33 thoughts on “Cut Me

  1. I don’t know if the woman is just naturally busty, or if its the angle of the photo or perhaps photoshopping, but wow, do her breasts look large and absolutly perfect in the third photo

  2. greta, i think she might be laying down – compare it to the second picture. i could be wrong, though. it may just be that her arm is raised. i wanna do this a whole bunch!

  3. @Greta, Thank you! I’m the girl in the photos, my breasts are all real, no implants, no photoshop. They are now “big” B cup (depends on the model of bras). I heard they look “fake” because they stay, hummm, very much in place hahaa.

  4. Looking at these photographs my thoughts are… (1) The girl is gorgeous. (2) I should find the time to shave as neatly as this chap. (3) Wasn’t cutting bad? Have I been looking for too long at this site? (4) Do I hang around with the wrong people? I recently was labelled as “perverted” just for my very mild genital modifications… Great pictures!

  5. Wow, these pictures are HOT =) What a sexy couple! And I agree, great boobs too lol. Be proud!

  6. She is Beautiful, and he is handsome – wish I was a member.
    I cant pay for this stuff 🙁 …….
    ~ROCK ON~

  7. That looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never had a partner who wanted to engage in this kind of erotic cutting. Years ago a friend and I would cut each other but it was more in a sado/masochist kind of way, less sexual. But, I would think you should be tested for stds and any blood borne diseases before this kind of play. I would defiantly want to be safe when exchanging blood.

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