1. LOL.
    Nice. As a person recovering from SI, I can honestly say this doesn’t trigger me. I see scarification and whatnot completely different than SI, because the intentions in it are different.
    If people are worried about things on Modblog being triggering, they can suck it up and just not look.

  2. 2 – I agree with you 100%. I am both a recovering SI and have a non-self inflicted scar. The intentions are different. Which is why I love body modification so much. For me you get the same pain. But the aftermath (i.e. scars) is a lot less regretable and a lot more beautiful than self inflicted pain/scars.

    I do love the LOLcats inspired title of this pic. Made me laugh. Didn’t trigger me though LOL 🙂

  3. (BTW, I wouldn’t joke about it if I thought this was anything other than a really nice photo — if I thought it was a specifically triggering picture I wouldn’t have tagged it like this.)

  4. What is a recovering SI?
    I tried to figure it out but am also too lazy to google right now hahah.
    She has a very nice tummy lucky girl.

  5. You spelt cutting right, you’d make a terrible LOL self injurer.

    Didn’t trigger me though. 🙂

  6. number 5, recovering SI mean recovering self injurer.

    i do really like this pic coz i like the look of blood.

    but perhaps a bit of an insensitive title lol

  7. I love the title of this one!! Totally made me LOL. But I’m another quote unquote self injurer who does not find this triggering….

  8. how do we know the person is doing this out of ritual rather than out of self-injury?
    that’s my only problem with this.
    and honestly as someone who has struggled a bit with SI, I can say that this doesn’t personally trigger *me* (I don’t know about other people though)
    And even though the title is horribly offensive, I do have to admit that I laughed when I saw it. Wow, now I feel like I’m going to hell

  9. Shannon, somehow you misspelled “frenzied masturbation” at the end of that sentence. 🙂


  10. Yay for Bme update and yay for my Modblog! Hmmm I dont know what to say about the title. It doesnt offend me, I have been a cutter for years I do it for a number of reasons. This particular one was just for fun, I get turned on by it. It wasnt meant to be scarification or anything, I just like blood, and the pain. BOO at my sternum scar =(

  11. Jesus christ, why is it that no one can take a joke? Its a sweet picture and an hilarious use of parody.

  12. MMMMM… Sexy sexy sexy, i love you ooElaineoo, lets cut and fck like crrazy peoplez!!! awesome caption shannon, everyone needs to pull the stick out of their ass and laugh a little…

  13. Her wrist-tattoo looks quite interesting… would love to see a better photo of it

  14. I wasn’t triggered, but then again I don’t get triggered by images. I still can’t understand the meaning of the title…i know it’s sad

  15. I’ve actually had cuts in those exact place that were simply for SI. And since there’s really not much blood it wouldn’t be scarification (at least not GOOD scars..)
    You guys are pussies. The title is funny 🙂

  16. Hmm.
    I want.

    Normally I would have been triggered.
    But the joke in the title, and the hotness of the model seem to have stopped it.

  17. i kind of like the sternum scar, but i’m a big fan of the scars from failed piercings 🙂 i like to think that i have, like, $200 worth of dot scars on my chest from surface piercings that are no more.

  18. Very beautiful, but not particularly triggering (I know, it’s been said like 60 000 times in this post) for a recovering SI

  19. Recovering SI as in me, lol, I’m not talking for anyone else but me. Realised it probably sounded funky after I posted it.

  20. i was in recovery from SI too and this is no trigger. i could see someone covered in gashes and blood…NOTHING. to most cutters i met people are triggered to cut through emotions…not images.

  21. lol this is a great picture, and a great tag.
    seriously, if i was still dealing with recovery from SI, i would NOT be on fucking modblog.

  22. lol this is a great picture, and a great tag.
    seriously, if i was still dealing with recovery from SI, i would NOT be on fucking modblog.

  23. as a recovering si and most of the si’s i know don’t’ cut just because they see another person has……but all i thought was was “ooooooooooooo pretty”….yeah very intelligent I know

  24. i’m jealous. nobody will do this to meeeee. but for some reason i don’t find it personally triggering. it’s actually a complete mystery. if it leaves scars, they’ll look really nice, too. i’ve made mistakes and ended up with shitty, wierd-looking scars that aren’t hot at all.

  25. i would like to add that as far as i can tell, recovery from SI is never over, just as recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction or eating disorders or grief may get easier over time, but they’re never really gone forever. you rewire your brain when you do crazy things to your body.

  26. haha niiice.
    I’m a cutter and it didn’t trigger me *shrugs*
    and personally, I love that title. Made me giggle. 🙂

  27. Hah. I used to self-injure (might still do it if the urge comes up) and the title cracked me up.

  28. Funny, I stuck around ModBlog in the first place to learn a little about SI to be a better friend. I’d rather read one interview or blog entry on the matter than a hundred scientific studies.

  29. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    That’s funny.

  30. God, lol cats is infiltrating every aspect of my life!!
    Some of the pictures in other parts of BME of SI have been potentially triggering for me, but like others said above it’s the reason for the cut that is the triggering factor.

  31. I half expected a psychotic looking housecat (lolcat?) with blood dripping from its claws to be eyeing the cuts. Just wishful thinking I guess.

  32. I agree with #38..
    I also think that this was the most I’ve laughed while on this website..I enjoyed the title.. and even more so #9′s 5 year old remark..

  33. I do not think this “Title” is funny or right… The picture itself may not be a trigger but it is not something to joke about and self injury is something many deal with daily and not a laughing matter.

  34. I don’t see how people can be triggerd off a picture… I use 2 cut for amusement =) made a band round my left bicep then stopt… but yes… the title is funny. She is v hot . And no…. no triggery

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