50 thoughts on “Tribal Eyebrows

  1. The first few times I saw eyebrow tattoos, they seemed to dictate an emotion. Now, it seems that the artists are taking particular care to make sure the tattoos cover only the space taken up by the person’s eyebrows, so they can remain neutral. It’s nice.

  2. Now THAT is very nice. It suits his face, and works well with his Polynesian-style arm piece. Very nicely done!

  3. You know, I normally hate eyebrow and bridge piercings, but they look amazing on him. Not to mention the eyebrows. Beautiful! He’s quite the looker.

  4. Generally I really dislike eyebrow tattoos when they don’t have any other facial tattoos, and I’m not usually into eyebrow piercings either, but he looks really good. The tattoos and piercings really work for him.

  5. What a beautiful man! This is really a case where the modifications are a such a wonderful enhancement to someones features.

  6. gorgeous eyes! i usually dont like tattooed eyebrows because they can give a permanent expression to the person’s face, but i think these frame his face very nicely. too bad there wasnt a smile included!

  7. The mods really compliment his facial features instead of hiding them (something that makes me often dislike facial mods), so I like ‘em.
    And as others have mentioned – that IS a very good looking person! (-:
    Happy “Purim” everyone! (“Purim”=the jewish halloween)

  8. #32 – I happen to see the correlation. Both holidays only involve dressing in costume, didn’t ya know?

    He looks stunning… everything brings out his gorgeous eyes.

  9. The first facial tattoos I’ve seen that I actually totally dig (rather than just being “meh”). I’m really not a fan of tribal or upper facial piercings (bridge, eyebrow, etc), but…wow. Like other people said, the whole thing works together perfectly. Fabulous. 🙂

  10. The very tribal-looking tattoos clash somewhat with his very European face shape and rather modern eyeglass-frames, in my opinion.

  11. the tribal eyebrow really suit him.rreeeal nice.
    i dont like the too much piercings on them though..

    and i think that is a septril i guess

  12. Wow what a man.
    He is stunning… drool.
    Those eyes, wow. as someone else said, the work around his eyes really enhances them.
    Just gonna stare for another few minutes..

  13. Incredibly hot.
    The multiple eyebrow piercings + bridges give it an even better look.

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