For the last time, it’s not fake!

When I originally posted Eric’s tongue web, people thought it was fake. It’s definitely real, although he’s downsized it to a “mere” 00ga… and it’s still as useless as ever! As you can see, he’s quite desperate to justify it, hahaha…


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27 thoughts on “For the last time, it’s not fake!

  1. I don’t know what it is, but something about this piercing makes me feel all horrible inside. I think it must be my weak spot, I really hate the thought of having my tongue web pierced…

    Still, I gotta admit it looks fun!

  2. Eric’s adorable ^.^

    So what’s it like having someone drink through the bottom of your tongue?

  3. I gotta tell you, it feels pretty damn weird. >_< haha. Yeah, to #3, that’s one of the reasons I don’t wear any jewelry in it. I can feel it rub up against my gums if I have a plug in.

  4. That’s awesome. My tongue web is about 8g/6g at the moment, self stretched from me playing with it so much, but I wear 16g jewellery in it cos my mouth’s too small for anything bigger!

  5. Just for the record, I think what most people thought was fake was the weird color tinting to the other one, and the unnatural shape of the lips. The “top” lips looked like bottom lips, and neither one looked like they belonged to the skin around it. Which I still think is true.

    I don’t think anyone was doubting the peircing.

  6. oh look. my hair is fried.

    next time i drink from your face ill make sure the person taking the picture has a decent camera as well XD

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