent or not?!

  49. Well, considering I lost my virginity at 14 and did most of my sexually experimenting before I turned 16, I’ve actually thought about it a lot.

  50. actually tim no I dont have anything to say about that, if he and she want to and both agree to it, who am I to say no to them regardless if she has big tits or not. to me thats like saying being gay is wrong, and censorhip and that whole boat of issues.

  51. @82 I completely agree, having been one of those. I would like to add that if it comes to actual rape on top of statutory rape, as is frighteningly common, it is far less likely that a young teen will report the rape as such. Far more likely is that they will keep it as an extremely shameful secret and suffer in silence, thinking they are the one who did wrong. The point is, in the vast majority of cases, teens simply do not possess the experience and confidence required to follow through with the possible consequences of intercourse, EVEN MORE SO when said intercourse is for its own sake rather than as part of a relationship based on love and trust.

  52. Giles: youre just an idiot. Your deliberately avioding the main thrust of this discussion and instead trying to create a straw man argument and attempt to paint me as a pedophile.

    Seriosuly, go back to troll school and learn to do it right at least. But then again what would I really expect from someone as ridiculously stupid as you are.

    But, ill take the bait anyway…

    No, I would not fuck a 14 year old girl just because she had big tits. I would fuck a 14 year old if I felt attracted to her, she was mutually attracted, was mature enough to make the decision and most importantly IF IT WAS LEGAL. Of course youll just end up ignoring everything I just wrote out and make some inane statement to follow up. And I have no clue what Lazy town is, so if your gonna make a pop culture reference at least research a little and figure out that your subject audience isnt a retarded Brit pond scum like yourself.

    Esmerelda, by that line of reasoning you are essentially saying that until someone hits an arbitrary age, they should not be allowed choice. Modern society agrees with you. I do not.
    If the shoe was on the other foot, you wuold not be pleased. If it was “Women are not allowed choice” you wouldnt be here arguing about how women cant think for themselves yet because they arent as develeoped as men are, so they shouldnt have any type of self choice.

  53. In my opinion, coercement is rape. I’d be fine if the laws said that coercing someone between the ages of 14-18 to have sex was illegal. Or hell, if all states allowed a 5 year age gap when the younger party was 14-16 (personally I think it’s absurd to have an AOC higher than 16) I’d be fine with that too. Even though, in my opinion, anyone, regardless of age, can realize anytime after the fact that they had sex with someone they shouldn’t have, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the other party committed a crime.

    The biggest problems I have with the current statutory rape laws are 1) AOCs higher than 16 years of age 2) AOCs without age gap laws in place for parties involved with those between 14 and the AOC 3) the drastic amounts of time that people committed of statutory rape spend in jail, and 4) that statutory rape laws do not take into account that the people involved may very well be in relationship based on love and trust. While I personally think that kids do what kids will do, and a lot of times that’s have sex, if you are in a relationship based on love and trust with someone who happens to be an “adult” and you are a “minor” I don’t think that should be illegal. Sadly, most statutory rape laws do not consider these issues, which means that 18 year olds (let’s say, a senior in high school) will become a felon for having sex with their committed girlfriend who happened to be 15. Then when he gets out of jail, he will not have the right to vote, he will have an extremely hard time getting a job, and will be put on sexual offenders lists. Does that sound fair to anyone? ALSO: 5) In some areas in the US MINORS can be prosecuted for statutory rape for having sex with other MINORS. In these instances if two 15 year olds have sex both of them are felons. I really hope I don’t need to argue for that.

    These are, in my mind, the major problems associated with statutory rape laws. While I would prefer for there to just be consensual sex, rape, and coerced sex, others seem to find this too radical and when it comes to discussions like this I’m willing to make compromised and point out the major problem areas and agree to disagree on the radical changes.

    Although, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need statutory rape laws and could determine whether it was coercement, rape, or completely consensual sex, regardless of whether it was for “love and trust” or not. Because seriously guys, teenagers have sex, whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

  54. So regardless of socio-political debate: I thank these ladies for their sparkling contributions to our lives.

  55. >>>instead trying to create a straw man argument and attempt to paint me as a pedophile.

    I could never be as successful at that as you are doing such a grand job yourself.

  56. 93 posts about the top pic, but what about this beauty in the second pic. It’s so sexually charged – I think I just downloaded into my internet.

  57. lol

    where i live, the legal age is 14.

    and guess what….no higher instances of any sex related crime…

    not to mention that in high-school i never met a single girl who’d had sex with a guy more then 3 years older than her.

    #73: being smart doesn’t automatically make you fat. i suppose you are very skinny..

  58. You know what would be really funny? If Cere were female. That would give this thread a whole new spin. Just to fuck with the general assumption about who makes such statements.

    OKAY OKAY I’ll keep it in my Sex & Gender class! 😉

  59. Oh, and also, you people realize that Cere is the guy with the “choking hazard – ages 3 and up” tattooed on his dick, right? I’m not making any judgments one way or the other, but I gotta say, the man is dedicated to his beliefs and I think you’ll be hard pressed to get him to back down.

  60. Actually, I happen to think that the age of majority, 18, is not all that arbitrary. On the contrary, it’s the median age at which most of the population will have finished puberty, learned about consequences in life, and hopefully had a couple of loving relationships or at least come across some good examples.
    It’s also the average age at which one starts to think about moving out of home/starting work/starting higher education , ie. starting to live as an independent adult.
    As an age of consent, 16 is usually the point at which people have got over the rockier bits of adolescence, go to bigger schools, have the chance to begin expressing themselves a bit more freely. At least, that applies to Europe.

    Of course some people mature early. Generally kids who do mature faster than others are those who’ve been through some kind of trauma, be it death of a loved one, familial upheaval, problems at school, you name it. These kids are mature, but more fragile than most. Just being mature doesn’t mean that you’re confident and aware of the power to say ‘no’.

    In the end though, this is all pretty pointless, because age limits make no difference to the number of *ssholes who DO take advantage of younger, more vulnerable people, whether by force or by persuasion.

  61. @91 : long sentences for statutory rape may be the norm in the US, and I’m not in favour of that, but in the UK the conviction rate is 5.3%. Am I alone in thinking that’s absurdly low? I think not.

    @96 : damn good point actually.

    Cere, if you’re going to insult people, please do try and be more original than attacking them based on their nationality. It really doesn’t do anything to help your credibility. Shouldn’t the content and style of their posts give you ammunition enough, if they’re that bad?

  62. I’m just going to say, 100 comments later, that I agree with Cere. I’m female and at age 14 many people (over and under 18) often attempted to coerce me into sex. I was mature enough to make a decision as to what I was ready for. If you’re not mature enough to take responsibility for making personal decisions you shouldn’t be out and about alone enough to be faced with those decisions. We all know that unfortunately that’s not always going to be the case. Anyone who forces decisions from someone who not mentally capable of making those decisions is wrong in my opinion, otherwise let them fuck. This shouldn’t be such a big thing.

  63. My younger sister went through puberty at age 9. Does that mean she should be able to have sex?

  64. I love how modblog is attempting to tackle all these issues lately… it’s like a little model of society illustrating how utterly unable people are to be sensible and communicate effectively with each other.


  65. I love how everyone in this thread chose to ignore the fact that sex is not just a means for pleasure– it is how human beings procreate. The age of consent in any given area is set so that we don’t have 12 year old moms who are unable to care for their children. Get real, BME. I know this thread is old, but JESUS some of you are idiots.

    Nice pics, btw.

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