The Black Hole

In the update posted earlier today there are quite a few amazing pictures of my black-assed friend J’s heavy genital mods and extensive tattooing. I’ve put one photo after the break, and there are a ton more in the update. Some people might really enjoy getting this tattoo, but I don’t think I would enjoy sitting through it one bit.



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37 thoughts on “The Black Hole

  1. oh my! someone is going to need seom wet wipes because i can’t imagine…god, my leg hurt like hell from my tattoo,so i can’t imagine how much his ass feels.

  2. interesting

    i was wondering would you have to get a tattooist to come to your home to do this work or would the tattooist be comfortable at a studio?

  3. lol, the first thing I thought was ‘I hope it’s not a black anus.’
    That just cracks me up.

  4. #9, seriously, what else could it be!? lmao! My first thought was “that’s an arse”.

  5. props to him for managing to survive that deal… and props to whoever survived doing it to him. i think i would have sympathy pains.

  6. I really want to know what technique was used. Did they have to shove something up in there and pull back a little to stretch it out so every crevice would get filled in?

  7. Actually, that looks Photoshopped. The lighting and focus doesn’t seem to match the rest of the photo. I’d have to see more photos to be convinced it’s real, though I’m not sure I’d want to. He’s definitely dedicated to his tattoos, regardless.

  8. There’s something about this that I just find totally amusing. It just made me want to giggle. Hey Rus, this may be naive on my part but I feel like if Shannon says this guy is his friend and vouches for him than it’s probably for real.

  9. How would this be kept from becoming infected when he takes a shit?

    I understand that they would have to make sure it was really clean afterwards and keep up the aftercare etc but how would they keep it from getting covered in bacteria whilst they were taking a shit?

    Nice tattoo though, at least now they can honestly say that they’ve seen a black hole.

    On a side note, The only entries i know to be fake are the one’s posted on April 1st. This isn’t Ebaumsworld.

  10. INcredible. I got pics of from this guy as the work was being done. My fire ass tattoo was completed before his. The artist did mine in his shop, no special procedures, the pain was excruciating, but the healing took less that two weeks total. Ink held fine.

  11. I’m thinking for at least a few days before and after he was on a liquid diet so he didn’t have to shit. But as a tactless pervert I love this one just like that anal starfish a little while back.

  12. “black hole sun”…hehehe…on another note…this would make a very interesting conversation starter/pick up line…”hey, wanna see my latest tattoo?”…i was utterly tickled by this entry….

  13. My first thought: “That is an anus, there is no doubt.”

    Second thought: “Getting that must hurt.”

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