Cat and Human, Matching Scars

When she was a child, The Darthside knew she didn’t want to have children. At nineteen, she decided to get sterilized, and seven years later had the procedure done by a surgeon in Germany. The procedure had been done endoscopically, leaving her with no scars, which bothered her, so she had Muffe at Copenhagen Body Extremes in Denmark giver her three cuts, intended to look like a large scratch.

A while later, after reading the various animal modification posts, she realized that her cats and her have sort of matching scars, all stemming from sterilization…

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63 thoughts on “Cat and Human, Matching Scars

  1. My own sterilisation at 21 didn’t leave any scars either, it only lost me my navel piercing. Most annoying.

  2. Aw, yea, I’m really sory for the cats, since they didn’t have a say in this procedure (the spaying, not the picture. They’re actually purring, even though they look… baffled..).
    But it’s better that way. I certainly can’t deal with 5-15 kittens every few months, and howling your lungs out because you’re in heat and can’t get out is no fun either.

  3. i have strong feelings about animal abuse- and even consent and modifications- be it animals or children or adults-
    Still I also think over population of pets is a form of abuse.
    So I guess while I *feel* for kitty there- I still agree with spaying your pets!
    Nice to match your kitty too..heh

  4. this reminds me of a conversation with my doc before wrist surgery. he was explaining to me that there would be a small scar, (as if i was mortified at the idea) and that he would try to make it as unnoticeable as possible. when i told him it didnt matter, he kept going over the fact that there would be a scar…as if to prepare me for some gruesome disfigurement that i wasn’t taking seriously enough.

    also, that cat looks just like on of mine!

  5. It’s not a mod, it’s birth control.

    And owned: yea, m ysurgeon was a bit like that, he told me not to worry, the scar would be hardly noticeable. And all I thought at that moment was “Doh!”. That’s why I got teh scars done later.

  6. #9: It’s not a modification. It is to prevent an overpopulation of unwanted animals, which is more inhumane than anything.

  7. awesome! although her scars kind of remind me of stretch marks i rather wish i DIDN’T have, haha

  8. see if only I lived in germany. I have been asking my doctors for 11 years to sterilize me and they still won’t. Stupid american doctors and their malpractice issues. I have offered to sign any waiver under the sun, and they still refuse, until I’m 35 or have had a kid. It sucks. On the same grounds they have refused my partner a vasectomy. Luckly, his age limit is 30 not 35. A few more years and we won’t have to stress (quite) so much over birth control.

  9. Really? I thought if anything, the US would be more liberal on elective surgery.
    Then again, you have to breed, right?

    Here, they actually have the same age limits (unless you already have kids) but they’re a guideline, not a law. So if you’re convicing enough, you can get through with it.

  10. Same sort of deal up here in Canada regarding sterilization, except that in my area its very sexist. My boyfriend was able to get a vasectomy at 25 no problem but a female friend of mine of the same age had her doctors repeatedly refuse her.

  11. #21 my friend had the essure procedure at 24 in the US. it didn’t seem to be a problem at all. go to a different doctor?

  12. I’m not sure of the age limits for sterilization here in Oz, but I remember being told by a gynaecologist that it’s in the mid 20′s. But only if you’ve had had prior children, can’t take the Pill or its alternatives, etc…seems that just not wanting children isn’t good enough.

    Back on topic…the cat-scratch mod idea is adorable.

  13. Why were there so many incisions made on that cat? The poor darling. I had my dog spayed a few months ago and she only had one incision which has healed now and you can only notice the scar if you’re looking for it.

  14. so sara, permanatly changing your body so you can’t have children isn’t a modification, but getting a lip piercing for 3 months is?

  15. I see her scars up umm close quite often.. Trust me, they don’t look like stretch marks at all, lol.
    It’s just the lighting in the picture that makes them look a bit more pale (and the pants cover up some of them, so they look smaller).

    As for all the incisions on the little ball of purring terror.. Look closer.. There is only one big one and the rest are just marks from the trimmer they used to shave her.
    That’s at least what it looks like to me, hehe.

    Now, who here can honestly say they wouldn’t be purring if they were in the cats place, huh?

  16. I don’t see the stretch mark idea at all.. they’re far too long and wide to be stretch marks..

    I think they’re a neat idea.

  17. In the US you can have as many children as you want regardless of whether you care for them or not. If you neglect them enough, social services will take them away. And each new one you produce and neglect. But never will they demand sterilization.

    It’s your fundemental right to have kids.

    But not your fundemental right to be sterilized without a hassle.

    And BTW, hugging kitties when you’re not wearing clothes is the BEST! I highly recommend it =)

  18. toothpaste are you serious?

    I know that I don’t want to have kids and have for a long time.

    Do you have to be a resident to get it done? I’d be willing to pay even, I just need the approval.

  19. Haha, I would not recomend hugging my cat w/o clothes, she’s…feisty.

    I like the photo w/ the kitty, and the scars are lovely.

  20. if I hadn’t posted my questions and comments about the astonishing nose amputation I would feel more obliged to have a giggle-

    but come on….
    I too would be unsure of how STERILE this is–
    ‘cept sterilizing kitties is wrong.
    no wait this kitty has been sterilized.

  21. what’s with the huge scar on the cat?? poor thing…
    I’ve never seen such a badly done procedure here (in Israel)… Most of my friends have cats, and they have all been sterylized and you don’t see any scar at all!

  22. and darthside- is there a meaning behind your wrist tattoo- I really love how it works wiht your scar!

  23. First off: sterilization should be easy and free for anyone who wants it! Second, “The Darthside” looks really cute and I love her scars. Even though I am totally a “dog person” and would never have a cat, it is so cool that she has matching scars with her pet! I have thought of something similar with my puppy!

  24. Just to clarify, I think the picture makes the scar on the cat’s belly look much more brutal than it is. Most of what you see is just shaved skin, which is somehow very wrinkly, lol.
    The actual scar is a small vertical incision in the middle of the shaevd area, which is indeed hard to make out in the pic.
    And the tattoo is morse code for “We apologize for the inconvenience”, inspired by Douglas Adams.

  25. Nope, didn’t.
    nyhoo, for those who can access IAM, I put up a much better close up picture of the actual scar (on the cat) where you can see that it really is just that small incision.

  26. what an adorable kitty! i’m glad for her that she was able to recieve the steralization she wanted! i’m aiming for that one day! it’s a shame she had to go all the way to germany but kudos to her none the less! it’s so nice to know i’m not the only one out there who wants to take those measures to make sure they don’t have unwanted children!!!

  27. Just a couple of remarks about serilisation: sterilisation of women (and female animals) is major surgery; sterilisation of men (and male animals) is minor surgery. It’s also easier to reverse a vasectomy than a tubal ligation. These may be two of the reasons women are being refused or strongly urged to reconsider sterilisation. As for sterilising animals, I’m of two minds about it since the primary intention is usually to prevent animal overpopulation, and responsible pet owners are not the ones letting their animals run wild and produce litter after litter of offspring. In the case of outdoor cats, though, I think it’s quite defensible.

  28. I was sterilized at 24 (no kids, I’m in Canada), just over a month ago. While the surgery didn’t leave much in terms of scars (one on the inside of my navel, another tiny one just above my pubic area), the latter incision’s stitches rejected, so I did end up with some nifty scarring. And I didn’t lose my navel piercings, so that’s extra good.

    I was also lucky enough to have a mod-friendly surgeon. A couple of my piercings are new enough to get irritated when I take them in and out, and doing so is difficult, so my surgeon offered to tape over them to get past the “no outside stuff in surgery” rule.

  29. Well, Im sure the gravity of the procedure plays into it.
    I’m also sure there’s a good deal of sexism involved.
    Women are defined by their reproductive abilities much more than men. Also, they’re not really trusted to control those reproductive abilities themselves. Medical experts like to be in control, if only for financial reasons (hormonal treatments have to be surveilled by a doctor, and regularly renewed, and are in use even when not having sex, while theer’s little to no profit for a doctor in condoms and diaphragms)
    It’s regarded a natural urge in women to want kids, while it’s almost expected from a man to try to wiggle out of that responsibility and have sex just for fun.
    I could go on, but I guess this is not the place.

    And as for the cats: offspring is one problem, but the other part is that female cats, if they’re not spayed, go into heat every few months. That state makes them very nervous and hyped, an they howl their lungs out. And if they can’t get laid, this state of things goes on for up to a month. it fucks with my sleep, but it’s also very stressful and unpleasant for the cat.

  30. the first thing i nticedabout this (fab by the way) pic, was she has a belly and love handles!! FAB!!

    am sick of seeing size 0 lollipops!!!

  31. Female cats go into heat pretty often, and for some of them it lasts a looooong time.
    Even getting them *laid* wont help much, because their instincts tell them to keep going, keep finding partners, so the strongest genes/sperm will win, and she will have the strongest litter.

    If you want to compare it to something humans can relate to then think of really really strong period cramps that can last up to a month (in extreme cases it lasts longer, that’s rare though).

    We had one cat that howled so much that she lost her voice, and even when the voice was gone she would continue to howl in a horse rasping miaouw.. You could see the pain edged on her face after a few days, and it didn’t go away for weeks sometimes.

    Humans can control their urges, can take stuff for the pain etc. Cats really don’t have many options. heck, giving them the pill so they can run free when they’re in heat is a really bad idea… The pill for cats has a high risk of cancer.

    And there you have the bullseye for The Darthsides argument about doctors. The pill for humans doesn’t run as high of a risk for cancer as the one for cats, but it certainly has major side effects. Yet they push that on children/teens without a second thought.

    If you want to have kids one day then, by all means, use the pill.. But any doctor who argues agains’t SAFER alternatives is breaking his promise to always protect his patience.

    If you look at the statistics then sterilization is one of the safest options for you.. There is such a thing as adoption if you ever regret the decision..

  32. While slightly unrelated, my sister’s BOY cat has a spaying scar because he was quite young and the Vet forgot to check and see if he was male or female!

    So they opened up poor mister kitty and then the vet has a look around and says “Wait a minute… this cat doesn’t have ovaries!!”

    Poor little fella got a belly scar and an operation for no reason!

  33. When i asked my Dr. for a tubal ligation after my daughter was born, she refused. When i asked again after incurring a lot of serious health problems that were related to my pregnancy, she still refused. Said i needed to wait until i had another child or turned 35. Whereas my digestive specialist said if i had another pregnancy, i could die from health complications after childbirth. Go figure…

  34. just a little info … i am a vet tech at a veterinary hospital, and can assure you that one of the BEST things you can do for your pet is spay/neuter them. pet overpopulation is a serious tragedy with WAY too many pets being euthanized every year simply because no one will adopt them. as well as the fact that spaying a female dramatically lowers their chances of getting mammary cancer(less hormones to stimulate)as well as ridding the chance of getting uterine or ovarian cancer(those organs are gone!). similar for males – virtually no prostate problems with a neutered dog, compared with a VERY safe bet that an un-neuterd older male dog will have prostate problems. also, dogs will have “periods”, like people, while cats will not go out of heat without stimulation (mating). very troublesome. love your pet, have them fixed!

  35. a little more info…i have uterine fibriods (tumors) and had to have surgery last year to remove the VERY painful largest ones (large grapefruit-sized!). having these fibroids at worst minimally lowers my chances of getting pregnant and i would still be able to have children post fibroid surgery. but i do not want children, and therefore inquired about tubal ligation during my fibriod surgery, or even as a later surgery. at 28, there was no problem with a doctor willing to do the surgery. there is NO law that states a female must be a minimum age to be sterilized. i asked both my OB-GYNs all the specifics. one was very reluctant, the other willing if i really wished. every doctor will do what they believe is best, and opinions differ. doctors are simply very weary of changed minds and possibly being sued. it is an elective surgery. what one desires at 22 can be night-and-day to what one wants at 37. reversal of tubal ligation does not have a fabulous success rate, and is painful (so i hear) and very expensive. most doctors just want to make sure a women is not devastated from a decision she made when she was younger.

  36. There are doctors that will tie your tubes or snip your junk when you’re in your 20s, you just have to keep getting 2nd and 3rd and 4th opinions.

    P.S. #60, lollipops are not evil. No one is automatically evil. What if someone said, “fatasses are evil :]”? Not funny.

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